Vampire Diaries Scoop: Is Jeremy a Goner?

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He can't be gone... can he?

That's the reaction most Vampire Diaries viewers had upon viewing the closing moments of "Down the Rabbit Hole," as Katherine tore open Jeremy's veins and fed his blood to Silas.

The immortal witch will bring Jeremy back to life, right? Or the Mystic Falls crew will find some way to keep the wife beater-wearing hunter alive, no?

Hunter in Training

NO, it sounds like, based on Nina Dobrev's recent interview with Entertainment Tonight.

"Losing Jeremy really, really, really changes Elena," Dobrev says, being as blunt as one can be and adding of the cast reaction to the death:

"I know Steven was very bummed, but also excited because he had a lot to do leading up to it-- his character grew and became so strong. It's bittersweet but made for some amazing television."

Sounds pretty final, doesn't it? Read the full interview with Dobrev now and react to Jeremy's death now.

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hey everyone in the tvd fan site so what if elena made the problem but katherine is the one who bit jermey vain and pulled his neck to silas somaby you should be mad at katherine she the one who made silas killed jeremy. so speak your minds and send me a text back.


i can't wait till elena does act like vampire and not the kind and caring a loving girl we know a love.


Katherine knows about the cure so she went to the cave and knock out elna in the head . but i don't think jeremy relice at the time and now he is gone.


@ Sup Jeremy wasn't in the books.....


i mean if he does die*


if he doesnt die i dont see how he didnt come back cuz of the ring? bonnie took the supernatural out of him?


there not going to kill him off the show! he's 1 of the main characters and 1 of the most important, killing him is like killing caroline or bonnie,at the point there's no jermey theres no show!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Im actually super stoked about the turn of events! Its gonna make an awesome story! I cannot wait to see elena actually act like a vampire! So sad about jer but it had to happen.


sorry what i worte i mean jermy is hot
who knows maybe carlona maybe with kleas


i sitill can't beive they kill jermey off the shows i know in the books he had to died but i want him back on the shows everyone who likes vampire d. speak up do something speak your mind out. does jermey dervers to died no what type it and send me a comment

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