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Behold! The history of the red sharpie! When she wasn't playing with fire, Little Orphan Amanda was hiding under the covers using a red marker to cross out pictures of her father's face. Just one of the many life skills she picked up in Ms. Hayward's house, right?

Revenge Season 2 has been all over the place in terms of storytelling and pace, but "Victory" channeled the feeling of Revenge Season 1 as Emily teamed up with Eli to come up with and carry out a plan to take down their former foster mother.  

For Emily, victory was most definitely sweet.

Aiden and Nolan Scene

I try not to think too much about the timeline of Emily's life when episodes flash back to her childhood or adolescence because things tend to get a little weird. However, part of me has appreciated these episodes with Eli and the flashbacks to her time at Ms. Hayward's house because they've forced Emily to confront both her past and her present. Who would she be if certain events had never taken place?

Would she be a different person if she had been adopted? Would she still be on this vendetta against the Graysons if her foster home hadn't burned to the ground? Would her father's letters have changed her opinion of him before it was too late?

While I like Emily resolute and prepared to take action, questions like these are bits and pieces of emotional evidence to prove that she's human like the rest of us. She wishes her life had turned out differently and voiced that tonight, which was a nice moment for her.

However, even though she wishes her life were different, she's still tied to the life she did live and can't hurt Eli. He was a constant in her life until the point at which she was sent to juvie for burning down their house with a fire that, as it turns out, he started.

Watching Emily and Eli set up and then take down Ms. Hayward was pretty great, particularly because the woman was so vile and disgusting. When I thought that Eli was actually double-crossing Emily and working with Ms. Hayward, I was momentarily stunned that he could choose the side of the woman who was so brutal and cruel to him and his foster siblings. Thankfully, that was a ruse and he was Team Emily the whole time.

Despite learning that she went to juvie because of Eli, Emily walked away from this red sharpie attack with the knowledge that she can trust him. He's a friend. 

Finally, another person who knows her true identity! Which brings us to Mason Treadwell. 

Emily's foster mother sold the letters her father had written to her to Mason Treadwell. However, they were reduced to ashes when Emily burned Mason's house down.

Irony, party of one.

Thankfully, Mason kept a back-up of the letters details in his brain and spilled the secret that Ms. Hayward wasn't the only mother deserving of Emily's attention. Once upon a time, there was a teen mother who had a son and put him in a place much like the home in which Emily spent her adolescence.

Victoria Grayson has another son.

I suppose Victoria had this skeleton hanging in her closet right next to last season's Versace. Hopefully she had it dry cleaned first?

And speaking of our own Mommy Dearest, Victoria set Daniel up by sending a photograph of his lunch with Emily and two bullets to the office in order to play on his alcohol-fueled and paranoid sensibilities. He thinks it's the Initiative tracking his every move and wonders whom he can trust, if anyone. It was kind of evil and just so perfectly Victoria.

Finally, the Initiative.

Ugh. Padma and Nolan broke my heart. And I'm still not sure I want to trust her even though she seems to have been legitimately taken hostage by Trask and his men in black.

Is The Falcon really that good that he knew that Nolan and Aiden were there and had a tracking device planted on Padma? Who is this person?

This mystery person who continues to stump Nolan and helped to steal away his lady love had better watch out. Nolan will find The Falcon's trail and then he and Emily will be on that trail like Jack is on Conrad's trail of veiled instructions to assassinate threats to his campaign.

Finally, Declan did something useful! Three cheers for Declan!

What did you think of "Victory"? Who wins for mother of the year: Ms. Hayward or Victoria Grayson? Is Padma still alive? Be sure to check out the Revenge quotes page and watch for the Round Table, coming soon. Until then, let's chat in the comments!


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i'm guessing padma's father is the falcon. he used to work for the graysons which might be part of why the initiative isnterested in him. they're forcing him to secure their firewalls and get into nolan's way. by the way he keeps putting his name into all these codes and equations i think it is only a matter of time before he sends nolan a message via the same way. he'll tell them where they are and nolan comes to the rescue and he and padma live happily ever after (unless padma's on their side and is playing nolan, which is still very plausible) i'm honestly surprised the initiative hasn't claimed nolan yet. they're obviously aware of him. i assume they're going to use padma to make him do stuff.


Mmmmm, I don't think he's the Falcon, a bit young.
Anyways, I loved the episode ! Eli... I don't know what to think... If he's an ally good. But damn when the guy wants revenge, he doesn't joke ! Lol. That woman had it coming anyway ! Was shocked to learn he caused the fire though...
Victoria, you're hiding things again, another son huh ? Damn, Emily is gonna use this proper ! It ain't gon be pretty ! I wonder who he is...would be sooooo good if he were Jack Porter lol, I'm sorry but it would be BRILLIANT !
Poor Padma...but most importantly poor Nolan ! He shoulda let Aiden take that shot ! But I get it, they wouldn't have known that dad's location... After he promised she'd be okay...
Daniel, still boring, he's mama is trying to scare him, might actually work.
Jack...let it go man, I swear, Ems NEEDS to give the guy a bone coz he might screw everything up !


I think that guy Nolan use to date is the Falcon. Think about it with Padma out of the way he can worm his way back into Nolan’s heart and the Grayson Globe. I feel that Eli was on team Em and he had redeem himself and pay her back for starting the fire that she took the blame for. The only good thing of going to jail and not getting adopted was that she got to meet Amanda who was a big part of her Revenge plot on the Grayson. I do feel that there are way too many stories going on here and they all need to come together soon. Please don’t roll over too many story lines the next season with too many holes. Who is the Falcon and who is Vitoria’s son should be the only and main hole at the end of this season….just sayin.


I like the new badass Jack! I can't believe someone as proffessional as Aiden stuffed up that ransom exchange so badly.... lame! Do you think the actor who plays Declan gets tired of playing someone who goes to High School... I mean between Gossip Girl and Revenge we must be hitting on 7 or 8 years by now??? Is Charlotte's acting getting continually worse - She looked tranquilised in every scene for the past two episodes.
I love Nolan but missing his razor sharp humor, which has been replaced by depressed Nolan!

Beverly brooks

Can hardly wait to found exactly falcon is...hopefully not Padma.


I'm kinda thinking that maybe Victoria's other son is the Falcon for two main reasons, first because once David knew that Nolan was after Falcon, he told him to focus on Emily and forget about it (we all know how much he loved Victoria, and that he knew she had a son), and second because Falcon works for the Graysons, therefore, I believe it to be a good theory (would it be to crazy for Aiden to be Victoria's son and Falcon, lol who knows). On the other hand, I wouldn't like for Emily to tell Jack the truth, I would like him to figure it out by himself, it'll be nice to see him once he already knows, and also to see his reaction towards Emily... All this discovered on the season finale of course...


You must not have watched the same show I did. Eli isn't on "team Emily" or he wouldn't have blindsided her as he did. .. .the only thing he accomplished was to put a target on himself for the Grayson/s. . . . Eli will out her the first chance he gets. . he is jealous and too emotional. The entire story has devolved into unwatchable drivel . .. a great first season has been overtaken by a bunch of hollywood hacks who have destroyed this show. . .at this rate, season 3 will be the final year. . . it's really sad


This was a gripping episode. I love it and I hate that the season finale is coming up. This is the main program I look forward to each week. I love Emily. Nolan's line to Aiden about finding another line of work was great. Really, how could a trained professional like Aiden screw that situation up so badly? Did he really think the Initiative was going to show up with Padma's father? That was a bit naive on his part. Victoria has another son... wow! Do we know anything about Nolan's family? Could it be possible that he is Victoria's other son? Eli... I'm not sure about him even though he seems to be loyal to Emily. He showed up in the Hamptons for Amanda's funeral and then decided to use the opportunity to take revenge against his foster mother?


I think Padma is Falcon! The episode was great to watch, I missed the revenge like episodes. And way to go on bringing down the foster home! she totally had iut coming Eli is a good partner in crime he would totally go over a cliff for Em's


I got really worried for a minute when eli and the foster mom was on the stairwell. but im really glad emily can trust him after all. wonder who victorias son is but i doubt its nolan.

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