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I feel like we all just lived through something big together, guys. Like when a group of people survive a city-wide black-out, and then they all have an unbreakable bond and have to send each other Christmas cards every year until they all die. That's us, guys.

We just witnessed history together! Your Christmas card is in the mail!

Jess' Virginity

I speak, of course, of Jess and Nick's inevitable-yet-still-kinda-shocking trip to the bone zone at the end of "Virgins."

Though Nick and Jess (and their parts) have been on a collision course since the beginning of the show, I still watched the ending sequence with surprise that it was finally, really happening (especially after all the teases in the past few episodes, which led me to believe they'd be saving the big event for the finale).

I hadn't previously been as swept-up in the whole Nick and Jess thing as everyone else. I just couldn't understand why these two bozos couldn't figure out something as simple as whether they wanted to date. But "Virgins" made a strong case for why their relationship has been so wildly complicated.

Why can't these two bozos figure out something as simple as whether they want to date? Because (as we learned from the flashbacks) Jess has a horrible track record of actually picking the right romantic situations for herself, and Nick's formative sexual experiences ended with him literally in tears.

And while the rest of us have (hopefully!) moved on from the pain of our post-adolescent romantic fumblings, of course perma-teenagers like Jess and Nick wouldn't have.

Flashback episodes always feel a bit inorganic, and "Virgins" was no different - the opening set-up, with the gang each trying to top each other, felt a bit hokey. But the flashbacks themselves were very strong (I'll certainly never look at Sublime's "Caress Me Down" quite the same way again), and full of choice New Girl quotes.

So where will it go from here? With only two more episodes left in New Girl Season 2, will there be time to mess up Cece's wedding AND figure out Nick and Jess's future (I mean, be serious. There is no way Cece is getting married... though the marriage subplot is helpful in letting us learn more about Cece's inner workings, it is also just so absolutely not going to happen that it is not even funny)? What will the show do once they've made a definitive decision to date or move on? Or will they find new ways to drag the whole thing out?

I have no idea. But I certainly hope that it involves another hooker named "Mysteria."

Where do you think Nick and Jess's relationship will go from here? Was the big moment everything you hoped it would be? Is there any way that Cece is actually getting married?


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I love Fat Schmidt and his happy dance!!! More of that. This was a perfect way to get Nick and Jess to sleep together. I don't know what this means for Nick and Jess but I think it is a good thing that they did not make us wait 6 seasons for that (No Names here....). I can't wait for the next 2 episodes. CeCe not wanting to sleep with Shivrak is not her at all. I fear she is no longer herself but we'll see...


(cont) Also, we're forgetting about Schmidt here, and about the fact that Elizabeth, not Cece, brings out the best in him. Elizabeth brings out the heart of gold in our favourite douche-with-a-heart-of-gold. Cece and Schmidt may like each other, or even love each other, but they're no good for each other.


I think I might be the only one who wants Cece to get married - and here's why. What I love most about New Girl is that it's absurd, but its absurdity is firmly grounded in reality. The reality of break-ups, of being laid off, of losing direction in life, of bad decisions, of not always getting what you want. The reality of being a young adult. I think if Cece doesn't get married, the show loses something special and becomes yet another feel-good-happily-ever-after comedy. I don't want that. But that's me. Realistically, apart from Schmidt, there is no good reason for Cece NOT to get married - arranged marriages are acceptable in many cultures. She wants to have a baby, Shivrang is ready to do so. Also, waiting till your wedding day to have sex is NOT a sign of hesitation - it's a choice that a lot of people make. Also, we're forgetting about Schmidt here, and about the fact that Elizabeth, not Cece, brings out the best in him. Elizabeth brings out the heart of gold in our favourite douche-with-a-heart-of-gold. Cece and Schmidt may like each other, or even love each other, but they're no good for each other.


I loved everything about this episode. First of all - Young Nick and Winston were sooooo good!! The voices and the hair! Oh my gosh!! Second - Nick/Schmidt/Elizabeth to a Boyz II Men soundtrack - HILARIOUS!! Third - Nick and Jess and the hookup. It was done perfectly. And their reaction afterwards was priceless, I don't think they expected to feel that good after the fact. The next two episodes are going to be great! @leslietyler - I'm pretty sure that was intentional, just to show how much of an idiot Schmidt can be. It was a joke.


Mick Jagger was the lead singer of the Rolling Stones. Why was Schmidt screaming, "Beatles!"? And how did the writers of the show not catch this?


@Alex - i didnt see any awkwardness at all, think it was more of an anxious/excited/shocked range of emotions
but all to their own interpretations :)


@Alex: I didn't see any looks of regret on Jess or Nick's face. Only more like "Wow, I can't believe we actually did this....and that it was THAT DAMN GOOD. Whoa." LOL!


Loved the virgin story flashbacks, especially Schmidt's. I could not stop laughing. But I'm still not wrapped up in the Nick/Jess thing. I've never been a fan of it and it seems to monopolize every episode, even at the beginning of this episode, with Nick being jealous about Teddy and wanting to know the story. And then, of course, the hook-up at the end. @Isabel - maybe we read the situation differently but I totally saw looks of awkwardness and/or regret after they slept together and my first thought was "oh jeez, here we go again". Hopefully I'm wrong - its time for them to either move forward to let it go.


Great episode, Nick&Jess finally hooking up was great! It's about time. Only cece&schmidt together and everything will be great :)


And what a relief it was to see in the very last moment that they didn't fall back into looks of fear and uncertainty with each other, but rather they each bore expressions of giddy amazement and disbelief. It was definitely a great sign of what's to come. And in their time, Ceci's wedding is only 2 days away! So the next two episodes are going to take place immediately after their first time. CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!

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Cece: I thought I threw that thing out the window.
Schmidt: That only made it stronger.

I'm going on a date with Elizabeth tonight. I haven't had sex with her since I was fat and accessing my penis was like getting a remote control out of the couch.