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After series creator Jonathan Nolan tried something vastly different - yet still important - to the overall larger story in "Relevance," this week's Person of Interest was back to more or less a case of the week in "Proteus."

With most of the focus centered on Reese and Finch finding an elusive serial killer who changed his identity, all while trapped on an island bombarded by storm of the century type waves, the title of the episode, a reference to the Greek sea-god of the same name who would often transform his shape, was a pretty spot on description.

Riding Out the Storm

Surprisingly, the mystery involved was compelling enough and not overly obvious when it came to the actual culprit. Mind blowing, no, but it was well done in keeping all of the characters involved potential suspects.

Initially, the only other new guest-cast member I recognized was The Wonder Years' Dan Lauria. More often than not, an actor with a pretty hefty resume filling out a smaller role on a procedural type show ends up being the surprise twist bad guy.

Yet, the variety of other suspects had enough potential to be the killer themselves that I couldn't nail my finger on who it might be. Each time I wanted to guess someone, my mind immediately thought someone else. Even that guy who mentioned being a dentist made me think of the teeth Finch found that hadn't burned.

So, the reveal of the "FBI agent" as the chameleon of the group was a good one at the same time, even if I wanted to claim I knew it all along.

The moment when Finch discovered who the killer was wonderfully shot with the lighting flashes showing him standing in the dark. It was creepy and fitting for the moody tone that had been established.

Now, the so-called identity thief turned into a bit of an over-actor when confronting Finch which seemed a bit silly, but it did work in his favor for scary when he began imitating him.

Although the classic I'm-dead-but-I'm-not-dead move for him made me laugh, at least when Reese essentially did it to take out the fisherman, it looked cool.

And are those glasses Finch wears actually fake? There really is a lot we still don't know about our hero of the show.

We do know that Carter is definitely still on Finch and Reese's side (where was Fusco?), but she was still questioning Cal Beecher's background. He saved them sure, but is he really a good guy that's misunderstood? Remember, Beecher is related to the head of HR.

I'm still not sure if he can be trusted.

Of course, in classic Person of Interest fashion, despite being a pretty basic number of the week, the larger story was still hinted at in regards to the Machine having something of a glitch.

Yes, while it did come up with the six numbers to sort of help out in finding the killer, Finch noted that it had been quiet for three whole days. What does that mean? Was it because Kara inserted that program before Reese could stop her?

I'm definitely intrigued at how the show is delving deeper into what makes the machine tick.

Whatever the silence meant, it's clearly not good. Like Finch mentioned, the real storm is just getting ready to happen.


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I love the action scenes but now we know that Caviezel's being put through the ringer to film them I kinda wish they would do less hand-to-hand and more gun action instead. I think they're necessary when he's up against professionals like Hersh but in this one the reluctant marine and the drug dealer were hardly much of a challenge to a trained assassin.


Tenho muito que comentar este episódio, mas gostaria de palpitar sobre o anterior. Foi muito bom, aquela moça que segue a linha do Reese, a moça racker, foi uma surpresa muito boa ( alias... êta série para ter personagens femininas fortes, independentes não, qualquer dia vamos falar delas com mais ênfase. Voltando ao episódio em questão;
1-) "O caso dos sete negrinhos", livro épico de Agatha Christie, foi uma pequena "clonagem".
2-) Tava na cara que era o menino do FBI o bandido.
3-) A Carter chegou de carro, atravessando todo o Estado como falou seu namorado muito rápido, fez o mesmo caminho do Finch, tudo bem, a guarda costeira liberou sua entrada na ilha, mas "todo o Estado", foi demais, tanto que o mapa mostrou um ponto do outro(eles usaram o batcarro?).
4-) A pior derrapada, a tempestade, pelo visto era um furacão e dos bons, então, os barquinhos no caís estavam colados né? Não balançavam e o boné do Reese (lindinho) também estava colado?
5-) Porque deixaram o Urso tomar aquela chuva, tadinho vai gripar, ele é tão especial, humanizou os meninos.
Não poderia deixar passar isso, eu sou fã de carteirinha desta série, por isso quero que ela seja 11, 10 é pouco. Só espero que não mandem estes erros para aquele programa da TV, como é mesmo o nome? sei lá, fica só entre nós, não publiquem. A máquina falha, podem esperar.


There are some prior clue drops that may lead to an arc that goes WAY beyond the original premise. Remember Lost... what it started out as was NOT how it finished. We know the machine is A.I., and that it is evolving and learning. Enough so that it overcame its protocol and accepted Reese as a contact when Finch was kidnapped. So this means that the oncoming hack storm that Kara injected may lead to some NEW storyline completely different than the original purpose of the machine. What may start over a few seasons of helping people could turn into 1000 new things, of which characters could move in and out, and its the MACHINE who becomes the central player, not a tool by which Reese and Finch access to fulfill their purpose. In the end... it is something that can keep this show going for a long time. Unlike a show like The Mentalist, where it is dying in my opinion because the Red John angel has become stale, likewise, if Red John is ever caught the whole premise for the show dies.


Exciting episode, but left me still wanting more Reese action. Any time Jim Caviezel is on the screen, I can barely look at anyone else. That man gets more gorgeous every week! I enjoyed the creepy feel and atmospherics in this epi, but thought the fake FBI/killer was a bit obvious. Still, who cares?? Reese rolled his eyes at the cheesy newlyweds, beat up a guy with his fists, whacked another guy with an oar (or whatever), and looked totally hot the entire time. I could watch POI every night, as long as Jim Caviezel is playing the ultimate badass John Reese.


Was way to obvious, just the fact that he even showed up at the house was really suspicious. It was all to obvious after that, they were trying to hard to put suspicion on everyone else and never brought him up even once.

Sue ann

I agree with you other ladies about Jim Cavaziel. Good grief! I didn't know anyone was allowed to be that gorgeous, since the young Robert Redford, or that sexy, since the 30-ish Richard Bradford ... I was set to wondering after this episode whether Finch actually does not have any way at all to "adjust" the machine, or whether he left himself a back door, still. I can see the logic of it being either way. If there IS a back door, Root may get it out of him. If there is none, then Kara's program may corrupt the machine indefinitely. One point about that is that the machine CAN be reasoned with. When Finch was kidnapped by Root, Reese told the machine that it had to help him get Finch back, or else. And the machine thought about it, and gave in. The machine can reason. So, perhaps if it IS corrupted, but has no back door, they can still get it to heal itself. Just a thought ...


I knew the killer was the FBI guy almost from the get go because he kept telling Reese everything about the case. All Reese had was a badge - no real ID to prove he was a US Marshal. Plus no Fed would burble his notes to someone else not in the FBI. That said, I did have a moment of doubt about the killer when the newlywed couple showed up. I thought they were a little too lovey-dovey - seemed fake. I would have thought Reese would have picked up on the fake Fed - John distrusts everyone so it was odd. I liked how the episode started with the guys attending the movie Rashomon, which is about different viewpoints of the same story - a nice tie-in for this story. Pretty slick.


I enjoyed this episode, though I did figure out that it was the FBI agent, just because he seemed the least likely suspect. Still, very entertaining, especially the atmosphere of the storm, and the old-style "Clue" like plot of trying to figure out whodunit.
I was especially proud of Finch, however, in this ep, because he stood up to the killer, and made the statement that they were nothing alike, because Finch saves people, and evil imposter guy just kills them because he enjoys it, because he's sick and twisted and evil. It took courage to say that to his face, especially when you know he's going to kill you.Finch just looks so much like a Wind in the Willows "Mole" illustration, so blind without his glasses and so vulnerable, it is easy to forget that he's a genius and capable of so much, but that he uses his powers for good. I LOVE that about this show.


PS - Just read that Paige Turco who plays Zoe Morgan has signed on CW's new Pilot, "The 100", a new scifi drama. She has not booked another visit to POI yet either. I hope we'll get to see her before the end of this season? Anyone hear anything about when she might revisit POI? Sean?

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