Castle Review: Framing Big Foot

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"The Fast and the Furriest" was a wonderful combination of both funny and sweet moments.

It was another Perlmutter episode and as much as I love Lanie, Perlmutter is a completely different kind of fun. Here, he was definitely the perfect foil for Castle's Big Foot theories. Added points for making me laugh when he called Esposito and Ryan The B Team.  

Something Amiss

I liked that they didn't jump to Big Foot right away. First they went with the crazy monkey theories, which led to Ryan's adorable revelation as he shared his childhood love for his favorite primate in this Castle quote

Ryan: I always wanted a pet monkey when I was a kid. Big Curious George fan.
Castle: Wait 'til George grows up. An adult chimpanzee can reach 200 lbs, tear off a man's face, hands, and naughty bits. | permalink

When Ryan corrected that George would never do that, I just wanted to give him a hug.

Castle's interactions with the gorilla behind the glass were downright hysterical. It made me wonder how much unused footage might exist of Nathan Fillion and the giant primate making faces at one another. Fingers crossed we get to see some of that on the Castle Season 5 DVD in the fall.

Of course,it was hard to argue with Beckett's assessment of the interaction…

Castle: Did you see how that gorilla looked at me?
Beckett: I think it was lust actually Castle. You are ruggedly handsome. | permalink

As much as certain things have evolved throughout the series, some things never change... like Castle's inability to keep his hands to himself. The man simply has a visceral need to touch things, even gross looking petrified yeti toes.

Once again we had Castle and Ryan as the hopeful believers and Beckett and Esposito as the doubting skeptics. For this one I was on Team Beckett. How exactly would a giant, hairy apeman get around New York City completely unseen? Especially now that everyone has a camera phone attached to his/her hand and traffic and security cameras on almost every block? It would take actual magic to pull that off.

Castle and Beckett's trip into the woods made me laugh, mostly because of Castle's ridiculous outfit. Did he stop to buy that on the way or was the bright orange turtle neck and weird camo overalls already in the back of his closet for some reason?

Beckett has climbed on Castle's shoulders before but this time may have been my favorite. It's probably because now that they're a couple, they can openly flirt about it which makes it all the more fun.

Castle: Shouldn't you be wearing a short skirt for this? That's the rule. | permalink

We were even gifted with a bedroom scene as the two debated the importance of everyday magic over the mystery of possible magic. I loved that Beckett admitted the one mystery she undoubtedly believed in is them and then kissed him, only to stop because of the crash in the kitchen.  

Honestly, sometimes it feels as though 90% of their kisses get interrupted. 

Which leads us to Alexis, otherwise known as the loft's super rat. 

I was surprised it took Castle so long to figure it out. If there's food missing from the fridge, the culprit is usually the college student. But then again, Alexis did lie to him and that's not the norm. Granted, the girl has been through a lot this year and most kids, even young adults, will do almost anything to avoid a lecture from a well meaning parent. 

Castle, being the best dad ever, not only took Alexis out to dinner, he offered to check out her friend's project that needs funding. I have little doubt he'll be pulling out his checkbook before it's over. If Alexis believes in people, it's only because she's gleaned that trait from her father.

The last thing that should be mentioned is Beckett's stunning zippered black jacket. That's definitely going on my list of must-haves along with most of her collection.

After a week's hiatus, it was great to see Castle come back with one if its classic, light hearted mysteries to brighten our Monday.


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@grey : the filler is next week actually. loved moonshine and buddy !


Loved the show, Castle beliefs are Castle and what makes him I love it when he believes in "big foot" or some other crazy thing. That's what makes him who he is.


WOW im sorry but Pysch did a way better job I don't know what Castle is going to do but they need something your next season might be their last


HEY, Stop picking on Castle!!! He is a geek,and I love that about him. Yes Christene O. I agree with you, too many interruptions when they kiss!! I also noticed Becketts pj top off the shoulder one second and the next second on the shoulder. It must of taken long to do that bedroom scene!!!
It was a funny,funny episode. Love the show,thank you Mr. Marlowe!! Also love these reviews!!


What a treat it is to watch Castle every week. It has the most amazing way to make you laugh and feel good. Writing and acting perfection at work.


Loved the show and everyone in it. It's got everything going for it: murder, mystery, cops, romance, bromance and great family relationships (the Castles, anyway). To those who don't like the characters... then don't watch. We don't need your negativism.


I love the show but I wish the writers would stop making Castle appear to be so gullible, ready to believe in the outlandish crap popularized in such rags as the National Enquirer (this week it was Bigfoot). It is getting hard to take his character seriously. It would be okay if he would offer these wild hypotheses in a joking manner , but it makes him appear to be pretty stupid when he offers these possible explanations as serious alternatives.


It was hilarious when Alexis became a 'smurf'. Cracked me up! BTW, at the end of the episode, when Beckett and Castle were in bed, was it just me that saw one shot of her with her jersey off her shoulder, on her shoulder and back off again? That in itself was funny. A great episode.


A gloriously fun filled episode. Laughs all the way. Nathan Fillion is just hilarious. Loved Perlmutter, always do. Loved Alexis's smerf face and loved the wonderful interaction between Castle and Beckett throughout. I think this was lightening us up for next week's more angst episode 'Still' Can't wait for that. What an wonderful show this continues to be


oh dear. the only characters I like in this show are Beckett, Ryan and Esposito. Castle gets on my nerves more and more. He's a fidget and clown.
oh well.

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