Arrow Review: A Step in the Wrong Direction

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I admit I was a bit underwhelmed with "Unfinished Business" as it unfolded.

Most likely because it held a lot of, well, unfinished business. Water over which we've already rowed. We knew the stories, aired the differences and fought the fights. Until I got my A-HA moment.

Staring at The Count

It as another wasted moment for poor Seth Gabel as The Count. He was more like the Sesame Street character than any super villain, and they didn't even try to fool us into thinking otherwise for more than about thirty seconds. Even our dandy Detective Lance decided Tommy Merlyn had more of a criminal mind than the Count.

Yes, we were back to the crap with Det. Lance hunting down any male who's nether regions has come within a city block of his daughter in the hope of locking him away for good. Damn, that is one old story. Old as dust. How Laurel can continue to forgive him over and over and over proves just how little family she has left and how few friends she can turn to. Things are about to get worse for her methinks.

So what did I like about tonight's episode? I'm just going to jump right into bullet points:

  • I was with Oliver as far as playing patty-cake with the bowl of water. Who's with me now, slamming their hands into a big salad bowl of water? Whether it's to break a table in half or draw a bow, if it takes a while of slapping away, I have the time. That was a pretty cool story. Finally one I could get behind and really enjoy the trip and the means to the end. Shado won my heart.
  • It was interesting to learn Tommy didn't trust Oliver, especially since he's essentially a bad guy, taking bribes for the good of the club. Was he next to get shot? Still, he managed (with whose help I'd like to know) to completely cover up their lair before Quentin got there. Pretty awesome.
  • Diggle and Carly have grown a lot closer and it's been killing him that Deadshot is out there, always a threat. My heart broke for him when he told Oliver he thought he would the one person to understand his need to take on his personal vendetta, but was let down.
  • Felicity continues to rule the screen when she's on it. From her story about the near miss with pot brownies in college (too bad she was allergic to nuts) to noting that in times of trouble Oliver was taking time go brew some tea, she keeps me laughing, and that was missing from so many of the earlier episodes.
  • The looney bin doctor telling Oliver he didn't think he could get one shot off in his condition as Oliver was aiming three? Pure genius.

The biggest revelation of the night was the relationship between Oliver and Tommy. Tommy was willing to give a mile to accommodate Oliver's new lifestyle while pretty much just accepting him at his word. In return, he received from Oliver a question as to whether or not he would actually take money from the club coffers and sell Vertigo to Vendant customers. That turned out to be Oliver's biggest mistake.

It was also the mistake I have been waiting for, rubbing my hands together diabolically like a wicked little girl with the anticipation.

Tommy quit Verdant. Where did he turn? To the Dark Archer himself, Malcolm Merlyn. The time is coming for a showdown of sorts between the archers and for Tommy to be in the know about both. It's coming and I cannot wait. Tommy is going to go to the dark side. He's not going to go because he, himself, is a dark person, but because the one person he trusted the most and was willing to give the most leeway for a new life - and was the most accepting of - could not return the favor.

Oliver's doubt of Tommy just set the wheels into motion for everything to change. What are the odds that Malcolm will give to Tommy a normal job? How long will it take before he trusts Tommy enough again to show him his other persona? What in the hell will happen when it all comes together? Will that be what changes Laurel into the Black Canary? Maybe she'll be fighting her own fight against both vigilantes. Oh, the possibilities are endless.

What started out as a quasi boring episode with a been-there-done-that quality ended with a frying pan in the face feel. Now that Tommy has put his life back into his father's hands, any chance at friendship with Oliver will be a long shot. Malcolm will see to that. It's casting the Queens and the Merlyns against each other. Tommy may embrace the dark side now that he's been accused of it. Haven't you had that feeling? If you're going to accuse me of cheating on you, I might as well do it and have fun in the process!

Hit the comments, tell me what you thought about this new, potentially dangerous switchback by Tommy and what could happen with his knowledge of Oliver and his new working relationship with Malcolm. Are you as excited as I am?


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Find someone that you don't have to apologize for anything ...I think felicity is the one for Oliver . I am loving the island and the interaction between oliver and yao fei's daughter


I really like Tommy. I just can't buy him turning evil (this season, I mean). He is all upset about Oliver's killing of criminals, but will be okay with his father killing innocents? Kill them himself? Don't buy it. Give him a season or two or development down that path, and then I will. But so far, he's been a stand-up guy. He hasn't betrayed Oliver, he's covered Oliver's ass, he's protested against killing, he's was sweet to Thea when he rejected her, and he's been genuine in his attempts to become a better person. I'm not saying he won't turn evil - I'm saying I see nothing in him *right now* that could be called evil.


Tommy can not be trusted. If you remember on the first show when Tommy and Ollie were being held hostage Tommy was pretending to be out cold. Tommy saw Ollie run after the guys that took them hostage so I don't understand why he is pretending he doesn't know what is going on with Ollie.


BTW, I also don't think Diggle gets his due, when he has saved Oliver's green hooded butt more often than I can count. I hope Oli will help Diggle catch the guy he wants to kill, and I also hope that Oli's sister "Speedy" will end up with that hottie guy from the Glades. They had major chemistry.


I think that no one is giving Felicity her due here when you all think that she's too delicate to take on a war of words with Oliver. Yes, he does get kind of snippy with her, but she snips right back, and she KNOWS that he needs her and that she's smarter than he is, I think that she's just waiting for her moment to show him that she's able to be a super hero too. I also think there is a bit of sexual tension between them, and I don't think that Oliver likes that, so I think he reacts that way to her to keep himself from making a move on her. I don't think he and Lauren are going to be getting together for awhile, because I think she is still hung up with Tommy, who is going to the dark side with that delicious John Barrowman!


I am glad Arrow is finally going with the flow of things. Now that Tommy is set to turn dark side, everything is bound to make sense: Laurel getting romantically involved with Oliver because Tommy goes awoll, Roy wanting to find out the identity of the Hood and Diggle going after Deadshot. I can't wait till all these archs finally clash together in a what I hope is going to be the Fantastic Final Episodes of Arrow Season 1.


I love Felicity. And I love Oliver. But he treats her like cramp and does not give her credit for all that she does. I cannot wait for the day that she tells him off. It seems to me sometimes that Oliver only deviates from his list when it is beneficial for him. To help his sister. To appease Diggle or Felicity. But is he sincere or are his actions in those instances just to keep Diggleand Felicity working with him? He expects support from Diggle and Felicity? Then he needs to provide it.


Yes, I am as excited as you are. When a show makes you ask the questions you asked, it's a fun show. Oliver does seem to get annoyed quite easily with Felicity. Something's gonna happen between the two of them at some point that will change all that. I love the triangle on the island, love Shado and that possibility. Loved the last scene with Tommy and Malcolm. When Tommy revealed to Oliver how he really felt and what he really thought, it was great.


I wonder if Laurel and Oliver will ever have that cup of coffee and now that Tommy has quit working for Oliver, will he try to keep Laurel from being friends with Oliver??? I wonder if Tommy remembers when Oliver told him that he would kill him if he ever hurt Laurel? I wonder what he Thinks about that statment now.


Is it me or is Oliver always yelling at Felicity?!

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