The Mentalist Review: The Alien Lizard Vibe

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That nurse wasn't kidding. Agent Kirkland definitely has an alien lizard vibe to him. It's as if we spent "Behind the Red Curtain" waiting for him to rip off his mask and show what he was hiding underneath. 

Rigsby is Thrilled

Though Jane has obviously had his suspicions of Kirkland, does he now know he's an agent of Red John? And, if so, can he convince Lisbon?

Kirkland injecting the IV almost made me feel sorry for Jason. The poor guy just woke up from a coma to remember being shot by Lorelei and then had his life snuffed out a moment later. He was still so weak and helpless from his injuries there was nothing he could have done to stop it. 

Lisbon was the one who confused me in all of this. She seemed more than happy to hand their one link to Red John over to Kirkland. Was she that worried about her career? Was she actually not suspicious of the creepy federal agent? I was at a loss to the reasoning behind her apparent naivete. 

But the best part of the entire episode was Jane enlisting LaRoche to help uncover the scheme of the nonexistent investor. It was awesome watching these two complex, quirky characters work together as Jane cajoled him in this The Mentalist quote

Jane: You spend your days chasing paperclip thieves. When do you ever get the chance to nail a killer? | permalink

If LaRoche isn't Red John (and I hope he's not), I'd love to see him help Patrick take him down and I beg the writers to give us more of these two in the future.

Jane seemed right at home at the theater. I'd guess that actors are a bit similar to carnie folk. They're all putting on some sort of a show. 

Jane sitting in the back of the theater listening to Deandra sing was just so him. Lisbon walked right by him and never saw him there. 

Deandra's story was downright heartbreaking. That her colleagues gossiped about her drinking while she was really suffering with multiple sclerosis was depressing. That she was reunited with her biological daughter only to have her permanently torn away over a silly financial scheme was tragic. 

Lastly, the beautiful Grace Van Pelt was back at the CBI and it's been far too long. Now the question becomes: will Rigsby find the guts to make a play for her?

Were you surprised Kirkland took out Jason? Is Lisbon being naive and do you think Jane now knows that Kirkland works for Red John?


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@huisclothes Rabelais dance! And Kirkland stroking Jane's chest creeped me out big time. Why would anyone do such a thing to another person, except to maybe show extreme disrespect. Slightly homoerotic. In fact, it almost wasn't a stroke, he was almost wiping his fingers on Jane's lapel. Kind of a funny way to plant us a clue about his association with the donut nurse, though. Jane sure has been manhandled by DHS a lot lately. This is my arm, you already have two -- cracks me up! :-D @IdiotsRus Evidently, Kirkland felt it was very important to know whether Lennon could recognize him.


rigsby's role seems increasingly thankless. he's mr. golly-gee-gosh. if this was a movie, we would think they were going to off him at the beginning of act two.


the case was ok. except for "pitcheeee," i didn't cringe. at least they cast a great talent as the leading lady. donna murphy's won a couple of tony's and it shows when the real mahogany appears in that type of role. mentalist usually casts c-market talent when they depict musicians, thespians, fashion designers. her version of every time we say goodbye was great.
great to see laroche again. two things. when laroche told lisbon he was returning to internal affairs, i didn't think he was in the building all this time. if so, why was he conducting the rigsby interrogation in an office on the team's floor?
also, patrick called him j.j. always interesting when patrick crosses that line with people. minelli was virgil. hightower was madeline.


Why would Kirkland wait for Lennon to come out of coma before killing him? It doesn't make any sense. There is always a possibility that the former wouldn't be able to make it there in time, thus giving Jane an avenue to question the latter.


If we never find out who RJ is, I will never watch a Heller show again...nor TM. That would be the biggest flip off ever. I would rather see a "stupid" reveal to who RJ is then to have no reveal at all.


It was implied that Kirkland is Red John or one of his close associates. There are a lot of unexplained scenes in this season. I think Bruno and the writers know there is no way to wrap up the story this season. So probably Red John will never be revealed! It's possible they were assured of a 6th season and they will manage to find a way to reveal RJ. But I heard Bruno Heller once mentioned that RJ might not be caught at all!


@entwife the idea that red john had plastic surgery and was checking that even a minion wouldn't recognize him was exactly what i was thinking. -%- :D guess it could also be kirkland checking to see if any if other minions recognized him as a minion. corrigan definitely has a voldemort type face. perhaps he feels he's been compromised with homeland and the cbi in some way. but it makes my brain hurt.
glad we got a decent helping of the rj thread this week. one of my favorite scenes was jane with the nurse who was just happy to spend time with such a charming and handsome man. love how they visually paid off how jane got into the hospital wing. also note how kirkland stroked jane's chest with the powdered sugar on it. shades of rj in red sky at morning. what man would do that to another man? glad they didn't kill the nurse at the end. was worried.


The return of Rigsby moping over Grace seems to be a backward step. I'm just waiting for Grace to have met a new man whist she was on the computer training course, and we'll meet him very soon.


I am almost sure Kirkland isn't Red john but just a minion, definitely a close minion. When Jane and him shook hands, it was already when Lorelei was caught in the federal prison as far as I remember and seperated fully from Red John, I kinda doubt to be honest that the writers would make it so Lorelei knew about the handshake that happened while she was already in the prison, I am quite sure she didn't know about the handshake between Kirkland and Jane, probably referring to previous handshakes before she was caught up and had an access to information and not just saying constantly that Red John will save her, which shows even more that she isn't in contact with him while she is in prison but rather afterwards, when Jane lets her go.


Wow, that was an interesting episode. Apparently, LaRoche will make one more appearance this season since we are supposed to find out his tupperware secret. I can't possibly understand what they're going for with Kirkland(and Homeland Security) being on RJ's side too, you'd think he already has enough connections. I guess this is a little more like season 3, except we know who the accomplice is, and a little less like season 4 where we can only guess who it might be? I wouldn't be disappointed with Kirkland being Red John. I think the way they introduced Kirkland was great and quite stunning in Red Dawn. It's all very confusing and complex now, though...

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The Mentalist Season 5 Episode 18 Quotes

Lisbon: If you must break the rules, break them on your own time.
Jane: When am I not on my own time?

Lisbon: You're playing with fire.
Jane: There are worse things to play with.