Grey's Anatomy Review: The Monster's Awake Now

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Is there another show on prime time that can make you laugh, tug at your heartstrings and scare you in a matter of seconds as well as Grey’s Anatomy? I don’t think so.

Grey’s returned this week with "Sleeping Monster," an installment that centered around an investigation into Bailey and some relationship breakthroughs with our favorite docs. Let’s discuss...

Bailey Scene

The CDC Is In The House. After the death of two of Bailey’s patients, the CDC decided to visit for an investigation. This definitely put Bailey on the outside of things, but luckily she still has some friends in her corner. Meredith definitely had her mentor’s back, but some of the others... not so much. Miranda had a fight with Webber after he defended the hospital and Jackson insisted on putting the hospital first. As much as I love Bailey, you can’t blame Jackson for what he was doing. He is a board member of this hospital. 

In the best case scenario, Bailey wasn’t at fault, although she does carry the strain. What is life going to be like after this? I can’t imagine it’s going to be easy for her.

We must give some serious kudos to Chandra Wilson and the amazing acting she did during this episode. Girlfriend rocked. 

The Death Toll Rises. After the death of the third infected patient of Bailey’s, Ethan’s mom suffered a brain injury and passed. I cannot be alone in loving that this small backstory has carried on over a few episodes. It puts Owen in a different light. An admirable light. There is compassion and sadness and all I want is for his dad to wake up. Does anyone else have the gut feeling that if the dad died, Owen may try to be a father to this kid? Yang admitted to losing him and Owen wants to be a father. This could be his chance.

Admitting Is Half The Battle. Alex finally did it! In one of the best scenes of the hour, Alex admitted to Cristina that he is in love with Jo. Two things:

  1. It’s about time!
  2. How much fun would it be to live in that bitter and screwed up house with Yang and Alex?
Karev in Pink

Problem is Jo has plans to move in with Jason and Alex ruined things by filling him in on Jo’s foster child past. Although Alex has done a lot of dumb things, this definitely wasn’t intentional. He really just cares about her. Who wouldn’t assume that two people who have decided to move in with each other would already know about each other’s past? Jo was a little harsh in telling Alex to never talk to her again. My guess? The two get together by the finale. If anyone has earned it, it’s Alex.

April’s Blame Game. Once again, Kepner decided to blame Jackson for their relationship and her sleeping with him. We get it, you were saving yourself. But it takes two to play this game and I’m pretty sure we are all with Jackson in saying we’re over it. She was a part of it too. Luckily for her, Matthew showed up and apologized. Things aren’t looking too good for the Jackson/April fans right about now. 

Side Notes:

  • Bailey gave the voice overs at both the beginning and end of the hour. Anyone else miss Mer’s soothing tones?
  • How sweet was annoying Uncle Al from the family reunion?
  • Meredith wants to have the baby naturally and wants Cristina in the room with Derek. This led to some of the best Grey’s Anatomy quotes of the season. 

What did you think, TV Fanatics? Was “Sleeping Monster” up to par or a little slow for the end of the season? Season Nine is winding down; only three new episodes left ...

Any predictions for what is to come? Will Alex and Jo get together? Will Mer have her baby? Will there be something huge in the finale as only our Shonda knows how to do?

Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think. Make sure to check out our Grey’s Anatomy Round Table early next week and chime in on the installment. 


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This show used to be so good, (WHAT HAPPENED)? It's just horrible storytelling, actors I used to love, there characters I loved watching every week, if that is good storytelling, then YUCK! I think it is definitely time to pull plug.


I beyond reason agree with you on Kepner!! Get it over it. You lose it its not coming back. You agreed to be friends with jackson. And you really don't have that much grounds to be mad because you didn't lose it to some high school jock in the back of a camaro you lost it to a hot Doctor. I wish that bailey could see that webber was actually protecting her. But can't wait till next week. I love seeing christina growing as a doctor doi g things she wouldn't do on any bases


I want Jo and Alex to get together. And then I want Izzie to come back. Throwback to season one finale.


i think that was one of the strongest episodes of GA i´ve seen in a long time.
Probably because it was not crazy big trauma drama deaths, but it was very very reallistic. I totally agree to the kudos to chandra wilson. the only thing that bugged me, is that everybody on the new board seems to be really unfit for running a hospital except for jackson. Loyalty? So Bailey can check on "her" patients. If the cdc had gotten any whiff of that baileys carreer woud have gotten down the drain and the hospital they fought so hard for would have been gone for good.Even if the gloves were to blame, the only two people really saving miranda were jackson and richard. MRSA is no joke they shut down entire units if necessary.So i wish for better writing for the next episode. But i´m really invested in the new jackson vs. 6 storyline. That dynamic could be a great opportunity for character development. Because Jackson is right and he makes all the right decisions but the others feel like he´s forced upon them and doesn´t have a right to be there. But it turns out he´s way better at this then all the others combined. mama avery was right about her precious boy.


jo and alex needs to happen. i need to see a happy karev. and it only goes to show that she doesn't really have a level of trust with the other guy. she's too harsh on alex. he thought it would be basic info if you're dating someone.
i love that owen loves children but its affecting his relationship with cristina. i love my crowen but cristina is right that she's losing owen and he might leave her.
japril.. nuff said. it needs to happen. she needs to get rid of matthew.
meredith and derek. shonda better not pull any baby stunts. but i think mer might have to give birth during the super storm maybe.


I have this terrible feeling that Shonda Rhimes is going to kill Mer's baby. And then I will run to her house and cry. Right in front of her.


I'm so glad Bailey finally got a good storyline this season. And she was excellent in it. I was very touched when Owen was telling Ethan about his mother's death, and he asked if it was from eating ice cream (as they'd been doing) and like a "brain freeze." It makes so much sense that a child would make that connection in trying to understand what happened.


I loved Bailey in this episode.


I´m sorry for Owen and Christina. Believe it or not, they are my favourite couple. They are just perfect in their imperfection, great actors too. But I don`t think Christina will ever say yes to children. And Owen has to.... tragic. Perhaps he will be a great father to the poor kid that lost his mother and probably father too...


April has always annoyed me, especially the way she gnashed her teeth over sex with Jackson. But for her to refer to the sex as something that Jackson did to her? That's the kind of thing a teenage girl says after prom night.
"I can't believe I let you do that to me." Seriously? I've never felt that Alex had chemistry with Jo. There still hasn't been any real closure with Izzy. (What ever happened to that $200,000 hospital bill that Webber gave Alex?) And has Jo forgotten that she's an intern and not an equal? I've disliked Jo ever since her comment in the season premiere (or was it the second episode?) about how "there was a plane crash and some people died or something". Seriously? Loved the end where Alex was lying in bed with Cristina and she told him to "give it a minute". Of the 5 originals, he was most on the outside of the "circle", Mer and Cris being the center and Izzy and George being the middle. Alex had never really done that "lay in bed together" thing that all the others had. The closest he'd come was when they used to hang out in "really old guy"'s room or in that hallway.

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