NCIS First Look: Tony and Ziva Dancing?!

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NCIS' Tony and Ziva have been dancing around a possible romance for years.

Will they be dancing (slowly, no less) literally on the show's next episode?

Take a look at the photo from "Berlin" below and see what you think:

Tony and Ziva Dancing

Are we finally going to see the relationship between the beloved characters, played by Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo, reach the next level? The producers, predictably, are playing it coy.

Executive Producer Gary Glasberg tells EW, which first published this photo, that Tony will help Ziva avenge her father’s death, which was alluded to again last night (see our NCIS review).

However, he does add that there is special significance to the scene above:

“This is a very personal moment of vulnerability where her guard goes down and she lets herself melt into his arms ... I think it’s a moment that our Tiva fans will truly enjoy.”

The only downside? We'll have to wait until April 23 to see it.

Share your comments and predictions below!

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If ziva leaves i will not watch ncis. She makes the show


i watched ncis.i love all the cast especially tony and ziva.i watched tonight ncis.and this was my first time to clapped my hands when they kissed goodbye.i am sure i was not alone sharing their moments together.i hope the writer of ncis will have sequel for tony and ziva.a love child perhaps?thank you very much NCIS.


Please Ziva come back for season 11 and many seasons. You are the glue that binds the team together


To Michael 11th. April...Pauley did NOT break into her ex's house and steal his dog. Never believe everything you read. The guy stalks her all the time and the more she ignores him the more he tells lies about her. I hope Tiva NEVER happens. This is a crime show not the Love Boat. We know enough about their families now and I would like them to get back to more team work and crime stories. I don't see Tiva. Tony is too immature for her, and she's like a bull at a red flag. They have virtually nothing in common except work. I don't see his constant womanizing and snooping and Ziva's abrupt, gun pulling, unappreciative attitude making for a lasting relationship. Sexual tension does not make for a permanent relationship either. Once caught the novelty wears off. Once they kiss all the mad Tiva fans will want more and more until they kill the show completely. They are all wonderful as a team, I'd like it to stay that way. I'd would like them to patch up a rocky relationship by talking over past events that have happened. They have begun to do that this season. PLEASE NO TIVA.


As for Cote de Pablo leave NCIS think that in a few seasons ago was the same and it's a tricky game with fans as it might be said gabyper @ lta but also backwards to know that he will sign or signed or only remaining sign and you play with it. What strikes me is that with this any interview or how far I will not be prompted to save Brian Dietzen MW about it or them to it. Maybe even leave the series and return as a special guest has already passed in X-Files. What I seem stupid to play with TIVA see what works and what is just a contract only when easy is a high percentage of hearing. Assuming missing a couple of seasons or of course you go? or in one or two seasons create a new interest for Tony?


En cuanto a que Cote de Pablo deje NCIS creo que ya en algunas temporadas atrás pasó lo mismo y es un juego truculento con los fans puede ser que sea como dice gabyper@lta pero también al revés que sepan que va a firmar o firmó o que solo reste firmar y que se juegue con eso. Lo que me llama la atención es que ante esto ninguna entrevista o hasta dónde sé no se le preguntara salvo a Brian Dietzen sobre esto a MW o a ellas misma. Tal vez hasta salga de la serie y vuelva como invitada especial ya ha pasado en X-Files. Lo que me parecería estúpido es jugar con TIVA ver que funciona y que se acaba solo por un contrato cuando fácil es un porcentaje alto de audiencia. Suponiendo que falten un par de temporadas o una es lógico que se vaya? o en una o dos temporadas se cree un nuevo interés para Tony?


This is one of my favorite shows, they are like a goofy family. They are so great together. Gibbs is like a stern but a kind dad. I like the scenes with his dad. And I would love to see tony and diva fall in love.


yes all right !!! but nothing is done


Pienso, que Cote, no regresara la proxima temporada, y los productores de alguna forma ya lo saben, asi que lo que estan creando es un escenario, donde, los espectadores creen su propio final,sera una escena abierta y que cada uno pongo el fin que le guste,..


@Gerard - Hi Gerard. As a longtime fan I've known for years that NCIS is very popular worldwide - ESPECIALLY in France. The French love Tony & Ziva, as Australia, Germany & also in Asia. Tiva is HUGE to those fans! What's nice about NCIS is that it brings people from all over the world together, all because of one TV show - that is Amazing to me!! We've all been waiting for Tony & Ziva for far too long. I think the show's producers realize that it's time to "move things along", because of where all the characters are at in their lives/careers right now. I also think it's Time for Tony to be a Team Leader, and for Gibbs to let him go, so that Tony can "spread his wings".

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