Jamey Sheridan Cast as "The Admiral" on NCIS

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Jamey Sheridan has been cast in the much-anticipated role of Tim's father on NCIS.

Admiral John McGee will make his debut on the CBS drama sometime in late March.

We will finally meet McGee's father in an illuminating episode titled “Squall.”

Sheridan and McGee

“Jamey Sheridan’s recent work on Homeland [as Vice President Walden] just reinforced what a terrific actor he is,” NCIS show runner and executive producer Gary Glasberg told TV Line of the casting.

“The role of McGee’s father is complex and layered with some real surprises thrown in," he adds. "We can’t wait to see what Jamey does with it and how he plays opposite Sean Murray.”

The most interesting part? Glasberg promises McGee's father “will be part of what leads us into our final arc,” which often provides the year's most complex and thought-provoking episodes.

Sheridan recently appeared on Homeland Season 2, and on Arrow (as Oliver’s doomed dad), but is likely best known as a series regular for years on NBC's Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

What do you think? Good choice for the part? And what role do you expect he'll play?

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I always thought Gerald Mcraney would be perfect for the roll of Mcgees dad but sheridan seems a better match. It is about time! I hope Mcgee doesn't buckle under and wimp out. Time for him to man-up to his dad and not be bullied by him.


I'm glad that McGee is getting an episode. Now Tony, McGee, Abby, and Ducky have all had their one and dones for the season. I guess at least he's getting one too. I wonder if McGee will be pulled from the investigation in Squall, like Tony was pulled when his father was a suspect in a murder investigation.


It is about time! There are so many ways the relationship between McGhee and "The Admiral" can go. If nothing else "The Admiral" can not help but see that his son is a productive, respected, and integral part of the team. Not to mention that Gibbs,Abby,Ziva, and even Tony would be more than willing to stand up to "The Admiral" on Tim's behalf. I hope Tim's gramdmother, Penney, is right in saying that "The Admiral" wants a better/closer relationship with Tim.


Most of all - since I am led to understand that McGee has had a "severe" kind of up-bringing as a kid - his father - always "the Admiral" was very strict - I guess I want to see him impressed with his son and McGee not being a timid Timothy - let the guy stand up for himself - courteously sure - but leaving his Daddy in NO DOUBT that his little boy is gone now and he has a Man for a son


Re: Chicago Hope and NCIS: wasn't done by same people, but shares alot of the same actors: Mark Harmon, Rocky Carroll, Lauren Holly...I don't remember Jamie Sheridan being on the show, but I didn't watch it alot.I remember Jamie Sheridan from "The Stand" playing Randall Flagg. Now there was one evil person!


Finally a McGee episode. These are sorely lacking on NCIS. McGee is my favorite character and I really hope that this turns into more than a one episode storyline. Sean Murray has been severely underused especially in these last two seasons.


McGee is my favorite but I have never high hopes for him because the writers really never allow him to grow that much as a character. Also I have a feeling instead of acting like a man they will have McGee be the scared little wimp that is scared of him and will need Gibbs and his teammates to protect him. Would be nice though if this will lead to McGee having a bigger role in the season finale. Does McGee's father have something to do with Eli? Will he do something bad that will somehow involve McGee and get McGee in trouble?


i never got to see that episode!!!! i dont have CBS. i bet tony had something to say! i hope it comes on USA soon.


So, looking forward to this and McGee is MY favorite. It's about time he got some kind of storyline that blends in with the season final. Looking forward to seeing him in season 11 also.



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