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Emily Thorne just can't seem to catch a break in her plan to take down the Graysons. It seems that something, or someone, is always cropping up to thwart her Revengenda.

First, there was trying to lure Daniel back into her arms while still maintaining a covert relationship with Aiden. Then everything got bogged down in the Initiative-driven plot that put the focus of Revenge elsewhere for a while.

Now, Emily's foster brother has shown up with plans to stick around all because her half-sister has a heart, if not a brain. And? There's a new hacker in town - The Falcon - and he has Nolan stymied.

Emily Thorne and Nolan Ross

"Illumination" shed a great deal of light on many aspects of Revenge Season 2. Revelations were made regarding the true intentions of many of our major players and several characters made shocking discoveries.

For starters, Emily's identity isn't safe. As much as she's tried to isolate her past from her present, there will always be those who know and recognize her as the real Amanda Clarke. The moment her double infinity tattoo flashed in Grayson manor it was clear that Eli would put everything together. The question was only how quickly. As it turns out, very. One conversation with Jack was all it took for Eli to call Emily on her true identity.

Eli: Guy's got the weight of the world on his shoulders. Not at all the, uh, footloose dock boy you told me about, is he Amanda? | permalink

While it would have been out of character, a question I wrote in my episode notes was whether or not Emily would make Eli an ally. He's a con artist, so lying and deception is his game. While he's definitely out for money, he's out for the chase more, so paying him off like Emily and Nolan tried to do would have been too easy. Trying to sully his name with the Graysons only served to endear him to Victoria, much to Emily's chagrin.

Quite frankly, Emily should've seen that coming and used his presence to her advantage. I still think it's a possibility now that he's planning to stick around indefinitely in the Hamptons, what with being co-chair the Grayson's Amanda Clarke Foundation.

This foundation the Graysons have set up to honor Amanda Clarke's memory is a way for them to protect their assets in the event that they are linked to whatever disaster the Initiative is planning to...initiate. When whatever it is the Initiative is planning happens, the Graysons expect to be investigated and plan to use the foundation to hide their money so they won't be ruined.

Daniel, however, the Grayson with half a soul which he keeps trying to drown in the bottom of a bottle of scotch, spilled this secret, and many others, to Emily, providing Emily and Nolan the opportunity to ruin the Graysons anyway. Except Carrion didn't work.

The Falcon, a mysterious super-hacker, has protected the Swiss bank accounts hiding Victoria and Conrad's money. This same hacker was responsible for altering the documents necessary to make it look like David Clarke downed Flight 197 himself.

But he has an Achilles' heel - his ego. He signs his name into every program he writes, claiming credit for his work because he knows there is no one better than him.

At first I thought that Padma had broken Carrion somehow, or altered it. The possibility that she's playing Nolan is still a very viable one. When the program stopped running, I immediately feared for Nolan and Emily and was partly relieved when Nolan recognized the symbol appearing on the computer screen. 

What if Padma's father is the Falcon?

No matter what, my money's on Nolan in this battle. He only thought Carrion was his life's best, and worst, work. Because of the promises he made to David Clarke, he'll find the Falcon and then our merry band of revengers will take him, or her, or them, down. 

And after they take down the Falcon, Nolan and Emily will have Jack to deal with. 

Jack knows that Nolan was the one to save his life the night Amanda died. There's no part of Jack who believes that it was actually Kenny Ryan and a stroke of conscience. And Jack is going to prove to be a loose cannon now that he's also playing the revenge game with the Graysons. 

At some point, he has to be given a small piece of the truth, even if it's just that Emily is also trying to take down the Graysons because it's a promise she made to Amanda. He doesn't have to know that taking down the Graysons is a promise she made to herself. Knowing that the Graysons are the reason Amanda is dead actually makes that a true statement in more ways than one instead of another lie.

What did you think of "Illumination"? How worried should Emily be about Eli? What are your guesses on the Falcon's identity? Be sure to check out the Revenge quotes for nuggets of Nolan goodness and let's discuss it all in the comments.


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Eu quero ver logo o episode 39, vai demorar para passar aqui no Brasil :(


Eli's gotta go, asap ! What happened to no more distractions ?1 And Jack, I am worried about that one ! Everything's gonna go caput if Emily doesn't give him a bone !
The Graysons, lol, the charity scam, not even surprised !
But that Falcon, I cannot wait to see who it is.
Charlotte/Declan, honestly, I was like WTF ! Last time they were okay and suddenly there's tension ! Outta the blue !


Eli is a problem of the first degree and methinks Emily will focus on this problem until she figures out the BEST possible solution. My, my she's a very busy girl and so is Nolan (really) now that he has a little competition in the ever-changing world of hacking! Jack needs a Xanax, send Daniel off to rehab his personality and somebody puhleeze get the Graysons, or at least get in their way. They have a very special knack for getting out of even the stickiest situations, but like Rome..they're sure to fall-right??


glad to welcome Eli to the cast. the show needed some color and flavor lol. i hope she (emily) wises up and realize that eli is still the protective brother he always has been before his loyalties switch to the graysons. pushing him away is only going to ruin things for her.
it was cute deckland being jealous but oh so unwarranted. i laughed out loud at that scene. charlotte so didnt get it cause eli never crossed her mind in THAT way and the same goes for Eli. oh kids
i've said a long time ago and ill said it again: tell jack the truth even if its a half truth. they are only making him into an enemy by continuously belittling his intelligence with their lies and secrets (really nolan? a ryan brother saved him? really??!) anyways lets see what happens next


Good episode BUT I just sooo hope that Eli and the Falcon are not just another distraction for Emily like the Initiative time waste was. I am also interested in how the men in Emily's lives are changing - Jack is getting darker and finally not completely boring; Daniel is drinking himself feeling more and more disgusted by his family (I think he might die soon); Nolan is getting more interesting too in his own field of work in terms of taking down the Falcon and Aiden...well, just to clarify for those claiming he is not his former self anymore - I read in an article on wetapint that eveything with regards to Aiden is being put sort of on the backburner now - his own revenge mission is done so he is now fully committed to Emily's mission. But at the same time don't forget what the Graysons are planning for him - so I think Revenge is just getting better!


Gosh, can Emily just get back to getting revenge on at least one person at some point?! Soon! I'm so tired of these people and plots that keep popping up, getting in her way. And Jack Porter -ugh, just kill him off already.


Barry Sloane is a terrific actor, but they have side-lined him and made Aiden calm and boring like all the other male characters. Aiden used to be the only guy on the show that made his own decisions and didn't obey what a woman tells him. Look at all the male characters...every single one is manipulated by a female. Please give Aiden back his nuts and let him kill some more people! I love his new house, but Aiden would not live like a Hamptonite unless it's for show (it doesn't fit him), he doesn't stop bar fights he starts them! Writers please bring back the Aiden Mathis I grew to love this season...the crazy ninja with the fake russian accent!


its at a likely renewal


I think the Falcon is Takeda. From a timeline standpoint, doesn't the person have to be around David Clarke's age? Or another theory -- a double agent in the Initiative? Someone we haven't met yet. Has anyone heard if Revenge will be renewed for next season? I've heard they're on the bubble for cancellation. Hope they'll be back.


Fascinating episode, but I was most surprised that there is someone who is a better computer hacker than my beloved Nolan! I mean, seriously? The man is a computer genius, and suddenly we learn that there is some egotistical jerk called the Falcon who just happens to be better? WTF?! I don't think Padma is smart enough to be the Falcon, but it could be her father or maybe it is Amanda's mother, who knows? I just hope that Emily manages to get rid of her skeevy foster brother Eli ASAP! He needs to get gone like tomorrow. And Daniel is such a whiny little pretender, I hope that something horrible happens to him. Aiden is still hotter than any other man on the show (besides Nolan) and I LOVE that he and Emily are still together. Jack, on the other hand, is going to get himself killed, just like Charlotte, if they don't butt out!

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