Grey's Anatomy Review: One Hell of a Night

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Wow! That was an explosive Grey’s Anatomy - and I don’t just mean that literally.

Since the long and drawn out lawsuit/plane crash storyline, I’ve been waiting patiently for an episode like "Can't Fight This Feeling." I was so thrilled that Shonda and company wasted no time and totally delivered, giving viewers an intense and powerful hour we so rightfully deserved.

It's an Emergency

So, what went down and how did our favorite doctors deal with the madness caused by a gas tanker explosion?

Well, the explosion caused multiple injuries and chaos at the new and improved Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. If tonight’s installment was any indication of how well the hospital would do, I think it’s safe to say that GSMH is going to be just fine.

Sarah Chalke guest starred as a mother who was desperately trying to help her son. Unfortunately, that desperation made her appear a bit cray cray. Luckily, Meredith was there and willing to help the frantic mother.

While all signs pointed to a common case of strep throat, the mother was relentless and just knew that something was truly wrong with her son. It’s a good thing, too, because Mer figured out that the mother was right all along and the boy actually had Kawasaki disease, a rare condition in children that involves inflammation of the blood vessels.

Meanwhile, Owen was kind of amazing with Ethan, another patient whose parents were both being treated at the hospital. It was clearly evident how amazing of a father Owen would be and that he sincerely cared for the child he just met.

Elsewhere, a mother who was admitted to the hospital begged April to ensure that her baby girl would be safe. The baby was delivered perfectly fine. Unfortunately, the mother did not survive due to later complications. I couldn’t help but to tear up as well as April broke down with Jackson there to comfort her.

As I’m not a fan of these two together, I was glad that their moment was interrupted by Alex. Matthew seems to be a really good fit for April, and I’ve like her a whole lot more since she started dating him.

Lastly, I think it’s Jo’s boyfriend who’s the douche. I’m so ready for Alex to make a move and get with Jo. Come on, Alex!

Other Thoughts

  • I couldn’t help but think Alicia Keys would be singing to the tune of “This man is on fire…” as the man in flames collapsed near the ER doors.
  • Zola made a rare appearance! She’s gotten so big. I can’t wait to see her with her new baby brother.
  • My favorite moment may have been when Meredith and Zola showed up for Bailey’s genome mapping project. How could she possibly turn them away after every word that Meredith spoke?
  • Is it just me or was Callie’s side plot a bit out of place? There was just way too much going on, and I just wanted to see what would happen next instead of hearing about her speech.

Overall, this was a strong showing of our favorite doctors at their best. Though it may not be one that I'll remember forever, I'm always down for an installment that's full of medical drama and showcasing the gang doing what they love the most: helping their patients regardless of the circumstances.

What did you think of the latest Grey’s Anatomy? How do you think Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital is holding up? Be sure to chime in early next week for our Grey’s Anatomy Round Table


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Really good episode. I, for one, was really glad that Dr. Torres' cartilage study/experiment was mentioned again...finally...misplaced or whatever. I always wondered what she would do with her "cartilage in a bottle." Still don't know exactly, but it must have been impressive to have been a feature at TED!!
Loved seeing Zola again and Mer's motherly instincts.
Really liked the "feel" of this and last episodes.


Good episode but not as great as last week. Definitely think the writers are setting up Cristina and Owen for a break up. They just want different things. Especially when it comes to kids. Owen was so sweet with the kid. Storyline with Calzona didn't fit. Jessica and Sara are such great actresses. Gives them story lines with patients again. When was the last time we say them interacting with a patient? Think it's been months. Originally I didn't like April with Jackson but after last night I want them together. She just fits with him.


i really tought with ethan in teh picture, owen will get more screen time..alas it was not to be..still better than the past few episodes where he gets mere seconds...owen+ethan+soccer+ice cream= super adorable.. if last scene with yang is any indication...roads not too smooth ahead..but then again..when has it ever been for them?


Meredith's case was the best. Loved to see Ellen and Sarah in scenes together. MerDer were so cute in the beginning, need more of them!! Also Zola is adorable. The last scene broke my heart completely. Too much April and too much Owen. Owen with the boy was forced. It's like the writers don't know what to do with his character and put a boy there to follow around. Calzona storyline was boring and didn't fit.


Ethan and Owen were the best thing in the episode. Owen was so fatherly towards Ethan. Loved it.


Can I just saya how fantastic Shonda can be with shippers? Like, I was so NOT rooting for Alex and Jo.. and now.. omg, I love them! I can't wait for them to hook up. I love how she totally turned it around.. I felt that way for a lot of couples throughout Grey's but she always makes me love the ones that are meant to be. I think she is meaning to do this with Jackson and April right now too. Can't wait to see how that goes.


Good episode with a few exceptions. Torres and Arizona storyline was just misplaced, didn't fit it. The Chief and Derek need to get more air time. Too much Hunt.


Japril perfection :)


Such an intense episode :o Perfect.

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