Grimm Review: One Memory At A Time

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"Ring of Fire" keeps the serial elements to a minimum for Grimm Season 2.

With Hank and Rosalee taking a break from the canvas, the most unlikely of trios formed to keep Portland safe and weird: Renard, Monroe, and Nick.

Overwhelming Memories

While serial elements accomplish two things: the first being it keeps reviews and the analysis fresh, and the second being is I enjoy storytelling that moves at a faster pace. In the course of a 22-episode season, however, it’s sometimes refreshing to take a small step away from season long plots to just have an enjoyable time with a show and characters you love.

It was basically like guys night out, but in typical Grimm fashion.

The serial elements that are here focused entirely on Adalind and Juliette. Juliette’s memories are both sweet and annoying. By taking one memory at a time we get to see Nick and Juliette back when things are good for them. This flashback brings me back to a time when I actually enjoyed her character, yet the way Juliette gets to this point is contrived.

The memories of Nick are overwhelming her, and that’s not the problem. The biggest problem is Juliette needs to first break things off with Nick and then seek guidance with Spiritual Grandma… who tells her the painfully obvious of taking one memory at a time.

The legitimate reasons why Juliette needs to break up with Nick and be told the painfully obvious are few and far between, and it’s continually damaging to her character. Build up is one thing, but I don’t need painful, six month long ‘90s-esque soap opera storyline stalls to bring Juliette to just about the same point in time to where she was last season.

Adalind’s story focuses on Frau Pech and how much she can get for her royal baby. Adalind, much like Juliette, is focusing on her past, and she’s willing to give up her baby to the highest bidder so long as they can find a way to get her Hexenbiest powers back. It makes me wonder, since her baby is predominantly Hexenbiest if Adalind is coming up to a crossroad. The baby could be the answer to having a fresh set of powers, but at what cost to the baby?

A Few More Thoughts:

  • NBC has cancelled Ready for Love, and Grimm will be heading to Tuesdays at 10 starting April 30th for the rest of the season.
  • More Bud scenes please.
  • “El Diablo” is unlike anything we’ve seen even in Grimm’s world. 


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I like the show, but its frustrating because its so predictable. The premise of the show is unique and wonderful. The problem is that all the vessen are pretty similar. The faces change to an interesting mask, sometimes they have weird hands or feet. The show would dramatically improve if the vessen transformations are complete and variable. As in much smaller than human size or much bigger. How about a full beast with four legs, hair and scales or whatever; like Beetlejuice or Ghostbusters. Why is it that the vessen are mostly people in suits or human clothing ? Julia, although pretty, is not very convincing with her trauma and over-acts and adds nothing more than a pretty girl with red hair trying to become a better actress. Most of the personas have similar personalities and are strictly either good or bad. Monroe is quite unique and finally the Spanish woman trying to help Julia is also unique. However, the police characters are basically the same. Where is the lesbian, the effeminate gay man with a lisp that can kick butt, where is the jerk angry sinister guy in the police department ? Where is the guy with the small hands and huge smile that talks to himself from the mail room? I watch the show waiting for it to change. Again, the premise is marvelous, the characters are all similar and the special effects are predictable. Aghhh. I hope the show changes drastically soon.


A point of concern--for me--this episode didn't air in the San Francisco area and one of our two NBC affiliates (KNTV) preempted the previous one for a sports program. I ended up watching this episode online, so their loss. I do hope they keep the show on the air though, I'm intrigued by the story convolutions. One interesting feature of the last few seasons is the significantly different degree of Wesen-ness in the characters. Munroe--the original Wesen--looks more like a Wolfman than a wolf-man. Compare that to the extremely CGI creatures we see as the series has evolved and Munroe seems quaintly old-fashioned. I wonder if the same creature design team has stayed with the show from the beginning.


Hate Hank was gone. More Hank last first season less Juliette next season please. Was happy to see old Juliette but I am so over her this year. Please again less Juliette next season and more Hank. Glad to see Nick kissing someone else on the next show. I hope next year we see Juliette trying to get Nick back and him saying I need space. Remember she told Nick he was crazy and needed help when he told her about being a Grimm and that had nothing to do with being under a spell. My girl Adalind and trying to sell her baby to get her powers back. You know she is going to tell Sean and Eric the baby is there. She is working all the angles. Love how evil she is. Where was Rosalee? Glad to see NBC finally said show will be back next year. Ok writers more Hank, Wu, Kelly, Eric, Adalind and less Juliette. I hope the girl Nick is kissing in the promo for this week becomes his girlfriend for next season!


I thought Renard was on fire (no pun intended) during this episode - his quip about reading Vulcanalis his Miranda rights was worthy of Sergeant Wu! And the part at the station where he and Nick cheerfully push Hank off on his office chair to his overdue vacation is downright hilarious. On a side note, it's a good thing that real-life amniocentesis needles don't look as freakish as that thing the gypsies used on Adalind. Yikes!


I found Renard and Nick working together to be Hotnessx2. Loved the shared little comments about getting used to working off-book, Renard snarking "who isn't?" when Nick said the guy was Wesen, etc. Juliette is an idiot. That's all I've got about her. Hope that Adalind's baby does NOT belong to Renard!


Interesting - I figured that the move from Friday to Tuesday was a promotion. Just was confused because it was near the end of the season. It's like getting skipped a grade, but at the end of the semester before finals. I'm just wondering how many people are going to jump into the show when the season's almost done. But I guess it might work since the show is part procedural; new viewers aren't totally lost at a random viewing.


I think this show will do great on Tuesday night. It will be against Body of Proof which I don't think is doing as well in ratings as ABC had hoped and Golden Boy which has NCIS and NCIS as a lead in but is not holding the ratings. I find myself switching between both shows so I know I will look at Grimm instead. 9 o'clock Tuesday was the time The Parenthood was on and I loved that show and stupid NBC took it off in January and who knows if it will be renewed or not. NBC is quick to cancel a show but slow to tell if a show will be renewed. I guess if the show is still on by now it will be on next year. I am hoping that is true for Chicago Fire and Grimm. It seems like the only shows NBC cares about is The Voice and AGT!


I don’t know why I thought that this episode would be airing tonight. As I was leaving my office at DISH this afternoon, I mentioned it to one of my friends, and I was in disbelief when she told me that the new episode aired last Friday. I’m so glad that I have my DISH Hopper set to record all the primetime shows from the four major networks. That means that this episode is just waiting for me on my DVR, and I won’t have to worry about setting a new timer for it when it does air on Tuesdays.


@joyeful - They know it's a solid performer, and Ready For Love crashed and burned even following The Voice. I think they want to give the show some exposure, but they also want to shore up and The Voice is the perfect show to do so. I'm of the opinion they should've kept the show where it is (since there's only four episodes left), but maybe we'll see a nice boost to Grimm thanks to The Voice. No matter what happens, I'm confident Grimm will get renewed and be back on Fridays next season. Ultimately, this move is probably just to get Ready For Love off the schedule so it's not dragging them down.


Rant continued...! I hope the writers are paying attention to what the fans are saying. So far this year it seems like they are not. Here hoping the show gets renewed for next season. They do more than 22 shows. They keep the show on and not do that stupid 3 month break. Rewrite Juliette and make her kick butt, change The Captain back to a badass and show more of Nick's mom Kelly. Please bring her back before the end of this season. I can not wait to see what she thinks of boring Juliette!

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