Grey's Anatomy Episode Preview: Who's Under Investigation?

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On the next Grey's Anatomy, entitled "Sleeping Monster" and scheduled for two weeks from tonight (April 25), Bailey is at the center of a CDC investigation surrounding the death of several of her patients.

Meanwhile, Jackson and the board argue over how to address the crisis with the public.

Elsewhere at Grey-Sloan Memorial, Cristina teases Alex about his unspoken feelings for Jo, and Owen continues to take special care of Ethan as the condition of his parents remains uncertain.

The following week's new episode, on May 2, will be titled "Do You Believe In Magic?"

New episodes will follow May 9 and May 16 to conclude Grey's Anatomy Season 9.

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If Owen should adopt a child he'll have to resign as the chief of surgery, otherwise that child will never see him. MAybe this is the way that Webber gets to be the chief again and helps Avery run the hospital.


I agree with McSexxy. None of the storylines in GA are this long and drawn out unless there is an ulterior motive or superior purpose in them doing so. We've seen kids lose their parents several times over the GA years, and this one is definitely profound in some way. I agree...I think Owen will end up adopting Ethan.


As much as I hate breaks, a show has 22/24 episodes. The finales are in May of course there's going to be breaks in between. If not every show would end in March. lol Not looking forward for the Bailey storyline, I am at a point where I really came to dislike her character. Also the April/Jackson stuff is so boring.


I have this feeling that Ethan's parents are gonna die, and Owen is gonna adopt him. Otherwise why would he be hanging around for so long?


I think Ethan's grandmother would have something to say about Owen adopting her grandson. How much time would Owen actually have to be a dad if he is still the chief of surgery. Derek kept telling Mark being a dad isn't a good combination with being a chief of surgery


I agree, it's annoying. They're doing it for Castle and How I Met Your Mother as well :(
It's just so they have enough episodes until the end of the ratings period (early may)
so silly though!


So how many breaks is that for this season? This is one of the things that drives me crazy about Grey's, SO MANY BREAKS! Every time the plot gets interesting, they take a break. Smh wow


The parents die and Ethan will be adopted by owen and cristina? This way she can skip the whole baby thing :)


Not sure how I feel about this Owen storyline with the kid...


Can't wait!

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