Hart of Dixie Review: The Pie & Alcohol Cure

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After a tragic and frustrating episode last week, "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" was the Hart of Dixie hour where Zoe tried to get over her breakup with Wade.

This wasn't anything special. I didn't hate it, but it wasn't my favorite. I think it had the right amount of dramatic, especially after these past few episodes.

Lemon & Zoe

It was nice to see Bluebell having Zoe's back. It makes me think back to Hart of Dixie Season 1 when Zoe was public enemy #1 and it reminded me how far she has come. It's something that I really love seeing and the fact that Brick said "she had patients waiting" without a hint of resentment was great too.

Hart of Dixie really has come a long way and so have the characters.

I'm glad that Wade confessed that he MAJORLY screwed up by cheating on "the greatest girl" he ever had. I completely agree. Zoe and Wade were so completely different that they were really good for each other. Zoe is straight edge while Wade is a free spirit. It's unfortunate that everything they went through together is tainted now.

Elsewhere, Rose returned! And so did McKayla Maroney (Tonya). It was nice to see her continuing her guest spots. Unfortunately, the director or script supervisor needed to sit down with McKayla and give her some beats in her scene with Rachel/Zoe. She ran through her lines too quickly and needed some pauses/breathes in there. Though, McKayla's last scene where she was yelling was well done. Keep working at it girl, you'll get it.

I really miss Rose. Her young character  is Zoe's greatest friend. With Rose, Zoe seems to be more honest and willing to open up about her feelings than anyone else. Yes, I'm including Lavon in there. I am glad to know that Rose is still on set for the last couple of episode this season.

My favorite scene of the night was the one between Lemon and Zoe. I want them to be friends so bad it hurts. For the first time this whole series they sat down and discussed what they have in common. As a critic and fan, I didn't realize just how much they are alike. Parents who "abandoned" them, lovers that screwed them over, broken hearts, issues and all.

Please, give us more Lemon and Zoe. It was one of my favorite moments all of Hart of Dixie Season 2.

Overall, this installment was average. It's refreshing to see that they're going away from the dark/emotional arcs and back to the comedy. The lightness of this season is what made it so great in the first place.


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Sarah silva

Well, the CW is doing to Hart of Dixie that it did to Ringer last year, putting it on a long hiatus, 5 weeks! I do not think that is a good sign!
I am still upset that they had Wade cheat but I am sticking with the show. I am also not sure how the new love interest for Zoe will go, we already have Brick with a younger woman now we will have Zoe with an older man.
Personally I liked the idea of Zoe and Lemon's cousin but I do not see that happening now with the news of her new love interest.
I too want to see Zoe and Lemon as friends.


Love Wade. I know he cheated, but he is still by far my favorite on the show. Not that it makes is okay by any means, but there is just something about him that is endearing. I do hope since he realizes how much Zoe means to him, that he will definitely grow and be a better man. His eyes were just so sad in the clip of him and Zoe at the end. It is going to be really hard to wait until April for new episodes.


Good episode. I knew Zoe wouldn't get over Wade easily. Loved her thrashing about the empty bed missing him, hugging his shirt to her face burning his shoes. They were dynamite together and I have every hope they will somehow, learn to appreciate each other again. Loved that Wade and Lavon will be OK...they help each other. I watch the show for Zoe/Wade and I will continue to do so. They drive the dynamic of the show and nothing else matters. I'm trusting the writers to get it right.


Please, tell us that one day Zoe and Wade will be together again. The greatest of this show, is the special relation they both have together. It's magic and make us dream with a love like that. So writers, punish Wade because he deserve it, but don't let the magic and interest between them disappear.


I loved Lemon roping George into helping her dig for dirt on Shelby and also liked the scene of Lemon and Zoe kinda bonding at last. Still, the Wade/Zoe breakup was too OOC for me -- just seems manufactured drama and that's off-putting. It doesn't help that Rachel Bilson didn't pull off hurt & rejected well at all.


I think the writers made a big mistake as without the spark between Zoe and Wade the show lacks spice.

Lemonaki myrwdato

So where was the kiss with the doctor that we saw in the promo last week??


I'm sorry but didn't lily-ann remind anybody else of phoebe in Friends?? Singing ridiculous songs and all


i enjoyed this episode one of the best this season

Ronald simkins

The bad thing about this episode was the embittered Zoe almost destroying the two teens budding romance.

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