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Archer Review: "The Papal Chase"

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This week, Archer, Lana and Pam brushed up on their Romansh, packed some heroine and boarded a plane to head to Italy to stop an assassination during "The Papal Chase."

The Undercover Priest

Adam Reed couldn't have planned a better time to send Archer to the Vatican than coincidentally sending him a mere couple weeks after the new Pope was elected.

The timely episode centered around a failed attempt to plant Woodhouse in the Pope's place, only to do what they were meant to do: botch the job.  

Apparently, the world has learned what any Archer audience member already knows: ISIS has a reputation for being a bit incompetent. But, really, what do you expect from an organization that promotes its accountant and human resources manager (welcome officially aboard Pam!) to field agents?  

After nearly accidentally killing the Pope and screwing up the switch, things got interesting as Cardinal Carnelli vied for the (high-paying) position and the Camorra attempted to gun down the Pope.

Overall, I definitely thought the trip to the city of Smart Cars and Vespas was more entertaining than last week's trip to Morroco. Even if the Camorra cheated and didn't use halberds, it was a pretty entertaining episode.

Now if you excuse me, I may have grabbed the tail of the dragon and have to took off. I'll leave you with my favorite obscure references and Archer jokes from the half hour:

  • Loved Ron's suggestion of new carpet in the office. Now that's how you stop ants.
  • Can I please get some robot jazz hands installed, Krieger? 
  • Don't you hate it when your side arm ruins the lines of your cassock?
  • Hah, the underrated Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil, which H. Jon Benjamin voiced the devil.
  • More obscure reference I don't get? Oliver Cromwell or William Safire?


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Loved it. This episode airing this close (puts index finger and thumb one centimeter apart and squints) from the real life pope drama going down is kind of creepy. Is Adam Reed seeing Cheryl/Carol's gypsy woman or something? Think I'm gonna have to start going to her as well. Speaking of Cheryl, loved her "Jesus/Shit" moment as well as her questioning Cyril on something "unspeakable" happening to his "slender, hairless, adolescent body". Had me rolling. Also Kreiger already having mechanical hands for Lana and the look on her face after seeing them.