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why wont they let Elijah and Katherine be forever happy :(? i loved them


I'm not a hardcore shipper of any of the couples on tvd but isn't it OBVIOUS that the klaroline buildup is going to lead somewhere, i.e. a relationship (maybe not now but somewhere in the distant future)

On another note, I'm so happy to see elijah back!


The stuff with Katherine and Elena was great. I loved how they left they boys in their wake.

Klaroline was boring and contrived as usual. All their scenes put me to sleep. I can't wait until Klaus is gone and I don't have to suffer through him to see Caroline.


this show is soooo much better with only these characters in it!! must be the only episode without any annoying moment popping out from annoying characters..=)


Don't worry @soso14886 - Klaus being half-naked this episode definitely didn't skip my attention. That body... delicious.


I love Klaus and Caroline. That fight...
"Don't turn your back on me"
"I should've turned my back on you AGES AGO!"
it was like they were already dating.

There was honestly something soo... "oh wow" about it.


ok, why make up things like compulsion if you keep changing the rules. (not that changing the rules is new to this show)Katherine compels everyone to just talk to her, but because elena looks like her the same thing goes? They are not the same person, wasn't that what the whole first two seasons where about?
I also agree with Jim, please let something happen between Klaus and Caroline or move on. I mean, we all know that Klaus is leaving.
Loved Elijah though.


I find it sad that nobody's (at least the top comments) mentioned the fact that Klaus was shirtless for the majority of this episode. Was I the only one hyperventilating? ...It seems so.

Though I agree with the reviewer on one thing: give us a payoff from Klaroline or stop with the sexual tension! Then again, what are we to expect from a show that has been teasing Delena since Day 1. We're now in Season 4 and solid Delena is STILL not in sight. The possibility of Klaroline seems highly unlikely.


I agree with the problems.


@rl99 my thoughts exactly! Sire bond sucked, humanity switch stupid, Stelena teasers?!? Really???, and the glaring lack of any effort on Damon's part to continue what was started between them just plain toying with a fan base that is IN THE MAJORITY! We barfed thru multiple Stelena sap soaked seasons and we get half an episode of delena with Caroline whining the whole time in the background. Caroline sabotaged elena, blatantly took Stefan's side over her friend, and generally acted like a b$tch. Delena.....the MAJORITY wants it!

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