Revenge Round Table: "Retribution"

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Sunday's episode of Revenge saw the ABC melodrama return in the aftermath of the tragedy on board The Amanda, as Jack learned the (partial) truth, and Emily recaptured her focus.

Below, TVF's Miranda Wicker, Kate Brooks, Steve Marsi, Leigh Raines and Christine Orlando break down the latest installment and look ahead to next week in our Round Table Q&A.

Weigh in with your own responses to these Revenge topics below!


1. What was your favorite quote or scene from "Retribution"?

Miranda: Emily breaking down over the loss of Amanda and being comforted by Aiden was great. We so seldom see her display emotion that when she does it's a good reminder that she's really human after all.

Christine: I agree with Miranda but for a different reason. I liked Emily's meltdown as she tried to scrub the blood off her hands but mostly because of Nolan's reaction. He's always there for her. He's the voice of reason and she shouldn't be so quick to push him away. Good and loyal friends are hard to find.

Kate: I agree with both Miranda and Christine because there's something about seeing Emily break down that gets me every single time. Maybe it's the fact that Emily VanCamp is a phenomenal actress or that it's so rare to see that in Emily Thorne. Either way, I enjoy the dramatic elements of those scenes.

Leigh: I loved Jack's freakout on Emily. She was so close to telling him. It was the closest she's been to honesty in awhile and I really didn't expect it.

Steve: I like the hints at friendship between Aiden and Nolan. Clearly the latter was/is jealous in his own way, but they both care about Emily and are fun to watch together.

Revenge RT - depreciated -

2. There's a lot going on clearly. What was the most confusing plot point/detail?

Miranda: Conrad paying for Jack's medical care. It seems he would want to distance himself from the accident and connections to the Ryan brothers so going to the hospital was kind of stupid.

Christine: As usual, the Initiative plot waffled between confusing and boring. It's gotten to the point where I kind of tune out when they start talking about it.

Kate: I agree with Christine, the Initiative plot is just dragging on at this point.

Leigh: Per usual I was confused with The Initiative. If a random writer has read that most people hate this storyline, havent the bigwigs over at Revenge? OVER IT.

Steve: How Daniel figured out that he's a pawn (and more importantly figured out how to fight back effectively), and who knew what and when regarding the Graysons' frame job.

3. Bigger surprise: Daniel actually plotting successfully on his own, Jack confronting Emily, or Nolan giving Padma the program?

Miranda: I'll go with Daniel plotting. But one question: did he know the clock was how the Initiative was spying on him? Because I don't think he did. Which makes his plotting less plot-y and more happenstance.

Christine: Jack confronting Emily. I have to admit, this was probably the first time in the entire series that I actually liked Jack.

Kate: I don't know if it was so much of a surprise being that it was sort of leading to all of this. Daniel is probably the most "random" of it all. But I really enjoy seeing Jack question it all.

Leigh: As I said before, Jack confronting Emily was whoa. Jack is normally such a laid back dude.

Steve: All were pretty surprising, but Jack finding out about Emily and Amanda's past - albeit with the identities flip-flopped - was the one I didn't see coming at all. She certainly didn't either.

4. More useless: Dec or Charlotte?

Miranda: This time? Dec. But it's really a close call for both of them.

Christine: Definitely Declan. At least Charlotte can be used as a pawn between Victoria and Emily. What's Declan's purpose? Babysitter for Carl?

Kate: Since Revenge Season 1, I have thought they were both so pointless. But Charlotte's role is more significant than Dec's. So, let's go with Declan.

Leigh: Well Charlotte had to id the body so I guess Dec was of less use this week.

Steve: Tie. They're almost a great couple for that reason. When's the wedding?

5. How will Ems' foster brother complicate her plans?

Miranda: Ugh. Another side story to distract her. I have no idea how he'll complicate her plans because I'm too annoyed that he's here at all.

Christine: Anyone who knows the truth about who she is is a complication. The bigger question is how permanently Emily chooses to get rid of that complication.

Kate: Greatly. But she will have her guard up again - so the quicker he gets out of there, the better.

Leigh: He's going to recognize her and maybe he'll use that knowledge against her. It could throw her off, but it could also make her remember her awful foster days more and help ignite her Revengda.

Steve: I don't know, but from the looks of next week's Revenge promo, he's asking for it. Calling Emily out on her real identity so soon could result in her striking quickly. How, I have no idea, but that's Revenge for you - even if you know Ems' takedowns are coming, the details are fun to watch unfold.

6. Are you completely over The Initiative storyline?

Miranda: Yes. YES. So over it. Trask is so strange and feels like someone out of Star Trek instead of an evil company henchman. And I feel like the Initiative is just a way to try and garner sympathy for the Graysons. Like they only did what they did to protect themselves from the Initiative. I hate it.

Christine: I think I was over it before it had even begun. I'll be thrilled when we stop hearing about them.

Kate: Y.E.S.!!!!!

Leigh: Duh.

Steve: How can you not be, at least a little. Hopefully the writers are, too, and the images of Emily tossing the laptop into the ocean and Daniel sending the clock to be serviced were symbolic.

7. When/how should Emily tell Jack the truth?

Miranda: I don't know when, but it needs to come out in a moment of tension like their confrontation in "Retribution." She'll blurt it out and he'll be reeling from trying to understand it and just turn and walk away leaving her standing there.

Christine: What purpose will it serve to tell him? I can't imagine he'd ever trust her after all of this and it will further tarnish his memory of Amanda. I say let it go and move on... but you know he'll find out eventually. What fun would it be if he didn't?

Kate: For some reason, I want him to find out in a life/death situation. But at the same time it will taint his relationship with Fauxmanda. I know that I don't want her to sit him and down and be like, "Hey Jack, it's me the real Amanda Clarke." I'd rather her blurt it out and then they eventually, after he's gotten over it, ride off into the un-revengey sunset.

Leigh: Emily is going to come close but something will pull her back to the present and she'll realize she cant tell Jack if she truly wants to protect him.

Steve: As Kate says, you can't just drop a bomb on the guy (and the whole series) like that. If the secret comes out at all, it's got to happen at a moment where she has no other options.

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And Bictoria didn't know about the hidden camera either until Helen Crowley showed her the proof when she went to confront Victoria (and then met her deserved demise).


....during her explanation on why she killed Helen Crowley.


To Miranda on the round table: Daniel didn't know the initiative was spying on him via the clock until Victoria mentioned it during her explan


7. When/how should Emily tell Jack everything? I honestly don't know... I'm just excited to see it happen! I always knew Jack was an interesting and important character, so I'm glad all the "haters" will finally see it too. I agree with others that Emily most likely won't just sit him down one day and reveal everything. It'll happen in a majorly dramatic way and probably not how she'd like it to go down. I just pray he won't be mad at her forever... that he'll understand she HAD to protect her real identity.


6. Are you over the initiative plot: Yes, yes, and YES! They're both confusing and boring. The good news is, I heard that plot will be wrapped up in the next few episodes. It'll be interesting to see how they wrap everything up in a nice little bow, since they affect so many characters. But mainly I'm just excited to see them disappear!


5. How will Eli complicate Emily's plans: greatly! It's now common knowledge (via a sneak peek vid) that Eli will recognize Emily and even call her "Amanda" at the Stowaway. Whether he gives away her real identity (which would ruin EVERYTHING) or blackmails her for his silence, that remains to be seen. But either way, it'll keep me on the edge of my seat.


4. More useless: Declan, with Ashley a close second. I don't consider Charlotte to be useless because, although she has been on the back burner thus far in season 2, she IS Emily's sister--and Victorias daughter. So Charlotte has great potential to be useful. Although Declan doesn't have much noticeable use, he's the only family Jack has left. If the writers kill off Declan, Jack will probably go really dark (which is something I don't think I want to see). Jack deserves to have at least one family member left! PS: Mike Kelly once hinted that somebody will give Jack a new dog... I hope it's Emily that does this. Jack could use a "mans best friend" right about now....


3. Biggest surprise: Jack confronting Emily--and Emily almost telling him everything. First of all,you rarely see Jack lash out at anybody, let alone his friends. Emily is in just as much as Jack is, so for him to act that way (albeit deservedly), it was heart wrenching. But as Nolan said, this is not the right time for Emily to unveil all her secrets. Jack needs time to properly mourn his wife first.


2. Most confusing plot: the Americon Initiative. Although the writers have given us some clarity, I'm still confused by them. I want all my questions answered--and their plot wrapped up quickly.


1A: Favorite quote: "Control, alt, delete. Got it."
1B: Favorite scene(s): Both Nolan and Aiden attempting to comfort her. (Nolan promising never to go anywhere, and Aiden giving her that hug. Plus they both do basically anything she asks. They have her back, even when her walls are up and emotionally pushes them away.

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