Bones Producer Previews Season 8 Finale, Pelant's "New Game" and Tears to Come

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Following Stephen Nathan's preview of last night's Bones episode, in which the executive producer spoke on how "The Pathos in the Pathogens" would lead into next Monday's Bones Season 8 finale, Nathan is now back with many more intriguing tidbits and teasers.

What sort of game will a returning Christopher Pelant be playing with the Jeffersonian team? Will Season 8 end on a high or a low note? Just how many tissues should you have nearby as you watch?

Read on for our exclusive Q&A...


TV Fanatic: It sounds like Pelant is going to be targeting Booth. Is that what he’s doing?
Stephen Nathan: Well, what he has done in the past is very different than what he is doing now. In the past, as Sweets kind of points out in this episode, Pelant somehow feels that this whole group is like an extended family for him. He’s very close and intimate with all of our people so that everybody has a very important place in Pelant’s life.

At the end of the last Pelant episode, Booth shot him and that changed the rules of the game. He had not hurt any of our people. He had not specifically gone after them. The game was to see who was smarter. Lives were lost in the process, but really the game was played between Pelant and our people, whether it be the FBI or the Jeffersonian. But now the rules have changed and the people who are dying are people who we realize are close to Booth. The intimacy that Pelant has counted on has been somewhat shattered. He is playing a new game now.

TVF: How does Hodgins deal with his reemergence because he almost lost it in the previous episode where he could have killed him and didn’t. We saw a different side to Hodgins.
SN: He is definitely dealing with that in the finale.

Bones Season Finale Picture

TVF: We’ve talked before about how Pelant basically knows the team works best when they’re together, so it sounds like this is the perfect timing for him to come in if they’re all kind of fragile. Is he aware of this fragility that they all have?
SN: You’ll see when you see the finale that he knows a lot more than we even think he knows. He has found a way to tap into the grid using surveillance cameras and things like that. All of this is true, by the way, that any surveillance camera that has an Internet connection, any surveillance camera that shares servers, these are things that Pelant can access. So, he knows what’s going on.

TVF: Do we find out if he’s got some other minions working with him? Do we find out anything about that? After watching The Following it makes me think he probably has others doing his bidding.
SN: Yes, we do. Yeah, we do definitely find that out in the finale. I have to say, there might be similarities in passing with The Following but they’re only in passing. It’s a very different situation.

TVF: Is it safe to say that we will lose somebody that we know?
SN: No, it’s not safe to say that. It’s not safe to say either we will or we won’t. I hate to be so vague and cryptic…we should all be worried.

TVF: How is Brennan handling all this, especially if she knows that Pelant’s targeting people in Booth’s life?
SN: It probably has the biggest impact on Brennan. Brennan who always feels that she has it together knows exactly how she’s going to approach life. The past three episodes have affected her probably more than anyone. She’s looking at life in a very different way now. I think this surprises her most of all. She is really going to be looking at herself, her own life, the choices that she’s made and how she wants to see her life in the future in a very, very different way.

TVF: Is Christine around or is she off in safety land somewhere?
SN: No, Christine is around. She’s definitely in the finale.

TVF: The show feels as alive as ever. Do you guys attribute that to anything outside of your fantastic writing?
SN: I know it sounds odd but we don’t feel as if we’ve been on for eight years. I mean the characters give us so much and the actors give us so much. They kind of feed us to move the series forward. I think if we’re treating the characters with a certain respect they return the favor by showing us directions that they’re headed that we might not even think of. Booth and Brennan have such rich lives and such interesting histories that just exploring that effects how they change in the future.

TVF: Last question, does the finale end on an up note or a darker, scarier note?
SN: I would just say for those who have a penchant for tears, keep some Kleenex nearby.

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I haven't gotten this far in the DVD's, but I hope also that they did not break up Angela and Hodgins again. Writer's need to realize that not every challenge in a marriage leads to a break up. I hope in Season 9 Hodgins finds a way to get his money back, and if there was a break up, to get Angela back.


Love bones but am so bored of the pelant story. There have been so many posts can't the writers take a hint. LEAVE THEIR RELATIONSHIP ALONE.


Wow! I have every season of


I watch every episode. I really tried to get this one. But what a big disappointment the finale was! Reality wasn't even a consideration in this episode. What...Booth can't communicate with Bones to tell her the truth in their own private home for fear the deaths of five innocent people who aren't any longer at the park where they were threatened? Seriously?!?
Yet Booth & Brennan can be with their child in a public park and at home with no security in sight? Was the script run by others to get various opinions? Maybe you just didn't explain it well enough as many agree on these points and are equally disappointed.
Worst. Finale. Ever. Sorry, man. Call it like I see it. And I saw it. And well, crap. Maybe it's time to watch something else instead.


Overall I love the show and we are big fans. I did not like the ending of the final episode. You are making Booth and the team look incompetent, that they cannot catch that crazy. And the viewers think it so stupid that Booth can't even write down or whisper in Bones ear what really happened. Just lock him up already and move on.


Pelante has become a cartoon villain that can not be stopped. Please, end him. After investing years in the building Booth/Brennan relationship, see the proposal, see they are engaged and then to have it taken away..... I'm close to turning on Monday Night Raw where I don't care about the characters.


Seriously, the supposed smartest people or woman in the world and they couldn't have figured out a way to communicate without the serial killer knowing? I have every season of Bones but for pete sake. A note, then destroy note, paper and pad?????? use the baby's blocks???????? If this series ends which its going there; end on a good note no cliff hanger leaving fans seriously ticked off


Just watched the season 8 finale and I'm now done with this show. The Pelante storyline was incredulous to begin with, but this has pushed me over the edge. I am not only supposed to believe that a) there wasn't a single way to prove he was sneaking out of his house and b) he is able to best some of the finest minds on the planet but also c) that he somehow survived being shot by one of the FBI's sharpshooters as well, only to wreak havoc in this episode? Really?? Just how would Pelante know what Booth said to Bones? Or what was is plan to track down those 5 random people from the park? I don't care anymore. I'm done.


Bones, is a cute little show. It works better as a comedy. It doesn't work as drama. These Pelant stories are really tedious. Give the viewers what they want, not what the writers think we want.


I just have a feeling they're going to kill off Caroline. I hope I'm wrong. But the minute I tuned in and saw she was on this episode....ugh. Nathan said there would be tears, and except for the big 6, who else would be heartbreaking loss on the back-up cast (since Ryan O'Neal isn't on this episode)?

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