The Mentalist Review: The Alien Lizard Vibe

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That nurse wasn't kidding. Agent Kirkland definitely has an alien lizard vibe to him. It's as if we spent "Behind the Red Curtain" waiting for him to rip off his mask and show what he was hiding underneath. 

Rigsby is Thrilled

Though Jane has obviously had his suspicions of Kirkland, does he now know he's an agent of Red John? And, if so, can he convince Lisbon?

Kirkland injecting the IV almost made me feel sorry for Jason. The poor guy just woke up from a coma to remember being shot by Lorelei and then had his life snuffed out a moment later. He was still so weak and helpless from his injuries there was nothing he could have done to stop it. 

Lisbon was the one who confused me in all of this. She seemed more than happy to hand their one link to Red John over to Kirkland. Was she that worried about her career? Was she actually not suspicious of the creepy federal agent? I was at a loss to the reasoning behind her apparent naivete. 

But the best part of the entire episode was Jane enlisting LaRoche to help uncover the scheme of the nonexistent investor. It was awesome watching these two complex, quirky characters work together as Jane cajoled him in this The Mentalist quote

Jane: You spend your days chasing paperclip thieves. When do you ever get the chance to nail a killer? | permalink

If LaRoche isn't Red John (and I hope he's not), I'd love to see him help Patrick take him down and I beg the writers to give us more of these two in the future.

Jane seemed right at home at the theater. I'd guess that actors are a bit similar to carnie folk. They're all putting on some sort of a show. 

Jane sitting in the back of the theater listening to Deandra sing was just so him. Lisbon walked right by him and never saw him there. 

Deandra's story was downright heartbreaking. That her colleagues gossiped about her drinking while she was really suffering with multiple sclerosis was depressing. That she was reunited with her biological daughter only to have her permanently torn away over a silly financial scheme was tragic. 

Lastly, the beautiful Grace Van Pelt was back at the CBI and it's been far too long. Now the question becomes: will Rigsby find the guts to make a play for her?

Were you surprised Kirkland took out Jason? Is Lisbon being naive and do you think Jane now knows that Kirkland works for Red John?


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Orville Tanner was so long ago. Would most viewers even remember who he is? They'd have to bring him back in either a major or at least a repetitive way, and then why that old saw of he's not really dead? You could be right @Mr. Mister but I just can't buy it.


great episode, was not so fond of the investigation but couldn't wait for the phone call Jane expected. I knew something like this would happen and it is frustrating that once again, a minion gets killed BUT at least we have learned something from this epi, Kirkland is most probably a minion too and obviously an evil psychopath. From Jane's expression, he knows/feels K killed him. Let's see how this unfolds. I still wondr if we'll get a 6th season and chances are high imho.


Very clever episode. Lennon's inability to identify Kirkland answered forever for me whether K was RJ: No. But minion: Definitely. And a close minion, too. Jane's playful inclusion of Laroche in his con tells me Jane no longer suspects him of RJ connections. He's just a nebbishy guy with a secret tupperware (I thought we were going to learn what's in it?). Maybe. But probably. And CBI Ron, did we see him three different times in the episode? And he called Lisbon, "Boss." Wot wot? He's on Lisbon's team? I must've missed something. And did Jane and Lisbon seemed at odds again? It would be so great to see them operate together to take down RJ. Maybe now that Jane knows about Kirkland, Lisbon will have no choice but to bypass her bosses and add her considerable skills to Jane's.


After all the hype they have had for Kirkland, it would be too obvious to make him Red John. One thought that kept popping into my mind, when he asked Jason "do you recognize me?" was Orville Tanner. That would make sense on many levels. If Orville was not really dead, got some cosmetic work done and was able to infiltrate one of the most powerful government organizations, it would be the best route for Red John to take as he hates getting his hands dirty.


Definitely think Kirkland is a minion, and that puts Bertram's partnership with him under heavier suspicion to me also. It was a very scary vibe with Kirkland and downright creepy when he insisted on knowing whether Lennon recognized him. I think that was because Kirkland wanted to know if there was anyone Lennon might have identified him to that K or RJ was now going to have to kill too. Otherwise I can't think why that would be so important. Maybe others have ideas. Jane definitely knows Kirkland killed Lennon and is connected to Red John. Kirkland does not think Jane is amusing anymore. I think Jane, and Lisbon by association, is in great danger now.


I really start feeling the frustration the last few episodes that Jane has... So close to getting a good clue/info or even a reveal though it won't happen in the middle of the season of course and one time after another, the ways he has to get the info get killed... So close every time and again it slips away... Now to wait 3 weeks for more episodes.


I agree with you anitraward1. Scary vibe is a good way to put it. I can see this going one of two ways. This could drive a wedge between Lisbon and Jane if he tries to convince her that Kirkland is minion, but she doesn't believe it. Or This could bring them closer together because if she does see the truth, she'll be more likely to understand how Janes feels trusting almost no one. She could find herself realizing that she and Jane really can only trust each other. I hope for the latter but fear the former.


Jane knows what Kirkland is and his connection. This episode was good but it had a very scary vibe to it. It felt like someone we care about is about to get it. I will watch it again.


Do you know me? Do you remember my face? No. The only man connected to Red John and Kirkland kills him. He is a big ass minion! So is Bertram, Shultz, Darcy, Brenda and Haffner. They need to keep Lisbon close. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.


I think there is more to the story. I don't think Kirkland is Red John or one of his minions. This seems like a red herring to me. Perhaps Lisbon wasn't worried about Kirkland because Bertram and Kirkland brought her into their confidence and told her what they are planning.

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