NCIS Promo & Photos: Hide and "Seek"

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Next week, NCIS returns with an all-new episode, "Seek," in which the wife of a Marine who specialized in K-9 bomb detection urges the team to investigate the death of her husband in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, Director Vance asks for the team’s assistance as he interviews nannies.

Michael Weatherly also directs. The following week, March 26, is when we meet McGee's dad, the Admiral, in "Squall." Jamey Sheridan was recently cast in this much-anticipated, reportedly key role.

Then April 2 will be a repeat before the NCIS Season 10 home stretch begins April 9.

Check out the extended promo for Tuesday's episode below and see what you think:

Click to enlarge some CBS promotional photos from this installment as well ...

McGee and Gibbs on NCIS
Abby and Ziva Pic
Ti-Va Photo
Gibbs and McGee on the Case
Gibbs, Tim and K9
Gibbs and K9 Agent

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I would like to see Lola Glaudini on the show I really enjoy her I hope TV Fanatic does a wish list for season 11 come on Tuesday hurry up I cant wait to see how they exsplan Tony parnter being alive on team Red


I would like to see Dennis Franz (nypd blue) as a guest star. I wish he could be Tim's Dad but it' s too late now since J. Sheridan has been cast.
My favorite show. BN


Wendy and I are not the same person. I stated my comment and would not feel the need to repeat it again-even under a different name. I said that you can have your opinion but you state the SAME thing over and over. It never changes. I say something once and I move on. Oh, and I don't say negative things about the characters and the actors and get overly upset about it because they aren't real. I agree with Wendy, and I have stated it myself: If something makes you that miserable, don't watch it anymore. I used to watch a lot of TV shows and then when they became unbearable, I stopped watching. Gary Glasberg is going to do what he wants to do. He doesn't even listen to the actors most of the time when they bring up suggestions so I highly doubt that he is trolling these pages for your opinion of what should happen. So just enjoy the show and stop taking it so personally.


@ Wendy and @ fan1, unless of course you are one person. I have just as much right to express my opinions as you do yours. Your entitled personal attacks remind of a character on NCIS.


@Guest: LMBO!!!!!! Your post made me laugh - thanks. "12 years old" is about RIGHT, too! @S Give the EXTREME, vitriolic tone of your posts on this site, I somehow doubt that ANYTHING the show does would inspire you to stop the Ziva-obsessed madness you THRIVE in. You most certainly DO seem to have her name in your mouth..a LOT. Anytime Tony "Jokes" on the show is quite CLEARLY at the hand of the writers who SCRIPT him that way, and usually Tony ends up getting EXACTLY what he deserves. He often brings the "Joke" upon himself. But coming on here with your pointless remarks does NOTHING to change that fact. Why don't you make yourself useful & send a letter to CBS about it? The people on here don't give a crap concerning your hatred of Ziva or the show's script decisions.


Michael, does your mommy know that you are commenting on these pages all the time? I am just assuming from the immature remarks you continue to make and the poor grammar that you must be about 12 years old? We have already had the Twitter debate. Please prove to me how you know for a fact that Michael Weatherly does not have a Twitter page. I would really love to hear this. You must be a child because only a child could live in the delusional world you have made for yourself where Michael Weatherly is your friend and you know everything about him.


LOL i still cant believe people think Michael Weatherly has Twitter he 45 year old not a 15 year old loser he too old for socail network. Anyways back to the show I hope the dog does not die that would be sad


I guess if they ever allow Tony to be something besides this weeks joke or to get his only dramatic moments when his purpose is to prop up Ziva's latest drama I'll have something else to talk about.


@S Why can you not think of anything different to say? Why must you continually bring up Ziva when the page isn't about her? You do realize that you are, in your own twisted way, promoting Ziva because for someone that hates her, you sure do talk about her a lot. You do realize that TPTB probably don't read these pages, that Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo are extremely close friends and he probably wouldn't appreciate all the people that trash talk her on these pages,(oh and he has stated in numerous interviews and on his own Twitter page that he feels that Cote is a very good actress) and oh yea, these characters aren't real. If MW felt that he was being degraded I am sure he would probably say something to the producers or leave the show. He seems pretty happy to me. I challenge you to come up with some new words besides "Ziva's purse" because this analogy is getting old.


No! No! Michael Weatherly should NOT retire from acting. He's the most interesting actor on the show IMO, despite the way tptb have degraded, reduced and turned Tony to the team's disliked joke. I'm happy though for MW getting to stretch his professional wings. It's got to be getting old being the show's exclusive butt monkey and when he's real real lucky - Ziva's purse.

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NCIS Season 10 Episode 18 Quotes

Vance: I worry that the act of hiring a nanny means that I'm moving on. And if I'm moving on, I worry that Jackie's death'll feel like...
Ziva: It's a bit more final?
Vance: [nods]
Ziva: Well then I suggest you take your time, Director. Hire a nanny or do not hire one. But do not let anyone tell you when you're ready or should be ready to move on. That is entirely up to you.
Vance: You may be on to something.
Ziva: I have some experience.
Vance: Yeah? Where were you a week and a half ago?

Tony: You know, I've been thinking about getting a dog.
Gibbs: He's not a dog. He's a Marine.