How I Met Your Mother Review: Worst Night Ever

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This week, we witnessed a night fans of How I Met Your Mother have both looked forward to and dreaded.  

Barney's bachelor party would of course be legendary, but it also would be one of the last nights he would "suit up" as a single bro. Sadly, "The Bro Mitzvah," was more of a Bro Bris, as it came up a little short. 

Barney's Bachelor Party

The acting across the board was disappointing, as the character's timing and delivery seemed off and often forced.

Then, of course, we learned the entire night was all an elaborate ruse orchestrated by Robin. The idea of giving Barney the worst evening ever was clever, if not a nod to 1997's The Game starring Michael Douglas. Now, could the poor performances from earlier in the episode all be explained away because it was all supposed to be fake and artificial?

While I wanted to sweep the leg on this episode for most of its duration, a guest appearance by William Zabka was one of my favorite moments of the season. Even if we have heard The Karate Kid was based on the wrong fighter theory before.

I didn't include Ralph Maccio because he never really waxed on. He reminded me of a Saturday Night Live host, reading lines off a teleprompter. Lily's flirtations also fell flat, save for her great Tiger Beat reference. I didn't really care for the early scenes with Robin and Loretta Stinson either, but when they started discussing Robin's napkin ring, things got interesting.

Robin: I'm not a virgin! My napkin ring has seen plenty of breadsticks and one baguette. I dated a center from the Knicks. 

The return of Quinn was too ridiculous to accept, but a valuable lesson was learned. Be sure to always vet the stripper! 

The delivery missed its mark at times, but Robin's ultimate prank was yet another sign of how awesome she is. Barney loved his bachelor party in the end, but would you feel the same if it happened to you? 


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Am I the only one wondering where the engagement ring ended? Both Robin and Quinn threw it on Barney and I guess it remained on the pavement? Just thinking...


Apart from the Lily's weird and unnecessary flirting with Ralph Maccio, this was one of the best episode of the season. Usually the review here is spot on, but this one I completely disagree with.
The fact that it was all a plan makes the bad acting, in the first half, completely understandable. There is nothing to complain about there.


My favorite episode of the season. I was laughing at the end and really enjoyed this one. I am not a huge fan, I just watch it but do not love it.
I really liked this episode. Very charming and funny.


Totally disagree with the review. This was one of my.favorite. Episodes of the series. Absolutely hysterical.


yeah me too..i absolutely lovec it..


I completely disagree, one of my fav episodes of the season

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Here he is. Just as hot as when his Tiger Beat photo spread gave a young girl the courage to explore the suddenly unfamiliar topography of her changing body...The Karate Kid!


You are so funny. What's gotten into you? Oh that's right, nothing, ever.

Loretta Stinson