White Collar Review: Forging Bonds

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White Collar is ever "The Original," but this week it got to head back to its roots a little bit when Neal and Peter investigated a sculpture forgery.

The Evidence Boxq

Jeff Blatchnik (or should we call him Bellamier?) was no match for Neal Caffrey. Although we Collars know there are very few people who are. It always amazes me that Neal's talents span across multiple artistic disciplines, and I never tire of being reminded of that face, especially when said reminder entails a white wife beater!

But I think the real focal point of the episode was the introduction of Amanda Calloway, who came in to replace Hughes, who was sent into premature retirement after Neal and Peter couldn't successfully charge a certain Senator of any wrongdoing in "Brass Tacks."

This chick was shady... to say the least. Now our suspicions have only been confirmed: if that call Calloway made at the end of the episode is any indication, she clearly has ties to Pratt.

Of course this means there's now a second team in the race for Ellen's box. But I have to wonder what Calloway is going to get out of the whole thing. How is she wrapped up in all of this? Maybe it's not even important, but when you insert a character almost out of nowhere with questionable ties, one has to wonder what their motives might be. I mean, she was transferred all the way from Atlanta. How random is that?

Aside from the case and conning new power figure, we got a further glimpse into the developing relationship between Neal and his father, portrayed by the ever fabulous at Treat Williams. Note to the writers: please consider adding him as a series regular. If he survives next week's season finale, that is.

Now that I've said my peace, it's important to reflect on the well-revealed insights into Neal's internal feelings that we don't normally get to witness. For him to declare that he lacks original art because he believes an artist can only produce when he truly knows himself, that exposes a great deal about this con man.

I forget that he's more comfortable in other people's skin more because he's had to be so many different people throughout his life. Almost makes you wonder if we've ever really seen the real Neal...

The Neal I've seen has been particularly emotional lately, tears ever so threatening to be shed from those gorgeous blue eyes. But wasn't it a great moment when Neal declared that Peter had been more of a father to him that James had ever been? I have been harping on that relationship between Neal and Peter for seasons and it's good to hear Neal verbally acknowledge it.

That said, did anyone else think James was a little too eager to head in and get Ellen's box without Peter, Neal or Mozzie? Very suspicious.

So, the season finale is finally upon us, Collars. What do you think Jeff Eastin and company have in store next Tuesday?


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You write very well!


"He has been more of a father to me than you ever were!" Thank you so much for that sentence! I have rewatched that scene a thousand times and am still in love with it.


Best episode this winter! Seeing Neal sculpting or painting is always great and on top of that he ran a con on Peter--what more can a White Collar fan want. I know what, Neal admitting that Peter's like a father to him. Perfect episode!


I'm telling you, I'm not sure I trust James, I started to like him and all, but I just don't know, maybe Mozzie made me a bit paranoid, but he was too eager get the box and I'm not sure he didn't went on his own! Finally someone takes serious notice on Neal's inmense talent, I loved that scene because I've always thought about it, "nobody's gonna tell this guy how telented he is and how far he would've come had he taken another road and actually be an artist" the fact that it was his father makes it even better and it makes so much sense, the "you're doing this for work?" line was really organic and natural... This is a White Collar classic and I think I've said it before, I love it when they do it... they gives us a hint on Neal's quest of the moment (Kate, the music box, the treause, Neal's communtation, his father and Ellen's evidence box) they hold back a little for a few episodes then it all explode in our tv in the finale, I love, love, love it... I hate that there's just one episode left!


Loved this episode and excited for the finale. A few things/questions that this episode and promos for finale bring up: Is Callaway dirty? And if yes, how so? There is dirty and then *dirty* Is Pratt as evil/ dirty as we have been led to believe? Or could he just be an arrogant s.o.b.? And is Neal's dad innocent of what he went to prison for? Could he have killed Ellen or had her killed? Finally, what do you think the 'game changer' will be that is mentioned in promos for the finale?


Really love White Collar........bummed next week is the season finale.........excellent episode and nice build up to the finale.....


WOW!!!so many great things in this episode. I love to see Neal sculpt again and the discussion about why he only paints forgeries and not original paintings was a great insight into the character.Finally we have Neal and Peter again, there was a distinct lack of that in the last couple episodes. All in all an amazing episode.


I haven't enjoyed a white collar episode this much in a long time. It was an awesome episode and the finale looks even better. I too believe James has done some bad things and my instinct tells me he will die in the finale. After watching the promo I wonder if Peter will be the one to shoot him. That would cause a lot of drama between Peter and Neal which the writers love.


I really enjoy White Collar and always DVR it in case I get busy and miss it. I love Neal and his relationship with Peter, Mozzie is one of my favs but I really enjoy Elizabeth. I couldn't place Calloway at first then remembered she's from CIS Miami. Very good show. I just wish you read more about it because I don't want it cancelled.


@Joe: I was wondering the same thing, lol! The beauty of this show is you see these little gaps and gaffes but they don't drive you crazy: you just smile and keep watching! I am glad that Calloway looks dirty and pray that she stays that way so that they can bring Rebhorn back, g. James is just too suddenly Ward Cleaver...playing Neal's emotions like a conniving virtuoso. Peter keeps pointing out the similarities between father and son and hope it's simply misdirection on the part of the writers. Then again, you can't have Neal being too happy and well-adjusted or you lose half the show, lol! Great episode. Keep hearing people say that next week is the season finale. Thank the gods that my streak of denial is strong enough to ignore that...

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White Collar Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

He has been more of a father to me than you ever were.


Neal: To be an artist, you have to know who you are.
James: You're my son, and I'm very proud of that.