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With only 2 episodes left I am not sure I like the way the show will end.
Everything is in a state of disarray.
I am not liking Ade at all. She is trying to turn everyone against Silver AGAIN. Yet she is being way worse than Silver in every way possible. Sleeping with Navid,(whether she has true feelings for him or not) was way worse than Silver and Mark. Not to mention everything else Ade did in this episode.
I guess the person with Cancer will be Silver and that will be the tragedy that brings them all together but I do not want her to die, I want her to live happily ever after with Mark. I am 99% sure Michaela lost the baby and that will just go to prove to everyone that Silver was justified in everything she was doing with Michaela
Liam is running off with Sydney, not happy about that.
There is something up with Jordan, not sure what but we all know Naomi will move to NYC to be with him.


A great episode of 90210! I really love how they worked it out and followed the story from the last episode.
NAdrianna I loved honest Adrianna, and these 2 are ment for each other. Just I wished their reunion was more intense. Some more eps were we see them meat and connect before sleeping together.
Dixon-Silver. I mean come on Dixon was always the most Selfish character on the show. The way he broke up with Silver,his gambling issues,dumping Ivy,Drug addiction,dumping Adrianna etc etc. So he has no rights to mess with other people. SO this was A DICK move. I get Silver she has nothing and has a dying illness so no good for her. I get her being selfish.
Liam-Annie-Naomi I get Liam he got smacked around a lot but come on don't be a pu**y. But I love the show Finally shows that live has consequences, the only not believable part was the slap, but Naomi's performance extraordinary. Beautiful and Hurt.
I like Naomi and Jackson.
A shame the show gets so great at this time. :'''''(


I'm unbelievably cranky at Silver for being so selfish with Michaela. Hello, people carry on REAL LIVES while pregnant ALL the time!!! That said, Adriana's such a hypocrite. She completely condemns Silver for hooking up with Mark (who Ade was never even with) while jumping all over Navid (who Michaela has confided that she's into). Pot, meet Kettle.


Oh, and as for Silver, I'm positive that she'll get cancer. Unfortunately, there isn't enough time to deal with such an impacting storyline. Oh well...


I'm not sure why, but I found myself getting emotionally attached to these storylines. For example: Mark leaving. It's obviously going to effect Naomi and I feel really bad for her.
On another note, glad that Adrianna and Navid got back together. Least that is one ship to follow before the show ends, with another possibly being Annie and Liam.

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