Arrow Review: Actions and Consequences

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"Home Invasion" began moving the final chess pieces into place as Arrow Season 1 races to its finale.

And it’s certainly shaping up to be a wild ride.

The biggest recurring theme of the installment centered around the value and love Oliver has for Laurel. Through flashbacks, conversations, choices and actions, everything Oliver did always worked its way back to Laurel - and Oliver paid for those decisions with very personal costs.

Take Diggle. Oliver gave Diggle his word that he would make sure Deadshot was killed, but when the time came, Oliver made the choice to save Laurel instead. Most of Oliver’s enemies always ask Oliver what happened on the island, and Oliver’s actions tonight were the answer: The island not only made him an efficient and deadly weapon, but it also completely focused him on Laurel.

Oliver Takes Aim

Island Oliver is always carrying the photo of Laurel and he’s always hiding her around Shado and Slade. Playboy Oliver is even willing to stop his make out session with Shado over the idea of getting back and telling her how he feels.

It’s time for Oliver to emotionally leave the island. There’s more to Starling City than just crime and Laurel and if he’s not careful the choices he makes and the people he (inadvertently) pushes away have the chance of making the space around him his own personal island in Starling City.

Diggle’s exit is also worrying for Diggle himself. He usually leaves the dirtier work in Oliver’s hands and provides backup, but without Oliver Diggle could very well decide to make Deadshot his very own priority, putting him in a situation that could prove fatal.

Tommy continues to follow each step in the Villains 101 textbook as he distances himself from everyone he cares about. He believes that no matter how many reassurances Oliver gives him about not pursuing Laurel that it’s going to happen; and in his eyes as long as he’s the one to do the breakup he can’t be hurt later on

However, the bigger issue here is Tommy himself. At times Tommy can’t stand Oliver and what he does, and at others, like tonight, Oliver is the best asset he can have.

Tommy finds justifications for Oliver and then immediately finds wiggle room around those justifications so he can head back towards his original opinion of him being the vigilante. But even those justifications are still mostly superficial, and this exchange between Tommy and Oliver begins showing his true colors:

Tommy: You still love her, don't you?
Oliver: It doesn't matter how I feel because what I do, I could never be with her. So you don't have anything to be afraid of she's never ever going to know my secret.
Tommy: It doesn't matter if she knows, I know, and I don't know how to be with Laurel knowing the entire time if she found out who you really are she would choose you. | permalink

Boil everything away and the biggest issue here is Tommy not feeling good about himself. Laurel and Oliver have both made something of themselves, while Tommy has not. Oliver and Laurel have similar goals and a (somewhat) similar vision for Starling City.

Two More Thoughts:

  1. Thea and Roy are pretty adorable together. As is Roy’s admiration for the vigilante.
  2. While I love the chemistry Oliver and Felicity, how I wish Oliver would stop directing his anger towards Felicity every time something doesn’t go his way.


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Excellent launch of the final four-episode arc.


I never have liked Tommy. He's a spoiled brat, who, when oliver returns, the FIRST thing he thinks of is party and hook-ups. He never grew or matured over 5 years, so his reactions NOW, at times when he has an opportunity to show maturity, are tantrums and quitting. Tommy is a quitter. He also is a selfish egotist who only thinks of himself, and not that either Ollie or Laurel have aspirations that dont coincide with his little world. That being said, Laurel's Dad is getting way over the top. Im hoping something MAJOR happens to him that forces him to get out of his little 'police are here to solve all problems' and realize the truth... Oliver wouldnt have been needed if the police were the answer.


I love Shado, too! There's a woman who can take care of herself, & not give Oliver a guilt complex about what her life "might have been" without his Vigilante role. She knows the score. And, she could do yoga with Moira!


Can I just say that I LOVE Shado. She is so adorable with Oliver. I hope she will be introduced next season in Starling City.


Good show. Oliver needs to be on Diggles side more and stop being mean to Felicity. He was nice to her before but now that she knows who she is he is mean to her now. I am starting to get a little bored with the island stuff. You don't have to show it every week just do it from time to time. I think the guy who plays Ollie is a babe but that horrible wig he wears on the island is getting on my nerves. I agree the fight at the end was really cool, even though you could tell the stuntman a couple of times. I never got Laurel and Tommy as a couple there was no chemistry between them at all. Thea and little hood are good together.


I thought that final fight scene was great But wow that thing the hitman used to kill that guy was ridiculous, all he did was touch him and its like he set off a time bomb.


From start to finish, I felt that this was an outstanding episode. It furthered plot lines and fleshed the characters out even more. We understand more of Ollie's heart for Laurel. We saw Tommy pulling away from Laurel and setting him up for alienation from those who would steer him clear of the "dark side." His moment with the little guy was very touching, though. I like him--hate to think of him going bad. I loved seeing our old bada$$ buddy, J. August Richards, from the "Angel" days! He was truly relentless here and gave us some heart-pounding moments! And Laurel, that girl is amazing, whipping out the pump-action shotgun! Loved it.


Great Episode.
Is the plot heading for a Batman and Robin theme? A Master and an Apprentice?
Thea is going to help boyfriend Roy to find the Hood / Vigilante. Does Roy have aspirations of becoming Hood Jr.? I'm a big fan of Oliver and Laurel together.
I think that Oliver should DEFINITELY bring Laurel into the team! That could cause real conflict with her father Detective Pin Head don't you think?


Finally, I'd like to express some Laurel & J. August Richards love. Laurel hauling out a pump rifle from her bedroom was just AWESOME! And, JAR played the cold assassin perfectly. Will always have a soft spot for him because of ANGEL.


One thing puzzles me - while I understand the character arc being built for Tommy, why didn't Oliver just let him on to the Team? He found ways to include both Felicity & Diggle when they discovered his identity, and he hardly knew them. It would have gone a long way to smoothing over Tommy's shock if Oliver trusted him. They never had heart-to-heart about Oliver's motives, why he developed the alternate identity, etc. Tommy is still mad about being shut out, and acting like it. They need to be locked in a room with a couple of beers, and talk everything out.

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Arrow Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

Oliver: Do you want Lauton arrested?
Diggle: No.

Felicity: Which means I just hacked a federal agency. Kinda makes me a cyber terrorist. Which is bad because I really don't see myself fitting well into Guantanamo Bay.
Oliver: Don't worry Felicity they don't send blondes there.