Kickstart It: Which Series Would You Finance Into a Film?

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The news has nearly broken the Internet: via a Kickstarter campaign, Kristen Bell and company are hoping to start filming a Veronica Mars movie as early as this summer.

Considering the influx of cash already pouring in - $530,000 in just a few hours! - it's safe to assume producers will reach their goal of $2 million in 30 days... and it's also safe to assume other canceled shows may soon follow a similar path.

Terriers Duo
Evil Eye from Faye

But which ones should? Which recently axed programs would you be most likely to fund through Kickstarter?

We've listed a few options below and want to hear from all TV Fanatics: What series should be Kickstarted into a film next?

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Oh, younglings, how quickly ye forget: CARNIVÀLE!


GILMORE GIRLS! Oh, pleeeeeeeeeeeease Gilmore Girls! For those of you in the fandom, you know what I mean: JavaJunkie, Literati ALL THE WAY, and I can die happy!


Another great one, V.


So many to choose from. I agree with most of the others on here. First Pick though would have to be Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sarah Michelle Gellar still looks great. I say do them all Ringer, Heroes, Chuck, Ugly Betty, Emily Owens, Desperate Housewives, etc, etc, etc.


LEGEND OF THE SEEKER would be my first, second & third choice. Only then would I go for Chuck!




Last Resort did have an ending though it may not be proper. As much as I loved the show, the sub sank together with the Captain. It would be hard to continue. I voted for Heroes as it had so much potential but there was no proper ending. We will never know what happened to Sylar and what happened once Clarie announced to the world the secret. Heroes also have an international audience. Even when the ratings for season 4 was plunging in the US, the rest of the world still loves it. It is a show that have worldwide fans. However I doubt Tim Kring knows how to finish the story so I am not sure if it would work out. What I really wanted to see was 4400s. It left us with a cliff hanger. We never knew what happened to the character Collier and his Promise City. We also never knew the ultimate goal for the 4400s to be send back from the future. Its a small chance but do hope there will be closure for the show with a movie.






Flashforwad, Awake, Alcatraz