The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "American Gothic"

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The Vampire Diaries took a road trip to Pennsylvania on "American Gothic."

But you don't need to leave the comfort of your own home in order to rundown the latest Season 4 installment with our Round Table panelists.

Gather around below as Matt Richenthal, Miranda Wicker, Carissa Pavlica and Leigh Raines discuss the cure, the return of Elijah and a great deal more from the final TVD episode until April 18...


What was your favorite scene or quote from the episode?
Matt: The final one. I was shocked when Elena killed an innocent and genuinely intrigued by how Stefan and Damon will react to her threatened murder spree if they don't chill the eff out.

Miranda: One word: Elijah.

Carissa: Elijah talking to Elena about not being able to give up on Katherine in spite of everything, knowing it would hit home with her as to how both Damon and Stefan felt about her. They will never give up on the Elena they knew and loved. Even as hard as Elena thinks she is right now, it dug in and hit what little soft spot she has left rumbling in there. She doesn't want them giving up on her any more than she'd want to know her doppelganger was left without someone on her side.

Leigh: Is it just me or did Elijah get really good looking during his absence? I enjoyed the bitchfest that was Katherine, Rebekah and Elena at the diner. Elena can hold her own now and it's fun to see Katherine afraid of Rebekah.

Vampire Diaries RT - depreciated -

What will Elijah do with the cure?
Matt: Something dapper, that's for sure! I think Elijah will attempt to destroy the cure - or follow whatever advice Klaus has for the elixir - but something (or someone!) will intervene and his plan will be foiled.

Miranda: Since he's the smarter brother, he'll destroy it. I hope. And in destroying it, he'll also destroy Silas. I'm ready for the cure story line to be done.

Carissa: Hold it until The Originals airs so it makes for a kick ass cross over episode and a reason to get everybody together again. He doesn't want to lose Katherine for eternity. He's seen Renekah lose most of her life to the dirt thanks to Klaus, so he could surprise us all and give it to her. Maybe she'll be the sole human on the new series.

Leigh: I'm sure Elijah has some grand plan. Miranda's right, he's definitely the smarter brother. There's the possibility he wants to shove it down Klaus's throat but I doubt that will happen. Ultimately I think Silas will get destroyed.

Klaroline: An enjoyable evolution or JUST DO IT ALREADY?
Matt: JUST DO IT ALREADY. Not because I think these two belong together (he killed her recent boyfriend's mother and all), but because Nina Dobrev has gotten it on. Claire Holt took a roll in Stefan's hay a few weeks ago. Candice Accola has kept all of her clothes on for far too long.

Miranda: Both. It's been enjoyable to watch them cat-and-mouse, and I've been able to see their possibility, pony pictures or no. They need to just get drunk and do this already. Then they've done it but they can blame it on the alcohol.

Carissa: I wish I didn't love their chemistry, but they have always made me wonder "Tyler who?" Knowing The Originals is inevitable, is it worth a broken heart for Caroline just to make us happy today? Yes, but I'd have so much guilt.

Leigh: At times they've been annoying but I am enjoying them at this point. I think having them evolve over time was necessary because Caroline thinks Klaus is such a monster and he's responsible for Tyler leaving town. We had to see her affection, sympathy, and overall feelings for him grow.

Should Damon and Stefan let Elena be?
Matt: No. Stefan summed it up best prior to Elena snapping that poor waitress' neck. Unfeeling vampire are like little kids, they can't be trusted to make their own decisions. Elena may think she's better off blocking out the pain of Jeremy's death, but the brothers need to keep fighting for whatever humanity remains. It's in there someplace. (NOTE: Sorry, future dead members of wait staffs around the country.)

Miranda: Yes. Waitresses everywhere will thank them.

Carissa: Yes. Vampire Elena could be the best thing to happen EVER. Elena was boring and Katherine just a bit too mean. Elena finding a middle ground would be vamp perfection. I think she can get there given some time. She's a baby vamp. Give her her some damn time for craps sake. Their quest for Salvatore perfection is what ruins everything. They push and pull and she fights. She's not stupid. She'll find her way in her new world.

Leigh: SERIOUSLY. I am so over them trying to save her. She doesn't want to be turned back to human. She could've been a normal vampire but you shut her humanity off. Let the chick live!

Assuming we ever see his real face, who should play Silas?
Matt: Does Matt Davis has a brother?

Miranda: Oooh, James Marsters. He already has experience playing a vampire and a ghost, souled or un-souled. And he can fake a decent accent. Perfect!

Carissa: Someone super hot. A bit older with a Gerard Butler appeal to him. A man's man who can get both sides rumbling but still bring a good deal sarcastic humor to the role. We need some older faces in Mystic falls.

Leigh: I think Silas should be a scary CGI monster looking mess.

The Vampire Diaries Season 4 is now on hiatus until April 18. Make a bold prediction for the final run of episodes.
Matt: Bonnie will smile.

Miranda: Elena will kill a bunch of people, flip her humanity switch, and then downward spiral into being even more self-loathing than she was as a human. In a word, she'll be insufferable. Also, before killing Silas, the gang will figure out a way to bring Jeremy back. Or just his ripped body

Carissa: There's going to be a setup breaking the originals apart from the new kids on the block. Katherine will be at the heart of it, forcing them to leave behind what has been their home for their previous stomping ground of New Orleans. Hayley's parentage will be deeply ingrained with the originals future and we're in for a vamp/werewolf partnership that will be so powerful they'll have to stay out of Mystic Falls or else prove too dangerous to remain. Eh, not too bold, but a suggestion nonetheless.

Leigh: Do I say my secret wish? That this whole Silas thing somehow brings back Jeremy AND Alaric? (I'm sorry but is Cult really doing well???) Elena is going to kill people until Damon and Stefan lay off and come up with a plan involving Bonnie, Caroline, and Elijah to bring Elena's humanity back. The Cure and Silas will be destroyed. We will see an awesome introductory episode in New Orleans for the backdoor pilot of "The Originals."

David and sabrina 2014

There may be many crazy things happening with the originals and the main characters but what would mostly be better is seeing the true Stelena moments long gone from recent seasons. I want it to come back even though there will be scars left behind. ;P =( =|


WOnderful episode :) Best one in forever!


I agree with Leigh on the last question, I wish Jeremy and Alaric could come back and I watched 3 episodes of Cult and I couldn't stand it anymore so I'm not watching it so Matt Davis should come back to the vampire diaries


1. Elijah, Elijah and Elijah. Also, did I mention Elijah?
2. If Elijah wasn't subjected to the TVD writers, he would throw it out the window and run over it.. But probably something that will have to do with the backdoor pilot and other bad plotlines..
3. Please please please just do it already!!! And nto even because i ship them so (which I do) but really because theres only so much you can drag this. Something ha to be done, if they go there - YAY! If not, then just let it go.. It's getting close to the horrid triangle..
4. Actually, yes. Right now she's just acting out, but it's mostly because they're all up in her business. Letting her be would eventually calm her down. Also, it's really hypocritical seeing as they wanted her to stop feeling, and now that she stopped, they flipped.
5. CGI!!!
6. As we saw in the promo - the triangle is back on, so the show will mostly revolve around that. The Stelena Delena battle is back on, so the show is bound to get worse, before an explosive finale. And the backdoor pilot will also probably be really good.. But mostly it will have to do with elena, and how she feels again. Sadly so, through Stefan, thus making his so true revelation and statements from the last episode to leave Elena behind, Pointless.


1. Elena, Rebekah and Katherine just wow! The snarks, the bitchiness!
2. Give it to Rebekah, and she will be a WITCH instead of a plain human in the new series!
3. As Much as I like Klaroline, they're dragging out, we all know how it will end up!
4. YES get a friggin LIFE you two!
5. No idea, but please let him be creepy and menacing and not Klaus-ish
6. We will find out who Katherine's secret helpers were, a bunch of vampires and witches who are starting a revolution against the originals/Klaus, forcing Klaus to leave Mystic Falls. I dont see Silas lasting long! Oh and obviously everybodies world still revolves around Elena, she will probably turn her emotions back on at some point and.. Meh


1. Caroline!Silas
3. Quit going back and forth
4. Yes
5. CGI monster


Hm... Ive come up with theories about Stefan... I think he'll leave once elena gets her humanity back and someone ingests the cure. I think hell go for a while someone out of Mystic Falls. I think he'll possibly( HOPEFULLY) find a new love interest and go off somewhere.. and im praying its Katherine. lol


Elijah has always been hot! His hair looks better now though! I think Elijah should be the one to make Elena turn her humanity back on - they have a deep connection & similarities x


6. I think Damon is going to get the cure, I think someone's going to die, another main character and I think elena will have her humanity back by the end of the season. I think she'll be with Damon. And I think that someone betrays or threatens the originals so they have to flee. I think Something happens with stefan. Not sure what yet, but something will.


1. Katherine and Rebekah's lines. honestly her calling Elena a special snowflake was the best LOL Kat and Rebekah always say what the fans think of elena. Stefan's line about leaving and how theyre in a cycle with the dopplegangsers was great as well.
2. hm.. I think he'll negoitate a deal with Klaus, but then Katherine betrays him so he decides to choose family over her and go to New Orleans.
3. I'm enjoying the Klaus/ Caroline scenes. I think I like them now because I can see what he has to offer her.. I just wish theyd stop being abusive towards each other. Plus, when you have the big bad villian falling for a girl as good and innocent as Caroline you HAVE to take the time doing it. It wouldnt feel right for Caroline to forget about Tyler and sleep with Klaus suddenly. Itd have to be done better than that.
4. Well, I mean this girl wanted her humanity before her emotions were shut off. So yes they should.
5. I like Ian Somerhalder's idea that it should be someone older.
6. I think someone is going to betray the originals so they all flee to New Orleans. I think Elena and Damon will be together once her humanity is turned back on. Andd someone is going to die. OH and I think it's going to be Damon who gets the cure. And we'll see silias by the end of the season, just like we did with klaus and they spend season 5 figuring out ways to kill him.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 18 Quotes

Katherine: It's a beautiful place to die.
Rebekah: You're right. This is a beautiful place to die.

Resist me all you want, Klaus, but until you bring me the cure I will bring you nothing but misery.


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