Blue Bloods Review: The Zombie Drug

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The first thing that caught my attention in "Devil's Breath" was that Blue Bloods is actually filmed in New York City.  It makes the street sequences pop. No other city looks like New York. 

He's Covered In Blood

I found it amusing that the zombie drug had the street name devil's breath.  As though zombie drug wasn't quite bad ass enough. 

I felt for Carter.  He lost his girlfriend in one of the most horrific ways possible and will always question what really happened that night. The blanks in his memory will surely drive him crazy for years to come. 

Did the two woman really need to kill his girlfriend when she found them robbing him?  I suppose that's a silly question.  Does anyone ever need to commit murder?  It just seemed like they could have made a run for it and if they'd laid low for a while, they might have gotten away with it.  

Jamie's storyline was difficult to watch because it rung so true.  In trying to help a fellow Officer, Jamie ended up making matters much worse.

If Officer Grosso had not intervened and someone had gotten killed during that robbery I'm sure the press would have been all over him for not doing his job.  But since he'd had a couple of drinks when he drew his weapon he was still under fire even though everything had gone well.  

I understood the reason for the rule.  We certainly don't want intoxicated police officers brandishing their weapons but terminating the man was an overreaction fueled by bad press. 

Despite the backlash, it was good to see Frank hand down a more reasonable sentence. 

I had to laugh at Erin's reaction to getting the phone call from Nicky's school in this Blue Bloods quote

Erin: I spent 12 years in Catholic school. There is no way the principal is calling me at 7:30 in the morning to request a meeting to tell me you're a straight A student. | permalink

It was fun to see Frank remind his daughter how she used to be the rebel and how the universe had blessed her with a daughter with similar traits.

Even better was Erin pointing out to Nicky that she seemed perfectly ready to enforce the rules when they applied to the police officer but was a rebel when the rules applied to her.

Once again, another great Friday night with the Reagans.


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Another great episode from one of my favorite shows. With a few exceptions, this show always produces great story lines while continuing to touch on one family dynamic or another. I love Erin and I love watching the way her relationships with her Dad and her daughter play out each week. Frank, Erin and Danny are my favorite characters on a great show with a great over-all cast.


I understand the need for rules, especially that one. But I think a healthy dose of common sense was what Frank brought to it. He couldn't completely let the officer off the hook, but the officer also didn't deserve to be fired. He potentially saved lives and never fired his weapon. The expectation for first responders, whether cops or docs, to be perfect is asinine.


awesome episode as always

Sarah silva

This was a fantastic episode, I enjoy every episode but this one of the best.
I felt bad for Carter too, I did not think for one moment that he killed her, I did however think the strip club owner was is in it and not the bartender.
Danny seemed a little more relaxed this week.
I have mixed feelings about Officer Grosso too. I understand the rules but I personally think he did the right thing. I also agree that if he would have walked by and robber killed the people in the store then everyone would have blamed Grosso that he was to blame for the deaths.
I liked Erin in this episode and I think it was great too when pointed out to Nicky about the rules.

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Blue Bloods Season 3 Episode 21 Quotes

Carter: I came to New york to ask her to marry me.
Danny: I'm assuming she said no.

I like hearing you talking to your mother. She's probably the only woman you don't lie to.