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I thought this was a fantastic episode!
I have and will keep liking Tommy until he goes to the dark side. He made me cry twice, first when he was talking to Taylor and then when he was breaking up with Laurel and making himself out to be a douche so that Laurel would hate him, all while fighting back tears because he still loves her and then when he left and was walking down the hallway and started crying, I was crying too!
I feel bad for Oliver, first he lost Tommy as a friend and not now Diggle, I hope Diggle will come around soon. Diggle would have done the same thing had it been his sister in law/girlfriends life in danger over someone that wronged Oliver. I just hope Diggle realizes that! I have to say Diggle is trying to match Oliver for the best abs and muscles on the show! LOL
I laughed when Felicity said she died her hair and Oliver looked at her hair! It was subtle but super funny.


EXCELLENT episode! There are some places thought where I don't agree with this review. When the series began, Oliver was always going off on his own to become the Arrow & cross names off his list. Diggle was the one who made him see that he needed to become closer & more attached to his family & friends. Now that it's happening, Diggle's obsession is overwhelming him, and he's pulling away from what is left of his tiny family & even shutting Oliver out. Hey, Dig, as strong as Oliver is, he can't bend the laws of physics & be in 2 places at the same time. It's not his fault you & multiple gov't agents couldn't take down Deadshot. Frankly, you should have been able to. Meanwhile, it was just Arrow going after Rasmus. The police weren't even chasing him. This was about more than Laurel. It was about protecting his family, and I don't blame Oliver one bit. He shouldn't have to apologize. Of all people, Diggle should be the one to understand that.


Good episode. On the island when shado was teaching him how to shoot a bow I was just waiting for them to kiss and then they did but Oliver cut it short because of laurel. I kind of think Oliver does have to stop putting laurel first because he does have better things to do like going after dead shot or crossing another name off the list. Felicity hacking in to a federal agency then being afraid she would go to prison and Oliver said they don't take blondes and she said she died it and then quickly said I keep your secret was a funny little moment. I love Roy and Thea together there do good and I'm very interested in there story of hunting the vigilante. Can't wait till the next episode it looks good.

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