Revenge Review: Hell Hath No Fury

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R.I.P. FauxManda. Watch out Conrad Grayson. Emily Thorne is back and seeking "Retribution" on Revenge. 

Tonight Emily's quest to take down those who took her father away was renewed. As she told Aiden after chucking the laptop into the ocean, there can be "no more distractions." The game is on. I'm eager to see Revenge pick up the pace and tonight was a great start.

RIP Amanda

After hearing Amanda's quasi-revelation on the boat that she returned to the Hamptons to avenge her "father" against the Graysons, Jack is left wondering who, exactly, he married. He now believes that everything between them may have been a lie. He also knows now that she and Emily have a shared history that is deeper than he originally thought.

While I know that an hour before her funeral was neither the time nor the place, I've always wanted Emily to tell Jack the truth about her identity and tonight, while he was yelling at her and shoving Amanda's letters in her face, I was practically yelling "tell him the truth!!" at my television. But I know she can't. It's not the right time. 

He deserves to know that while FauxManda may not have been the girl from his childhood, she loved him as deeply as the real Amanda, if not more so. He deserves to know how big her heart was and that she died to save his life because he was the only family she had ever known. 

Did it get dusty in here all of a sudden or is it just me? I'm oddly sad about FauxManda's passing and what it means for Jack and baby Carl. And even Charlotte, who is as meddlesome as the rest of her family with only half the brains. Getting in touch with Amanda's foster family so that a former foster brother shows up in the Hamptons? Charlotte! What have you done?

Emily's eulogy for Amanda was a moving tribute to her fallen sort-of sister and hinted at what's to come for those who took away Amanda, one of the only people Emily has ever loved. 

And what's to come for the Graysons and those who get in Emily's way while taking them down is nothing but destruction of all kinds. I like it!

I'm ready to see Emily scheme and plan and undermine Victoria and Conrad and finally do what she set out to do by ruining all that they were, are, and could ever be. 

If she manages to also take down the Initiative in the process, I'm good with that, though Nolan giving Padma the Carrion program may have just made things more difficult for Emily and Aiden. When Daniel showed up to NolCorp and told Nolan to destroy the program, part of me wanted to pat the kid on the back for having an idea of his own. But then part of me realized that not only would Padma's dad die, the Initiative would probably also come after Nolan. 

Trask is weird and creepy and the weird creepiness overrides any sinister effect the character is supposed to have. I'm tired of watching Victoria and Conrad spin their wheels trying to lie to him and throw him off their trail. The Initiative story needs to be put to bed already. Perhaps Daniel sending the clock-cam out to be serviced is an omen to that end.

Time is up for the Initiative.

What did you think of "Retribution?" Are you ready to see Emily go to work on her revengenda once again? To read Emily's eulogy for Amanda, and more, check out the Revenge quotes page, and look for the Round Table coming soon!


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Good episode. The new Initiative villain is laughable, such a cartoon character. I also think the Initiative is a clunky way to extend the story, too black and white. Certainly not on par with "The Killing" from last year. But I guess if you're making a soap opera that's what sells. The revenge idea is interesting, and there's a core group of very talented actors and actresses, so it's definitely something to stay with.


Love Emily and Aiden together...when he pulls her into his arms to hug her, she resists...she loves him, but she doesn't want to let her walls down--she wants to focus her hurt and anger. Aiden softens her, at times, and she may walk away from him, because of that.


Am I the only one that thinks it was very stupid of Emily to throw that laptop away? WHY would you do that?! Even if she weren't going to use it she could've just saved it, you never know maybe it would've come in handy one day.


Ma and Pa Grayson can't die. They need to be standing in the closing credits, having lost everything. The last ep made it pretty clear Charlotte will die, Emily won't kill her though, now will she? I thought the organic angst created between Jack and Emily over faux amanda's death (involvement with the Grayson's) is a wonderful way to keep the tension high between those two for a long time, I wonder how their chemistry will be? Emily's chemistry with her 3 men is average at best, nothing at all like her old 'Everwood' days, but if armed with the proper lines, she and Jack should be able to generate some real emotion in the upcoming episodes. Once Danny boy gets up to speed on all of this, he and Emily should really have some sort of angsty tension too. Fingers crossed those scenes are well done, as Emily's romantic backdrop gives the show an entertaining B plot to keep up with all the murder and mayhem!


Great episode. I think jack will find out the truth soon especially since he knows part of it now. Emily throwing the laptop in the ocean I think was the right thing to do because it showed how ready she is to go after the graysons and how she doesn't want them to go to jail she wants them dead. I feel like if she kept the laptop it would of cause some problems because everyone wants it. Can't wt till the next episode Emily's foster brother coming should be great and it looks like he realizes the real Amanda is still alive which should make it very I interesting.


Love how Daniel got the camera/clock out of his office...but they will just replace it...
We really don't know what Nolan gave Padma, it could have a trojan horse built in....and of course he hopes she realizes she'll never see her father again even if she gives them the program.


Maybe this foster brother will be an ally for Amanda and kill the Greysons. Jack needs to calm down and let Emily/Aiden take on the Graysons. Charlotte will be the tie to brings this to a head!


So when will the initiative kill Charlotte? Season ender or sooner? And at the very end of the show, season 4 or 5 maybe, how will Vicky lose her baby boy, death too, or will Danny boy and Em's walk into the sunset hand in hand, leaving Vick's devasted?

Spindae 2o

I felt this episode a bit FORCED! Don't know why but that is my overall impression.
Good Things!
Dark Jake... The good days are gone for this character it's all revenge now! It will be good to see how he will get Em in her way of revenge. I bet he will find out who Em really is in the season final! he or Daniel.
Nolan and his GF. Their connection is beautiful. he loves her so much and she him as well. Emotional Nolan is so good like a GodFather over them all.
Char and Declan so young but so strong characters. Char is so lost in this manipulations and she just needs to find herself. bad THINGS:
Aiden. Really a pusher he and Em aren't good. he is such a hard character to swallow. PLEASE LEAVE!
Initiative! So mighty so powerful. But so stupid. Don't know why they brought them IN!.
Amandas MOM!? I hope they bring her in! She had to be here. big slap in the face.
Foster BROTHER! Are U kidding me!? come on! the show really doesn't need an other messed up character.


Daniel growing a conscious - well I hope so! I cant believe how much he changed - i want nice Daniel back. Yeah family comes first, but if your family is like that - no f*** them ... why would you even still talk to them? Jack.. I felt sorry for him, but he wouldnt be able to handle the truth. he would prob. run up to Conrad straight away.. he has no idea how to play them. Its just like: You be the confused boy, let the grown ups do the rest ;) I really hate Conrad and Victoria - there were always those moments where I felt sorry for Victoria but now I just want to see them dead.. I mean they dont have a conscious - especially Conrad - Im a bit over that

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Revenge Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Nolan: As far as me sticking by your side, I think you know by now I'm not going anywhere.
Emily: Then don't ever tell me to let go, or to ease up, or to forgive. Not when I'm standing here covered in the blood of one of the only people that I ever loved.

In its purest form, an act of retribution provides symmetry, the rendering of payment for crimes against the innocent. but the danger of retaliation lies in furthering the cycle of violence. Still, it's a risk that must be met when the greater offense is to allow the guilty to go unpunished.