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-Robert Carter is found covered with his murdered girlfriend's blood and no memory of what happened.  Danny and Det. Baez investigate.


-Robert last remembers waiting at the hotel bar for his girlfriend when he was approached by Lacy. Turns out Lacy and the bartender put a "zombie drug" in his drink and brought him back to his hotel room to rob him. When his girlfriend interrupted, they killed her.


-When an off-duty police officer stops a robbery, he is brought up on charges for using his weapon while intoxicated. 


-The police review board terminates the officer but Frank overturns that sentence, issuing a 30 day suspension and a year's probation.


-Nicky is threatened with suspension when she attempts to organize a protest against the school's locker search policy.  Erin supports her in finding a peaceful way to protest that will avoid disciplinary action from the school.


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