Parks and Recreation Review: Too Big to Nail

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Tonight's episode, "Bailout," works because Ron wins. One smug smile from Ron and the episode succeeds. I'm all for a Ron and Leslie throw down, especially since they have such fundamentally different views of government. The idea of bailouts was such a hot button issue a few years ago with banks and the auto industry, but I liked seeing Leslie and Ron debate the idea of bailouts on a smaller scale. Both sides were highly accessible.

Jason Schwartzman was understated, but his character, Denis, worked well as the clueless and pretentious Video Dome owner. He was basically a perfect Pawnee resident. A little clueless and misguided, but his heart was in the right place.

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Leslie facing her porn star twin was pretty unforgettable, especially because they really did a decent job of finding someone to look a bit like Amy Poehler! And hopefully your DVR didn't cut off the last few minute of the episode since we got to see a moment in the actual "Too Big to Nail" video. Priceless.

But the best part of the episode for me was the forward motion of April and Ann's friendship and of April's ambitions. I love that April is applying to veterinary school, something that again shows her character making strides and going after what she wants. Ann predictably makes her do every overly girly thing possible to earn her letter of recommendation including talking Sex and the City and singing Time After Time. But April really came through in the end when she told Ann that she really does hope for her happiness and wants everything with Chris to work out.

Speaking of Chris, we finally got the answer to that all-important will he/won't he sperm question. And Chris is going for it! I predict that these two end up getting back together and just have a baby together. I never really understood what exactly didn't work between the two of them, but maybe the show doesn't want to put too many couples together. 

And lastly, Tom. Oh, Tom. That child-like, immature, pop culture lovin' man. Maybe he's met his match in Mona Lisa. Don't get me wrong--she's horrible for him. But at least she's a fun challenge!

Until next time, Parks and Recreation fans.


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I laughed a ton throughout the episode, but I am a huge Perd Hapley fan, and the funniest part IMHO is his review of E.T.


Gary lol made this episode for me. HIs line about how no one lets him talk this long was priceless.


It was so great to finally have my favorite comedy back! The April and Ann scenes were great. I loved them singing Time After Time and Donna just busting in! Ann has been getting a lot funnier. I think it has to do with her awkwardness over this baby situation. I'd love to see Chris and Ann make a baby the old fashioned way. Are they allowed to date though since they work together? And seriously? How come I barely ever get to see scenes with Leslie and Ben interacting? Aside from their wedding episode, I don't think they shared but maybe one scene together in all the episodes that aired since the show came back in January. At least that's how it feels. I need more Ben and Leslie scenes! And Mona Lisa was actually pretty great haha, just like jean ralpphio. I think they nailed it there. And I also thoroughly enjoy watching April's growth!

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