Castle Round Table: "The Fast and the Furriest"

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Big Foot, gorillas, and a mysterious super rat were all theorized in the hilarious "The Fast and the Furriest."

This week, our Castle Round Table team of Jim Garner, Chandel Charles and Christine Orlando are joined by Castle fan Dave from The 12th Fan Forum to debate whether Alexis' punishment fit the crime and whether Big Foot is scarier than a gorilla attack.


What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Dave: The bedroom scene. It was a perfect illustration of how these two can be so different but so close at the same time. Kate looked so happy and content when describing their relationship it was nice to see.

Jim: I laughed so hard at Alexis pulling her head out of the fridge covered in blue paint like she set off a dye pack from a bank. Talk about being caught red-handed or, rather, blue faced. Sooo funny!

Chandel: Probably when Castle was stuck in that huge trap. He's such a riot when he's uncertain of his fate.

Christine: I loved when they fell into the pit.  Between the cheerleader boost, the spark, and Castle screeching Shoot it! and then, Whoa, whoa, whoa. It's talking. I couldn't stop laughing.  The entire sequence was perfect.

Castle RT - depreciated -

Do you prefer everyday magic? Or the possibility of real magic?

Dave: I am more of a skeptic so I have to go with everyday magic, like the fact that i get to watch a new Castle every week!

Jim: In some ways they are one and the same. However, I'm with Castle in wanting to believe there are things we haven't fully discovered. ESP, Aliens, Loch Ness... the list goes on and on.

Chandel: I prefer the magic of everyday. It's the simple fact that it is possible in the everyday makes it magical.

Christine: In reality, I'm a skeptic like Beckett and I believe the everyday can hold magical moments but there's a tiny part of me that wishes someone could prove that real magic exists. That's probably why I always root for Castle.

If you could chose one thing to be added to the Castle Season 5 DVD extras, what would it be?

Dave: Because of the 100th episode, it would be cool to see a feature about the cast member's favorite episodes and moments. And to hear them reflect on the progression of the series and their characters.

Jim: A featurette showing all of the Firefly references and nods hidden through out the series. I know there are props as well as dialog put in as nodes. Would love to see them all.

Chandel: Commentaries for each of the episodes in a short video where the writer gets to talk about the episode. You learn so much about the intent and development of the characters that way, even more than just from seeing it on screen.

Christine: Ooh. I love Dave's idea. I'd love to hear commentary on the season premiere from Nathan and Stana and commentary for the 100th episode from Andrew Marlowe and Terri Edda Miller.  Of course I also want to see every deleted scene from the season.  Yes, I'm an extras junkie when it comes to dvd.

Name your favorite Castle and Beckett lift. The haunted house in "Demons," avoiding the tiger in "Cuffed" or Big Foot's pit?

Dave: The one from "Cuffed." There were so many funny lines and innuendos throughout. Poor Castle didn't have any of the fun he might have normally expected in this situation.

Jim: I have to go with the circus act lift from "Cuffed." The position they ended in was hysterical.

Chandel: Avoiding the tiger in cuffed. It was a really entertaining moment where they were facing their threat head-on.

Christine: I loved this one. Castle's quip about wearing short skirts being a rule made me laugh. I love how much more fun things are now that they are a couple.

Was Castle too easy on Alexis for lying to him and stealing his food?

Dave: I don't think so. Usually whenever Alexis does something wrong there is some good reason behind it and this time was no different. Castle knows he can trust her.

Jim: I'm pretty sure the dye pack made up for any discrepancies in his scolding. Honestly, I'll be surprised if Alexis gets a glass of water at the house anytime soon.

Chandel: I don't think so. It's not really in her nature to steal anyway and it was actually kind of funny when the truth came out. I think the situation was resolved how you would expect it to be resolved on Castle.

Christine: Like Jim said, I think the blue face was a fair punishment. Every college student hits a moment where they did something stupid with their money and they're going to starve for two weeks because of it.  I didn't expect that of Alexis but everyone is allowed to screw up at least once.

Scariest possible scenario: Big Foot exists, Attack of the Apes or a super rat stealing food from the fridge.

Dave: The super rat. There is really nothing worse than someone(or something) eating your leftovers. I will take my chances with Bigfoot and apes any day.

Jim: I'm going with Ape attack... mainly because these have happened already and if they ever become smarter than us we could loose our place at the top of the food chain.

Chandel: Attack of the Apes. I don't belong in an enclosed habitat.

Christine: Well, I just won the battle against a mouse who invaded my kitchen so I'm feeling brave... OK, the cat actually won the battle but I'm with Jim. Since I don't believe in Big Foot and apes do exist and have attacked with horrific results, they are definitely the scariest.

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I really like Jim's idea--showing all of the Firefly references. I would also like them show all of the dialogue that is a reference to dialogue in an earlier episode. For instance in Ep. 1 of this year--the opening scene where Castle says "I had no idea" referencing Beckett's whisper to him in Season 1, Ep. 1 (I think). And the recent reference to Beckett using "ice cubes" which I believe was also mentioned in an earlier season. There seems to be a lot of that going on and I love the writers for it. One of my favorite scenes: in Episode 100 at the end, Castle and Beckett toasting to the 100 murders they have solved - and saying here's to 100 more. Let's hope there are another 100 episodes of Castle. It is a really terrific show. I don't think they can put enough Outtakes, deleted scenes or Extras on a Season DVD. Hearing from the Writers and their process would also be terrific.


FAVORITE SCENE:In the bedroom. Seems like Beckett is so relaxed and the weight of the world is off her shoulders.


I would love to see audition tapes and learn who else was on the final short list for the roles. Its fun to speculate how the show might have been different with cast changes - not that I want any. Consider Casablanca with Ronald Reagan or Tom Selleck as Indiana Jones; real examples that make for interesting musings.


I love everyone's thoughts. Now that they are a couple, Castle and Beckett are so much more fun and relaxed with each other. Beckett appears to be the more affectionate. I wish Castle would show more emotion but sometimes, he looks at her with such feeling, that is almost enough. I love the bedroom scene and the pit scene. Castle is funniest when he's scared - I've said this before, he is actually hysterical. I laughed so hard I almost fell off my chair and each time I watch these scenes its as if I'm watching for the first time! I LOVE THIS SHOW! Would love to hear from the writers. They always add and deepen the scenes with their thoughts.


I pick real magic. We all should have some of Castles Peter Pan syndrome!
What to add to season 5 dvd:I agree 100% with Chandel. You can learn so much more from the writer's perspective.
Favorite lift:This one,because they were facing each other.
More then fair punishment.Poor Alexis must of been humiliated because Beckett was there to witness it!
Scariest moment:Real ape attack!
Just love tvfanatic!!


Favorite scene: The bedroom scene. So realistic (Kate in shorts and a t-shirt), good conversation, sweet kiss.
Magic: Prefer the everyday. It's what makes life wonderful.
Season 5 DVD extras: commentary on the 100th episode from Terri, Andrew, Nathan and Stana and commentary from Nathan and Stana on the kiss in Always and opening scene of After the Storm
Castle and Beckett lift: Cuffed
Castle easy on Alexis: No, she got caught and admitted why she did it. That's enough.
Scariest scenario: Attack of real apes


Just when I doubt that Castle can be any better, along comes Fast and the Furriest!!! This season has hit it out of the park!!! Thanks for the Castle round table. I love everyone's thoughts.


Love your roundtable as usual. Would also love interviews with the cast regarding certain scenes and how they wanted them portrayed. Nathan and Stana talking about the morning after scene would be my top pick.

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