Grey's Anatomy Preview: There's Nothing Like a Pregnant Wife

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On last night's Grey's Anatomy, Derek dealt with some unfamiliar and stressful situations.

That was at work. Next week we'll see how he handles more of them on the home front.

Meredith's pregnancy takes center stage as she worries about her unborn baby more and more. On the bright side, there are additional positive changes made by the hospital's new management.

Meanwhile, Alex decides to give Jo's boyfriend a run for his money. Interesting ...

Check out the promo below for "Idle Hands" and see what you think:

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Yay Meredith !!!!


The promo seems to infer Der is feeling put upon by a demanding wife. Maybe he's gonna have a Bailey lecture about being supportive of his pregnant wife. She's put him straight a few times before.
I had thought about twins, but wouldn't previous scans have picked up two heart beats? I kinda think it's gonna be a boy.


It's not going to be twins, you would know that already from the first ultra sound a twin doesn't just appear like that!


it's gonna be twins ;-)


pregnant meredith is gonna a fun meredith :)

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Episode 18 Quotes

If anyone's going to have a baby with two heads, three arms, and eleven toes, it's me.


Work keeps our mind active. It keeps us out of trouble. When we're not working, our hands are idle. And the devil will find work for idle hands to do.