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After series creator Jonathan Nolan tried something vastly different - yet still important - to the overall larger story in "Relevance," this week's Person of Interest was back to more or less a case of the week in "Proteus."

With most of the focus centered on Reese and Finch finding an elusive serial killer who changed his identity, all while trapped on an island bombarded by storm of the century type waves, the title of the episode, a reference to the Greek sea-god of the same name who would often transform his shape, was a pretty spot on description.

Riding Out the Storm

Surprisingly, the mystery involved was compelling enough and not overly obvious when it came to the actual culprit. Mind blowing, no, but it was well done in keeping all of the characters involved potential suspects.

Initially, the only other new guest-cast member I recognized was The Wonder Years' Dan Lauria. More often than not, an actor with a pretty hefty resume filling out a smaller role on a procedural type show ends up being the surprise twist bad guy.

Yet, the variety of other suspects had enough potential to be the killer themselves that I couldn't nail my finger on who it might be. Each time I wanted to guess someone, my mind immediately thought someone else. Even that guy who mentioned being a dentist made me think of the teeth Finch found that hadn't burned.

So, the reveal of the "FBI agent" as the chameleon of the group was a good one at the same time, even if I wanted to claim I knew it all along.

The moment when Finch discovered who the killer was wonderfully shot with the lighting flashes showing him standing in the dark. It was creepy and fitting for the moody tone that had been established.

Now, the so-called identity thief turned into a bit of an over-actor when confronting Finch which seemed a bit silly, but it did work in his favor for scary when he began imitating him.

Although the classic I'm-dead-but-I'm-not-dead move for him made me laugh, at least when Reese essentially did it to take out the fisherman, it looked cool.

And are those glasses Finch wears actually fake? There really is a lot we still don't know about our hero of the show.

We do know that Carter is definitely still on Finch and Reese's side (where was Fusco?), but she was still questioning Cal Beecher's background. He saved them sure, but is he really a good guy that's misunderstood? Remember, Beecher is related to the head of HR.

I'm still not sure if he can be trusted.

Of course, in classic Person of Interest fashion, despite being a pretty basic number of the week, the larger story was still hinted at in regards to the Machine having something of a glitch.

Yes, while it did come up with the six numbers to sort of help out in finding the killer, Finch noted that it had been quiet for three whole days. What does that mean? Was it because Kara inserted that program before Reese could stop her?

I'm definitely intrigued at how the show is delving deeper into what makes the machine tick.

Whatever the silence meant, it's clearly not good. Like Finch mentioned, the real storm is just getting ready to happen.


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@Mrs. O'Loughlin - If Caviezel gets any hotter, there'll be scorch marks around our TV screens...


Proteus is awesome! A fake US Marshal working with a fake FBI agent; a fisherman that's a drug smuggler; a Marine deserter as a laborer; a good cop marked by FBI as bad.....throw in our own Kaiser Soze(Finch) with "hurricane"Carter drifting in and out...good show! The actors Chapman and Henson have said interviews that they're held to the script because there's a deeper meaning to the screen play. Bear as a seeing-eye dog lol. Another commenter misses Carter/Reese but what about Carter/Finch they keep amazing one another and their bonding to each other this season. Finch will work with her directly, bypassing Reese. Indentity Thief review is adeptly named.

Sarah silva

For the first time I knew who the killer was right away.
I really liked this episode, I think it would have been better the week of Halloween as it had a scary movie feel but it was still enjoyable. This show has a knack for keeping things fresh and I think it always does a great job! Jim Caviezel seems to be getting hotter and hotter!


Really enjoyed this episode. It kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I too guessed it was the FBI agent but they left just enough hints that it could be someone else. Loved how the killer started limping like Finch and mocking him when they were in the garage. I am guessing they gave Kevin Chapman a week off. He deserves it. Finch getting mad at the killer at the end brought back shades of Ben Linus. "You'll never get off this island" nice line by the writers.


I thought the attempt of changing every episode about Reese and Finch with Carter and Fusco as icing being changed into making every episode about the four of them only, will keep it FRESH. I'm certain future episodes will go back to the main four [along with Zoe and Root] and change the normal group from time to time so it stays FRESH. So I had no problem with all the characters added for one show. Think it's the reason they did it so when it's just our usual group, it will just keep making us wanting more and more.
Which it always does.


The Fake FBI agent as killer was obvious to me from the conversation with Carter before the first commercial break. The only mystery was why Finch and Reese didn't figure it out earlier. I loved the cinematography and the atmospherics were outstanding. But the strained and prolonged separation between Reese and Carter is annoying and unexplained. Why have they not had a scene together since Dead Reckoning? That is four episodes without this major component of the show. The forced intervention of Beecher in Carter's life is neither convincing nor entertaining. The show needs to get back on track with the Fab Four. Speaking of which, Fusco's absence was noted and not in a good way. The downgrading of Carter and Fusco is a major minus for this episode.


so Carter had NOT killed him afterall. Just then the killer jumped up and just as he was about to shoot them all, Cal appeared behind him and shot him in the head, killing him, finally. Great episode POI writers and special effects guys! I needed oxygen by the end.
(And give Bear a cookie. He earned it).


I watched but did not like this confused episode. I don't like that the Reese character is now secondary to Finch and is too often rescued by Carter and/or her partner. The introduction of a lover for Carter is boring and I guess they just needed to give another actor a job. Too many actors/characters adds to the confusion and works against the plot. I thought the show would get back to its original exciting story lines but I was wrong. Jim Caviezel and Henson are really wonderful actors and have great chemistry. Emerson is good but his character is too eccentric to play the lead and there are too many secondary characters. I am back to ion re-runs


The writers did a superb job with this episode by using the dark, wet, stormy weather to set a scary tone from start to finish. Loved the way the minute Finch found out the FBI guy was the killer, Finch was sitting in the dark and there was a sudden flash of lightning and there was the killer standing right behind Finch. Yikes! Lots of Hitchcock going on in this one. Even Bear got drenched (and helped solve part of the crime by sniffing out the human remains in a furnace and alerting Finch). Although I thought the FBI guy was the killer early on, I could not be sure as the writers had surrounded him with plausible other killers - the dental hygenists, the fisherman, the rich real estate developer, even the local woman cop. Great twists and turns - especially when Carter appeared out of no where to shoot the FBI guy just as he was about the shoot Finch - and then when Reese joined them, he was reminded that the killer, lying on the floor now, wore body armor (so Carter had NOT killed him). Just then, the killer jumped up and was about to shoot them all when Cal appeared behind him and shot him in the head, killing him, finally. By then I needed oxygen! Great job yet again POI writers - and special effects guys!!!
(And give Bear a cookie. He earned it).


Well, I was with our reviewer--I am not enough of a procedural aficionado, I guess, to have it all figured out, so I loved the episode and the twists. And I never watched brothers and sisters, so I hadn't a clue who the "FBI" agent REALLY was. I was going down the rabbit trail and thinking more that Root may be to blame for the machine problems, and wondering about Cal and still not feeling like we can trust him to figure the agent part out till Carter tried to call them after seeing the guy in the trunk. Finch is pretty wily, and his skills other than computers never cease to amaze me. I noticed his sudden squint too, so I was tracking more with the reviewer's thinking. I sure do enjoy this show! It has more twists and turns than Lombard Street!

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