Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "Can't Fight This Feeling"

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Welcome back to TV Fanatic's Grey's Anatomy Round Table!

Our Grey's Anatomy review broke down "Can't Fight This Feeling" in great detail. Now, TVF's Christina Tran, Sean McKenna and Steve Marsi are back for a Q&A discussion of the episode's events.

Read their answers below and weigh in with yours!


1. What was your favorite quote or scene from this week’s episode?

Christina: As I mentioned in my review, my favorite moment may have been when Meredith and Zola showed up for Bailey’s genome mapping project. Forget about Mer’s days of being dark and twisty. Mer as a mommy is so much more interesting.

Sean: The last scene with Meredith and Bailey. It's still a underlying issue of Meredith perhaps getting Alzheimer's, but she seemed more at peace with the prospect either way. She just wanted to know for her kid's sake.

Steve: Anything with Owen. Unexpected and wonderful to see that side of him.

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2. Which medical storyline did you like the best?

Christina: It’s hard not to pick Sarah Chalke’s storyline with Meredith. I thought that Sarah did an amazing job portraying a frantic and desperate mother just trying to help her son.

Sean: I think I liked the one that left Owen with the kid. I really liked seeing Owen in that particular role. I guess that's less about the case and more of what came from it, but that's what stuck out the most for me.

Steve: The only problem with bringing on a guest star as awesome as Sarah Chalke is that you end up being genuinely sad she's not sticking around. I could watch her every week, and not just because I used to have a major crush on Dr. Reid. In all seriousness, she was really good.

3. What’s more likely to happen: Jalex or Japril (again)?

Christina: Jalex, and I can’t wait. April is finally tolerable, and something tells me that’ll change once Japril hooks up again.

Sean: I think Alex and Jo for now, but I've got a feeling that Jackson and April will be close behind. Those two aren't done yet.

Steve: Jalex for sure, but I agree with both Sean and Christina that Japril Redux seems inevitable as well. Jalex first, but both are going to happen and be entertaining to watch unfold.

4. Which side plot did you enjoy more: Callie’s preparation for her speech or Owen illustrating that he could be an awesome parent?

Christina: Owen was just so amazing with Ethan. I thought it was really interesting the way he was effortlessly caring, and I’m kind of intrigued to see if baby talk will come up again for Owenstina.

Sean: Owen like I said before. He's always wanted to be a parent, and here we got to see a glimpse of what that would be like.

Steve: Gotta go with my girl Callie on this one, just to give her a shout out. Sara Ramirez does a consistently great job on the show even when she's relegated to a side plot like this one.

5. GSMH is running awfully smoothly. Is this a good or bad thing? How long do you give for Shonda and company to shake things up again?

Christina: It’s a good thing! All of that lawsuit/plane crash chaos was overwhelming. I’m definitely one who loves the drama, but also have always appreciated the medical stories. With things going just fine at the hospital, we are finally getting to see some cool cases and the doctors just being doctors. I hope the writers can hold off until the season finale with something so crazy that leaves us only wanting more.

Sean: I'm kind of surprised that things are running smoothly to begin with, but I hope it stays smooth. I'd rather they focus on dealing with the medicine and the regular work/relationships, rather than some major shooting or bombing or whatever catastrophe the show hasn't done yet.

Steve: If you've seen any Grey's Anatomy clips from this coming week, you know there's plenty of drama ahead. But that's to be expected on emotional and personal levels. Otherwise we'd have no show! Yet hopefully when it comes to the hospital's financial ruin or major natural disasters, we can at least rest easy for awhile.

What do you all think of this week's Grey's Anatomy? Share your responses below!


I hope there will be more than one more season to come. It would be great to see Owen with someone who wants a family as he does. Hopefully Alex will get his love finally. I really miss Lexi and Mark.


Oh my heavens Fudgefase - I work in a children's hospital and some of the surgical interns/residents and general interns/residents are totally clueless! I look at them sometimes and just shake my head. They may have their book smarts but some of them can be the ditziest people you've ever encountered. Amazing and sometimes scary. I have seen attendings leap over chairs when a code has been called to get to the bedside before the resident could get there and run the code by themselves. The attendings job is to teach them to know what they're doing. Some will stay ditzy and others will mature.


1. Zola was cute with her penguin and snicker at the fact she just "woke" her parents...
2. The Kawasaki case. Chalke was great and hopefully it will help open more eyes.
3. I don´t care about either. At this point I kinda hope Jo stays with Jason and Alex finds somebody better fitting. I can´t stand April anymore but I guess she´ll hook up with Jackson again and return to her old unbearable state...
4. You forgot one: I actually enjoyed Shane and Brooks battle for Neuro most but Owen showed a likable side. For some reason now I could see Owen trying to talk adoption of an old enough kid that´s no baby. I hope Cristina won´t be forced to have one but I would be ok with a foster-parent S/L for Crowen to try out parenthood...
5. I think it won´t be long until something bad happens again. It wouldn´t be Grey´s season finale without something going wrong...


1.Der being wrong footed by his daughter, and the last scene with Mer Bailey and Zola
2.The Kawasaki SL. I guess parents will be wiser to the symptoms now
3.Both seem likely, but nothing is straight forward in GA with relationships. Probably Webber will become a Mr Avery too! LOL
4.There's a definate drive towards Owen realising he's missing out on being a dad. I hope this doesn't mean Cris is going to change to accomodate this.
5.I'm not so sure that things will go so well very soon.Why there's a rumour of the police being involved for the finale? New twist due anytime now


1. a lot!most I adore all Crowen scene,they're so support each other in the ep19,
*Owen said" although he may only be agreeing bz he's afraid of you , like he said, you're his boss now!"
*Cristina said"I can sleep in the show!"
2. Owen with a kid are amazing,it's the best part!
3. both of Jo-alex and Jackson-april are not fit, prefer Alex and April
4.No doubt Owen could be an awesome parent, too shame Cristina did see that!
5. always someone is dying in the end!! it's S9, and S10 will be the last , so I don't care who should died, those interns is possible


Owen loves Christina. Christina has no interest in parenting. Now that they've broken off on a conventional relationship, I see things going one of two ways, given Shonda-land:
1) Owen commits to being the best uncle to Zola and Mer-Der podling that ever existed, just as Christina is (auntie) to Zola and (despite her awkwardness speaking to Mer's abdomen) will be to podling, or
2) Owen will adopt a kid on his own. Christina will either realize that she doesn't mind parenting so much, and get back in the traditional marriage-spawning swing of things, or she'll keep on with Owen as she is, and be the best auntie in the world to Owen's adopt-o-spawn.


I would not compare April to Lexie. There's a difference between ditzy and compassionate and Lexie was compassionate. April is annoying & so is Jackson, they belong together.


I just love Japril - their chemistry is breathtaking.


@Fudgefase, I promise you, junior doctors are often far worse than the way they're portrayed in Grey's...


To be honest April annoys me to the point of distraction. I never to to Lexie or April. I don't know why particularly. I guess I don't like Dr's being portrayed as ditsy - anyone who has ever watched a reality show about junior doctor's knows that's just not how they are.

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