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Doomsday Preppers. Cannon balls. Gelatin facials. Daisy. And now that Sweets is moving out, Booth gets his tub back! Tonight's Sweets-centric episode of Bones was a step up from previous weeks.

"The Doom in the Gloom" was an entertaining hour in what has otherwise been an uneven season. 

The Doomsday Bunker

The case of the week was the story of a Doomsday Prepper who was killed by a member of her group. Thankfully, what we didn't see was the team all deciding they needed to prepare for the end of the world. The case was just a case and there weren't forced parallels between the victim's life and theirs.

This was a welcome departure from all of the "after school special" cases we've had this season and made this episode enjoyable. Nothing felt preachy or loaded with pathos. It simply let our team do what they do best: solve crimes while being witty and awesome.

Hodgins and his experiments were great. Of course he knew that Angela's math was correct, but who doesn't want to take the opportunity to fire a cannon when said opportunity is presented, right?

It was also a different turn to see Booth in the lab working an experiment of his own to determine how the booby trap used to kill the victim worked. I can't decide if Hodgins and Cam set Booth up or if Cam's opening the door at just the right time to splatter Booth in the face with the goo was circumstantial. Either way, it was fun.

I didn't even find Daisy to be half as obnoxious as she usually is. Perhaps she took Cam's advice to stop copying Brennan to heart after all. She was just there as a background squint and champion for Sweets and it made her bearable somehow. And yet I fear that her defense of Sweets and their shared moment in the bone room is leading somewhere I would personally rather the writers didn't go--a reunion between Sweets and Daisy and a rekindling of their romance.

Hopefully their conversation was just another nail in that coffin. Their ship has sailed. What's done is done. Insert another cliche' for breaking up here! 

And besides, Sweets is moving in with Janet and Chrissie, two hot psychiatrists, Three's Company-style anyway. Since four's a crowd, there's no room for Daisy anyway.

It was funny to watch Booth and Bones have trouble kicking Sweets out of the nest. They really did seem like concerned parents so the "Mr. and Mrs. Sweets" at the end was fitting, and Booth and Bones took it in stride. Even though they know his moving out is good for all of them, they've grown attached to having him there, as has Christine. 

But, fly the coop Sweets must, and so he did. Their cohabitation was fun while it lasted.

What did you think of "The Doom in the Gloom?" Did you find this to be a less cumbersome episode than those we've had recently? 


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I found this to be another one of those sub-par episodes that will quickly be forgotten. I think it is absolutely rediculous that the writers have allowed Sweets to live with Booth & Brennan since episode five. I don't understand all the treating Sweets as if he was a child. The man has lived by himself and has also lived with a woman before he met Daisy. If he is adult enough to not want to live with Daisy I'm not sure why Booth even suggested that he come stay with him and Brennan. This has been a really off season and I sure hope they step it up because some fans are becoming bored with the current state of things. I really don't like the character of Sweets and I think Daisy is much better and more on an even keel without him. She deserves better than Sweets. I find I am getting more and more iritated when the primary story is not centered on Booth and Brennan. Why is such a big deal being made of Sweets when is is a third rate character? Can the monitor of this review section let HH and the writing team know that we have had enough of Sweets and it's time to get back to the Booth and Brennan we know and love? Thank you.


I dunno, since Booth, Brennan, and baby became a threesome, some of the spark has gone from the show. The tension between Booth and Brennan is gone now, replaced by mommy and daddy worries. I'd rather the show went back to focusing on the crimes and the squints, and let their homelives take a backseat again.


I thought the episode was very cute. But I do wish Daisy would go find someone new! I agree that their ship sailed long ago, and I still find Daisy irritating. I'm glad Sweets moved out--perhaps we can actually have some more romantic moments between Booth and Brennan now! That would be a refreshing change. And the promo looks like it might actually happen next week. Enjoyed Hodgins experiments as always, and Booth getting slimed was funny--his expression was priceless...


Interesting to see Daisy back in action, and I agree that she was much less annoying in this ep. I loved Angela's cartoon of Hodgins in the bunker, and I loved how excited and enthused Hodgins was about doing all the various experiments, basically a reason to blow sh*t up, like the Mythbusters, which every boy over the age of 7 seems to LOVE, at least in my household. (My husband loves it, too, and I could see the gleem in Hodgins eyes as he reloaded that cannon). I thought that the whole thing with the gel in the face of Booth was again, overplayed, but I realize they're trying to soften his image a bit and make him funnier, more able to take a joke.


This episode was more comedic than most, and I enjoyed that (yes, the goat and chickens coming out of the bunker was an unexpected sight gag that pretty much set the tone for the ep) but I think that the whole thing of treating Sweets as if he were a child that they needed to care for and then help "leave the nest" was wayyyy over-played. Seriously, the guy has to be in his late 20s or early 30s, if he has a PhD, or several, as he's often said, then he's a fully grown adult who has previously lived alone. He's not a child, not even close. He's been Booth and Bones therapist, for crying out loud. I just do not get why the writers chose to infantilize him in this ep, and then send him off to a Three's Company style apartment as if he's going to college, and calling Booth and Bones Mr and Mrs Sweets just makes little sense, they're not old enough to have a child Sweets age, even if he did look anything like them, which he doesn't.

Josie leeds

What is it with writers and recycling? Is it genetic? Environmental? Or pure laziness on their part? Let the Daisy/Sweets arc GO already! Stick a fork in it--it's DONE!I'm afraid the writers are getting bored and it's starting to show up in their story lines. Come on, folks--use some of that creativity that has gotten the show this far. Getting stale and lazy is usually the first indication the show is history.


I thought the "Janet and Chrissy" gag was very funny. Do people under 30 even get the reference to "Three's Company"? As long as Sweets doesn't have to pretend to be gay to live with them.... Not a great episode, but not awful. I probably won't remember this one for very long and I wouldn't bother watching it a second time. Actually, I might remember it for Angela's mini-dress. I was a little surprised that they dressed her for work in something that short. Cam's bandage dresses are one thing - they are all very tailored and tasteful. Angie's dress (during the cannonball scene) was not only shorter than Cam's (and Angela is taller than Cam... you can compare their hemlines as they walk away from Hodges), it was much flashier. Not a work dress, even for Angela. I think you mean "coincidental", not "circumstantial".


Loved it. Sweets is finally moving out. Loved Hodges' experments, he adds excitement and callange. The best show on TV


It was an okay episode. We could do without Daisy, who is plain irritating. Any of the other interns could have done the same part, except for comforting Sweets, who really didn't need comforting. (Heck, no!) You have to realize that the relationship between Booth and Brennan is not going to be the same as before they were a couple. Even they don't really get that yet. The momentum is different. I thought all couples learned that, but I guess I've been married too long. Christine is really growing, isn't she?


(Cont'd) I'm sure that's what the writers were counting on anyway. As for the scene with Sweets and Daisy, I'm one of the few who think that Sweets and Daisy actually belong together (ducks the tomatoes), but if the writers are intent to keep them apart, then let them stay apart. The lingering glances and hints that maybe they both want to find a way to make it work out is drama for the sake of manufacturing drama. The former Bones writers beat that horse to ground years ago. The new writers don't need to be doing it too. As for Sweets moving in with Janet and Chrissie - another obvious gag for the sake of comedy is obvious. Come on, writers. Bones is supposed to be more clever than this.

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