Grey's Anatomy Review: One Hell of a Night

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Wow! That was an explosive Grey’s Anatomy - and I don’t just mean that literally.

Since the long and drawn out lawsuit/plane crash storyline, I’ve been waiting patiently for an episode like "Can't Fight This Feeling." I was so thrilled that Shonda and company wasted no time and totally delivered, giving viewers an intense and powerful hour we so rightfully deserved.

It's an Emergency

So, what went down and how did our favorite doctors deal with the madness caused by a gas tanker explosion?

Well, the explosion caused multiple injuries and chaos at the new and improved Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. If tonight’s installment was any indication of how well the hospital would do, I think it’s safe to say that GSMH is going to be just fine.

Sarah Chalke guest starred as a mother who was desperately trying to help her son. Unfortunately, that desperation made her appear a bit cray cray. Luckily, Meredith was there and willing to help the frantic mother.

While all signs pointed to a common case of strep throat, the mother was relentless and just knew that something was truly wrong with her son. It’s a good thing, too, because Mer figured out that the mother was right all along and the boy actually had Kawasaki disease, a rare condition in children that involves inflammation of the blood vessels.

Meanwhile, Owen was kind of amazing with Ethan, another patient whose parents were both being treated at the hospital. It was clearly evident how amazing of a father Owen would be and that he sincerely cared for the child he just met.

Elsewhere, a mother who was admitted to the hospital begged April to ensure that her baby girl would be safe. The baby was delivered perfectly fine. Unfortunately, the mother did not survive due to later complications. I couldn’t help but to tear up as well as April broke down with Jackson there to comfort her.

As I’m not a fan of these two together, I was glad that their moment was interrupted by Alex. Matthew seems to be a really good fit for April, and I’ve like her a whole lot more since she started dating him.

Lastly, I think it’s Jo’s boyfriend who’s the douche. I’m so ready for Alex to make a move and get with Jo. Come on, Alex!

Other Thoughts

  • I couldn’t help but think Alicia Keys would be singing to the tune of “This man is on fire…” as the man in flames collapsed near the ER doors.
  • Zola made a rare appearance! She’s gotten so big. I can’t wait to see her with her new baby brother.
  • My favorite moment may have been when Meredith and Zola showed up for Bailey’s genome mapping project. How could she possibly turn them away after every word that Meredith spoke?
  • Is it just me or was Callie’s side plot a bit out of place? There was just way too much going on, and I just wanted to see what would happen next instead of hearing about her speech.

Overall, this was a strong showing of our favorite doctors at their best. Though it may not be one that I'll remember forever, I'm always down for an installment that's full of medical drama and showcasing the gang doing what they love the most: helping their patients regardless of the circumstances.

What did you think of the latest Grey’s Anatomy? How do you think Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital is holding up? Be sure to chime in early next week for our Grey’s Anatomy Round Table


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April and Jackson are MFEO!


Right now I love April and Matthew together but still want her and Jackson to end up together


I have given a lot of thought to the promo for next week and I can only think of two ways the Meredith/Bailey and Meredith/Derek (CTV promo) could go. Either Shonda has screwed Meredith with the ultimate blow by giving her the Alzheimer's gene, or ABC did some judicious editing and perhaps Bailey is telling a patient that they are positive for something and Derek is arguing with Meredith about "it could be decades" because like in Season six, he refused to be told the results of the blood test that Meredith had done to test for the gene. I truly hope that the latter option pans out. After surviving a bomb, drowning, losing Derek again in Season four, Derek running to the trailer in five, his being shot and the miscarriage in six, getting Zola and splitting up in seven, plane crash in eight, she doesn't deserve Alzheimers. That's just stupid and mean.


@Ollie You have a good point.


as much as i want jo and alex together, because that guy finally needs some happiness, i think they should fire jo.
she forgot to check on the kids eyes? which wouldve been a big indicator to his illness. she was going to send him home, and it wouldve been too late for the kid. april kepner forgot to check the patients throat in season 6 and got fired. lexie caused a girl to lose a part of her brain, and she got reamed by derek. izzie killed a patient but convincing hunt to do surgery for cancer. and he died; she screwed up someones meds and she lost a liver.
i dont get why shes not getting any shit being said to her after she didnt even bother to check someones eyes?!?!


finally GA got a kid who can talk and act, it's weird to see most casts are not younger any more and still holding a small baby!!
wish Cristina will help to keep the boy if his parents are died!


Loved the little relationship between Owen & Ethan - unless his parents die, I don't see Owen adopting him. Owen & Cristina are still "blissfully happy" leave them until next season to figure out kids .... they've had such angst for such a long time, I'd like to see them just be happy for the rest of the season. Of course that is NOT how Shonda & Co. see it - so we'll get what we get with them. April just rocked it again last night. She is really turning out to be a great assistant to Owen in the ER but I felt so bad for her when Elyse died & Jackson knew just what to do - just by sitting there pulling her close letting her cry & thank you Alex Karev for actually being sensitive towards April & telling the husband that his wife had died. Very good show.


I checked who's ep19 writer Meg Marinis ,new one did good job!keep up!
1st, I found 5 interns are not annoying
Owen+Ethan+soccer+ice cream= gold winner
only part I don't like it is Callie speech, too boring...


I Think the love and Vibe between April and Jackson lovely. And so great to see Zola sit Mer it is so coûte.

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