Once Upon a Time Episode Teaser: Storybrooke, Exposed?

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Once Upon a Time flashed back this week, as a familiar face returned to Storybrooke, circa 1983.

On next Sunday's "Selfless, Brave and True," however, a new face will show up in town, as viewers (and Emma) meet Neal's fiancee, Tamara.

Does she know anything about his past? And who else may be arriving in this special place? The following ABC promo warns that the real world is inching ever close to this fairy tale universe, with one character ominously asking another: “Are you trying to take the magic from Storybrooke?”

Watch now and prepare for the March 24 installment of Once Upon a Time Season 2:

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Wouldn't it be just a kicker if Tamara ended up being Tigerlily? Since the assumption that Bae is also Peter Pan, that could work out.


@San - I think August/Pinocchio turned to wood because the stipulation of being a "real boy" was to be good and not with the curse.

Spindae 2o

hm! after this slow ep from last week! This seems like a real eye-catcher ! Tamara and Owen could be connected! or maybe she is bff with Regina! who knows!? Since "Tiny" and Jack(Jacky) they didn't introduce a nice FairyTale character! I believe they will leave us hanging here!


Why wasn't Pinocchio turned back after the curse broke? :-( So sad. But happy to have him back in the story! I know I'm judgemental here, but I really don't like Tamara just because of the look on her face... guess she's Greg's she, unless there's another new female character soon. Maybe she followed Neal somehow out of Neverland and used him and Greg to get to know when the Storybrooke curse would be broken? To get magic or whatever from there? But these are only my guesses.

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