Tony and Ziva Dancing
Tony and Ziva in "Berlin, the 21st episode of NCIS' 10th season. Synopsis and review to come soon!

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I so love this show. I watch it when ever it is on. I have all the DVDs and watch them when I want to relax. I want Tony and Ziva together. But first they need to sign Cote to a new contract.


I am really really excited about the up coming episode "BERLIN"
I hope the producers make the right choice and make TIVA
finnaly happen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My sister said if Tony and Ziva are together then she would start watching NCIS,i think if the producers bring Ziva and Tony together then they will get so many more viewers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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NCIS Season 10 Episode 21 Quotes

Ziva: When I have a man, the favors I offer have little to do with clothes.
Tony: That's good to know.

Tom Morrow: What are we proposing here?
Vance: Well with international tensions being so high on this, I'm proposing that we look the other way.
Tom Morrow: You can't be serious.
Vance: I am, Tom. We come down hard on Mossad now, then what happens? Talk to me about wasted manpower if Bodnar gets away after all of this? But understand: this one pass is the last one Mossad ever gets from me.
Tom Morrow: That makes two of us.
Gibbs: Three.