NCIS First Look: Tony and Ziva Dancing?!

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NCIS' Tony and Ziva have been dancing around a possible romance for years.

Will they be dancing (slowly, no less) literally on the show's next episode?

Take a look at the photo from "Berlin" below and see what you think:

Tony and Ziva Dancing

Are we finally going to see the relationship between the beloved characters, played by Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo, reach the next level? The producers, predictably, are playing it coy.

Executive Producer Gary Glasberg tells EW, which first published this photo, that Tony will help Ziva avenge her father’s death, which was alluded to again last night (see our NCIS review).

However, he does add that there is special significance to the scene above:

“This is a very personal moment of vulnerability where her guard goes down and she lets herself melt into his arms ... I think it’s a moment that our Tiva fans will truly enjoy.”

The only downside? We'll have to wait until April 23 to see it.

Share your comments and predictions below!

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hello in france ncis is a great spectacle. lot of people watch for the tiva. what ??? simply because the French are romantic !!!!!! , lot of people wait after the bigenning of relationship between tony and ziva. if one of the two character leaves the series fundamentally I think that no one looks at the rest of the series. french fan awaiting the explanation for open heart tony and ziva between the end of the season. if ziva leaving the show there will be more dynamic. if it remains the series will be even more boost. or it will be done before the end of the season and most fans will be satisfied with the romance between tony and ziva before his disappearance. it's just a point of view regard gerard from france


I know everyone think cote might come back but if I have learn one thing its to never say never and I think Tiva fan might need to prepare themselves for Ziva not coming back


@cheap snapbacks Could you please talk about NCIS-that is what these fan pages are about. We come here to talk about the show, the characters and what we enjoyed about the episodes. If you want to quote authors, please find another forum to do it. I want to read about NCIS on these pages, not your quotes that have nothing to do with the show. Thanks.


Is the Ziva avenging her Father's/Jackie's death telling us CdP may not return next season?(Bummer!) What happened to Agent Lee, the traitor? Will we see Jimmy's wedding? Any cast changes could open the door for NCIS LA crossover possibly dialog between Ducky/Hetty, and they would have many stories to tell. Please keep the cast and series as long as possible and how does Gibbs get the boat out of his basement?


You know I wonder if Abby will be coming back did anyone see on Yahoo that she broke into her ex house and stole his dog


I second that this plot may be due to the possibility of CDP's contract negotiations failing. But if she resigns, there better be tiva, because there has been WAY too much UST, more that all the other seasons combined


Tony may care for Ziva, but I think he is too immature to handle a relationship; I think the closes he came to a relationship (even though he was undercover) was with the Dr. think her name was Michelle- and when she left, he seemed to have had remorse and wished things could have been different. I think he and Ziva (she has to return!) should just be good caring friends and she needs to find someone who will relate and understand her more. What about Gibbs- I think you should bring back the Attorney who he was attracted- just so its not Jamie Lee Curtis-who lied all the time. I thought the last episode was weak except for the ending with Ziva and McGee- didn't surprise me at all that Gibbs had a sense of what was going on- he gave Ziva her space and knew she would tell him what was going on. He is the best!


While David McCallum signed his new contract in April of last year, contracts for Michael Weatherly, Pauley Perrette and Sean Murray were never signed until July 11 of 2012. We still have plenty of time for Cote de Pablo to re-sign.


When I first saw this picture, I almost cried. Not even kidding. I've waited so long for them to finally take things to a next level, and now seeing this! Sucks I have to wait 2 WHOLE WEEKS THOUGH! :P


@Micheal I think you might be right, she has not signed a new contract and all this Tiva and her search for Bodnar might be a smoke screen for her leaving the show.

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