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*** of whom***


I was kind of living through the episode until the fake drama with Paris and Roy. My "willing suspension of disbelief" collapsed all over and never recovered. At that point it just got too convoluted, and all I saw was some bottle blonde of who I have never heard, arguing with "Chris in the Morning", who has not aged wonderfully. And yes, he needs a haircut.

I was reminded of the woeful attempt Criminal Minds made last year to expand their franchise. And not in a good way.

Spoiler: I live in Idaho. I used to live in Moscow, Idaho. It was HARD to get to the willing suspension in the first place ... I have flown in and out of the Moscow airport, which by the way is in Washington. You could put seven of it in that building. Do some research, people!

I'll be watching next week, because I love John Corbett. It took three years before I liked NCIS: LA ...


At this point, my only real opinion about the Red Team itself is that John Corbett really needs a haircut. Other than that, I'm deferring until we see the second half of the story.

Though I think it's inevitable that the poor unfortunately wounded Danny will not be rejoining the team at all - they need room for Roy, after all, in the potential series! Either Danny's going to suffer an unfortunate downturn and perish in the hospital, or he'll be too gravely injured to live life on the road afterwards and will either take early retirement or a new assignment in an office, paving the way for Roy to join Red Team permanently.

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