Bones Review: Will You Marry Me?

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Bones season 8 will not go down in the history of the series as one of my personal favorites. It's been all over the place in terms of plot, development and public service announcements.

Tonight's episode had some of the hallmarks of seasons past but ultimately fell a little short of the mark. As a finale, "The Secret in the Siege" brought closure to just about nothing.

Bones Season Finale Picture

There was so much to love and hate that it's really hard for me to get a read on exactly what I'm thinking about the concluding hour.

Pelant's much-promoted return felt a bit anti-climactic, probably because it was no surprise that he'd be back. Bones proposing to Booth was also anti-climactic because we pretty much saw it in the previews. There were twists to both aspects of the episode, yes, but were they twisty enough? That's the question I'm not sure I can answer.

I've been a fan of Pelant since he first appeared last year. He had the makings of an terrific villain. He was smart, cocky and always two steps ahead. But he wasn't entirely untouchable. Now that he's isolated himself inside his creepy TV room and never has to get his own hands dirty, he's become silly.

I waved my hand and poo-pooed when he hacked a drone and pointed it at a school. Meh. Surely there are some who can do that and he had all that clearance when he worked at the private military firm.

His antics tonight, however, just put him straight into the realm of completely unbelievable. He hacks a traffic light, okay. Sure, maybe. But hacking all of the traffic lights, shutting down entire cellular networks, creating weird videos of a dead man to send the dead man's daughter on a murder spree, being able to tap into any and every security camera anywhere, and having that ultra-fancy lip reading software?

Nope. Instead of being a villain I love to hate, he just became a villain I hate.

Part of my hate definitely stems from the fact that he ruined Booth's life by making him tell Brennan they can't get married. And what shocks me about that is that I haven't been in favor of her proposing at any point.

I do hate to say I told you so, but well, I'm going to. Booth's mother's return only served the purpose of softening Brennan to the idea of getting married. Their back and forth about her catching the bouquet and how she's a terrible catch and it was her subconscious desire to get married was just so "I told you so." That was the entire reason for that episode.

Yes, being afraid to lose Booth and Pelant's return was another factor in Brennan's proposal. That and that alone would have been enough for her to have believably changed her mind regarding marriage. And the ending of the episode, with Booth essentially breaking her heart, still could have happened and still would have worked.

Despite the fact that it could be seen coming from 10 miles away, it was no less sweet. Throwing the bag of jerky at him and telling him she wants to spend the rest of her life with him was just such a great moment. I was happy because they were so happy. Watching her with Cam and Angela in the lab just made me more giddy for her. (Her proposal can be found on the Bones quotes page!)

She opened her heart to the idea of marriage after having been against the institution. She was excited and started to dream and plan. Booth crushing those dreams because Pelant said to makes me really hate Pelant. Really.

Ugh. Moving on so I don't just Pelant-bash all night.

In things that made me happy, I was glad that Sweets wasn't shot. I don't hate him the way some do, but beyond that, I don't like seeing our principal cast die. Vincent Nigel-Murray was only a squint and watching him die was enough. Yes, Bones is a drama, but it doesn't feel like that kind of drama where character exits are by death. Maybe that's just me though. I'm okay with that.

I loved Angela and Hodgins interacting tonight, too. They're so good together. He feels terrible for letting Pelant get away and she knows that he's not the guy who kills people. Pelant has taken a lot away from them, but she knows that Hodgins killing him would've been worse for Hodgins than losing his money has been.

I hope the next season, if there is a next season, picks up right where this one leaves off and Pelant is gone in the first episode. His story feels tired. It's run its course. Let's move on to another super villain and return this show to its early glory.

What did you think of "The Secret in the Siege?" Are you tired of Pelant and irritated that he wasn't caught in the finale?


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Maybe Palant is the hacker causing interference on the Person of Interest system. Just not really believable, they're loosing me with Bones, one minute she's an autotron and in the next second she's proposing with jerky, then crying when she's rejected, genius? post postpartum depression, it's too much.


I wanted Booth to immediately tell Brennan WHY he called off the engagement. Her hurt face destroyed me, and it wasn't necessary. Tell her first thing next season, damn it! Love,


I concur. Pelant this episode did cross the line from eyebrow raising dubiously impressive to ridiculous. I think Hart Hanson and crew have watched too many episodes of "Pretty Little Liars". Everything was predictable in this episode, right down to the ending. Bones' apparent heartbreak half's salvaged it.


@CroLuva That's the only issue I had with the episode. I mean, Pelant can't be watching EVERYTHING, just slip Bones a note out of view of any cameras, with something on it like "Pelant is blackmailing me to stop the marriage -Booth" pretend to drop the marriage, then have the wedding once Pelant is dealt with, no needless drama. In fact, they should have all cameras in and around the Jeffersonian taken down and replaced with ones only on wires without internet connections of any kind, as well as any others around the DC area as they can manage, and have a new policy instated that only in soundproof safe rooms with no technology whatsoever may any REAL discussions about Pelant and any cases that have even the slightest to do with him, as well as placing all information that aren't plants for Pelant only on paper or at least only on computers without any cable or wireless ports.


I was hoping they would Kill Pelant in the finale that guy is really getting on my nerves. Destroying Booths happiness by making him tell to bones he can't marry her. Its like the beginning of the end! He really really really needs to kill him off next season. I will cheer for that!


I hate Pelant... Please kill Pelant in the first ep in S9! His story feels really tired. I get too bored seeing Pelant! Seriously enough Pelant! Both S7 and S8 finale focused on Pelant?? 5 ep on Pelant are enough! Too boring!They I do wanna see Zach again though!


This episode had a lot of promise. I didn't care if they got married or not, but bringing Pelant back is beating a dead horse to death. Time to move on and freshen up the story lines. It's starting to get boring!


Who had the great idea of bringing Zack back to upend Palent? Zack could definitely outsmart him, and all the fans would be SO happy to see him, if only temporarily.


I love this show and I hope the cast never gets killed off as I will quit watching then. I have always hated the evil Pelant. It's just too much what they are showing what he can do and they aren't aware of it. Not believable and absurd. Taking Hogkins money?!! Ridiculous!! The quality of writing is so poor these days on almost every show. Have we lost our talented writers?
The idea of killers having the upper hand! Awful!! I could not watch the end of bones yesterday when pelant said they couldn'ch pelant. I turned the channel. He could have secretly said it was a hoax ahd played that angle to trick and catch pelant. Come on writers, do better.


Not great but not a completely rotten episode and David did a great job of directing it. I loved the casual mention of them getting married in the lab (typical Brennan) However my 2 biggest gripes are
1. I know there are smart, hackers, computer people out there realistically but seriously to be able to do all what Pelant can do to, tap into every camera, computer and traffic system in the DC area seems a little bit much
2. At the end when Booth says let’s not get married I don’t recall him ever saying he loves her right then to her. He says they were under pressure and how Brennan never wanted to get married and blah, blah, blah and she says I love you but he didn’t that was a disappointment to me and might have calmed Brennan down just a little

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