Once Upon a Time Sneak Peeks: Expecting a Visitor

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This Sunday's new episode of Once Upon a Time will be all about disappearances and first appearances.

In the following sneak peek at "Selfless, Brave and True," we see Regina reunite with an old friend, attempting to intimidate Owen by telling him his father has simple vanished. But can that really happen?

Elsewhere, Neal will break some troubling news to Emma: Tamara is on her way to Storybrooke. And if she sees a giant? Or other signs of magic and fairy tale characters? Well... ummm... yeah, Neal may not have thought this plan all the way through.

Finally, Marco will make a major admission to Emma and Mary Margaret. But his reveal isn't the most interesting aspect of the following clip. No, that would be the reaction of Mary Margaret. Watch now to see what we mean and visit our Once Upon a Time spoilers section for still images from the installment:

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Spindae 2o

I really don't know where this season is headed! Last year it was pretty obvious that people would get their memories back but this year!!!!!!! NO IDEA!
I believe we will get a Major death and something including the Enchanted forest and a cliffhanger NEW FAIRYTALE character.
I would wish Mulan back she was quite nice, just as Philip! Aurora if we really need to. I love the chemistry between Owen and Regina! :D

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Its great to see them exploring the psychological aspects of Snow making the choice she did with Cora, making a moral compromise. Moral barriers is something that have been keeping her in line her entire line and that has been breached with what she chose to do. She has spent her life in control and now she no longer has that control, hence impulsive actions slipping out. and at the same time she is completely in denial of what she is capable of since it goes against who she believed she was.

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