90210 Review: Fifty Shades of Annie

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We are officially in the homestretch for the final episodes of 90210. In "A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Call Girl," Annie's book is poised to make a huge splash upon its release. 

Who could be hired to throw such a sexy book release party? Naomi of course!

Annie's Secret Comes Out

After Naomi's divorce, she threw herself headfirst into work. Of course, Naomi being Naomi, she linked up with a hot new client and found herself wanting to mix pleasure with business. I give her props for saying that she's a hot mess right now and not ready to jump into something.

However, she didn't need to think of a way to keep Jordan (aka Quentin Fields from One Tree Hill) interested in her post-event.

Naomi has to be more secure in her allure. She's a hot vivacious girl! As for her plan, revealing the identity of an author who doesn't want to be revealed isn't exactly a winning situation. Neither is accusing your client's sister of being a whore. Literally. In the end Annie came clean as the next EL James. I've said it before and I'll said it again: Anabel and Leo were beyond obvious! Annie used way too many real facts in her anonymous book.

Okay so did you actually write a dirty tell all book about being a hooker? I mean congratulations, but seriously? | permalink

Patrick is back now and that is not a good sign. Also, I don't think Liam's reaction wouldn't have been as harsh if he didn't just get screwed over by that gold-digger! By the way, Campbell went to the party to kick Liam's ass? That's actually hilarious. Good one, Campbell, I'd like to see you try. At least the book news hasn't made its way over to Dixon yet...

Then again, Dixon was too busy getting turned down by Silver's surrogate. Michaela is going to be disappointed when she finds out her crush Navid is back with his ex Adrianna. Wow, this show really is one giant orgy isn't it? 

What do you all think about the Adrianna/Mark/Silver love triangle? All the rules of girl code point to Silver being in the wrong. However, neither one of them had ever dated him, thus neither girl had a claim. They did make a pact and Silver violated that pact. I don't think that Adrianna is so upset about not getting Mark so much as she feels betrayed that Silver would choose a dude over her friend. Whose side are you on?

It was good that Navid and Adrianna were able to comfort each other. I wonder if it was purely about licking their wounds or if there might be some unresolved old feelings there. Navid's going to need a good support system considering he is likely to get kicked out of school. Quite the pickle he got into with those Cronis guys!

Only four episodes of 90210 left! What did you think of the latest installment? Hit the comments and don't forget to tell us what you'll miss about the gang from Beverly Hills!


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I'll have to go with Silver. Its not like Ade was dating Mark and I like what Mark did..totally mature and proved his point. If it were Ade, she wouldn't even apologize after she's hooked up with Mark (my opinion). Besides even Ade knew deep down that Mark and Silver had some sort of connection firsthand, pact or no pact. That's enough reason; besides the fact that he is also totally into Silver.
Liam and Annie...Yes but wonder why they had to bring back Patrick. Well we'll see.
Navid and Adrianna are not as interesting anymore. Seems like a long time for some old flame between Navid and Ade to just come up again, just saying. So much for comforting each other.
Totally love Naomi..guess its gonna be her and Jordan. Cool.
I was hoping on Dixon and Ade..liked them together.
Michaela should have ended up with Navid.
Uhh..who else?
Yeah Campbell's step-mom is some gold-digger!!


I really liked that episode it was pretty good, SAD its ENDING :( but its true the show went downhill but oh well…gotta blame it on the producer and the timeslot.. Overall good episode and can't wait for next week and the finale, hope they do a good farewell.
My couples I wish is going to happen : -Navid & Adrianna (Of course the best couple of 9O21O)
-Liam & Annie (Duh)
-Dixon & Silver (I don't know how it's gonna happen but I hope they stay together)
-Naomi & ….. (Alone, she's at her best alone and I found that Max ruined her because she was the best character now she's my least favourite)
-Really hate Mark, I don't like his character and the storyline of the whole half brother was a bit cheesy… Hope there's gonna be like a fastfoward to 2-3 years and see Lannie or Navianna getting married...


Silver is a really bad friend. Not just for the pact. But she often tries to justify for stabbing her friends in the back. If this had been the first time I would have given Silver a chance but this isn't the first time. She slept with Navid justifying the fact that Ade was being a diva. I am not condoning what Ade did but Silver messed up there. And if Ade was such a bad friend why did Silver hang out with Ade like normal and go behind her back and sleep with her boyfriend. She is a lousy friend. She hooked up with Liam. It is a good thing Annie had no feelings for Liam at the time. She is a crappy friend. They called Ade a whore but looked at Silver. She has had sex with all the starring men except Austin and Max. lol.

Sarah silva

I know I will be in the minority but I am on Silver's side. We all know that if Mark had liked Ade more than Silver and hit on her first then you can bet Ade would have done what Silver did and I am sure Silver would have forgiven Ade.
I really hope we get some sort of an ending when the finale comes.
I guess as of now the pairing will be: Ade and Navid, Silver and Mark, Liam and Annie and Naomi and Jordan. I am not sure who Dixon will end up with.
I do not think Navid will be thrown out of school.
I hope Liam kicks Patrick's butt! He better not tell Annie he wants royalties. She never used his name.


and on a completely unrelated note... adrianna and navid wheeeee :)


you need to remember this is the final stretch of 90210 - there's no "are they or aren't they". They're preparing end game here, meaning:
*) Adrianna and Navid (who were intended as end game couple since season 1)
*) Dixon and Michaela (she'll come around since Navid is busy)
*) Annie and Liam (duh!!)
*) Silver and her baby (Not sure about this, she could also end up with Mark but somehow I doubt it. she needs to spend some quality time with her baby first)
*) Naomi single and fabulous and maybe for the first time HAPPY ABOUT IT!! not being an insecure whiny bitch about being alone!! also, i bet they're going to end the show in a flash forward (a la gossip girl) because there's no way they're not going to show Silver's baby. those are my guesses anyway, but i actually want to hear everyne else's theories too!!
speaking of gossip girl, there are way too many parallels now. annie's book about all of her friends, using fake names? puh-lease! that is just SO dan humphrey. and on an unrelated side note... ade and navid wheeeeee :)


...you see every episode of 90210.
Oh, I will miss Naomi's menacing, and of course her outfits.


Okay, so Mark giving advice to Dixon at the beginning was a waste. He literally acted like a high schooler when with Adrianna. Yah, sure, he doesn't play mind games at all! (Sarcasm). Silver + Mark...meh, I don't see it.
I actually liked this episode. Naomi and Ade had the biggest epiphany in this episode. I'm glad Naomi's not jumping Into another relationship. Ade, she was actually mature at the end. I bet the Navianna fans are pleased with that kiss, is that 2 seasons that they've been waiting? Michaela/Navid/Adrianna I'm not sure how I feel about that. Annie and Patrick, whoa, I can't wait to see where that goes, it can go in so many directions, hopefully something interesting. Even though Annabelle and Leo got their happy ending, Annie and Liam ended the episode on opposite terms...sigh! I kind of like that it went that way ESP after the married woman fiasco. He needs time to really think about the situation. Overall, good character development, not something
you see every episode of 90210.
Oh, I will miss Naomi's menacing, and of course her outfits.


I think Ade's justified her actions for this episode for the fact that she is well aware of her past actions which she wasn't proud of and most likely she won't do it again (because it really was that bad in Season 3 to 4). Silver ruined Ade's trust taht she won't go back on her word either so doing so anyway really got Adrianna upset. It's not because of some silly boy (who finally somehow knocked some sense over the 9-Oh gang's lack of honesty to each other) who they both like, but because both girls reacted to a situation that is all too similar for them in strikingly contrasting way (especially Ade). Having said that, it looks like the writers may have laid the foundation of a Navianna reunion. We'll have to see in the final episode though on how it would turn out considering the cancellation news came while they were still filming 5x22 last month. Over-all, it's a pretty good comeback episode for a show returning from its weeks-long spring hiatus.


All I cared about was Navianna. It's back on...woot!

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