Once Upon a Time Review: Killing Magic

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Tonight's Once Upon a Time may have been all about "The Evil Queen," but one of the things it drove home to me was that Hook can't trust anyone. He's been used by Emma, Cora, Regina, and now Tamara and Greg.  

Completely Hooked

He may frequently end up on the losing end, but I've got to give him credit. He wasn't kidding when he said he excelled at surviving to fight another day. He certainly never gives up. If he had more of a heart I might even like him paired up with Emma instead of Neal.

But this hour was about Regina's story, both past and future.

In the fairytale past... the queen was still hunting Snow and would leave no stone unturned, no matter what it took. Yet somehow her warped view of reality wouldn't allow her to understand why she could never inspire love from her people. As Rumpelstiltskin tried to explain to her in this Once Upon a Time quote...

 You did just slaughter an entire village. Maybe that's why they call you the Evil Queen. | permalink

The queen was so used to using magic to get what she wanted she forgot that she had none due to the shape shifting spell several times and it almost cost her her head... literally.

It was fascinating how Snow's story about the woman who saved her from the runaway horse moved Regina. All she's ever wanted was to be loved but since Regina's never had real love, not even from her own mother, she can't figure out that love can't be forced upon someone. 

Just as Regina was about to ask for forgiveness, they stumbled upon that village and all hope was lost. As she later told Rumpelstiltskin…

The queen is dead. Long live the evil queen. | permalink

And long does she live. Fast forward to present day Storybrooke and she's still alive, well, and evil as ever.  

I couldn't believe she told Henry about her plan to destroy Storybrooke, kill all of its residents and take him back to the Enchanted Forest. Did she really believe he'd go willingly? But then again, that's just another example of how twisted Regina's view of the world can be. 

Hook tried to warn her that revenge was an end, not a beginning. But Regina believes that she can still start over with Henry, so she repaid Hook by shoving him off a ledge to be destroyed by the demon-like Maleficent. Evil, indeed.

When she walked back into her office to not only find Hook but Greg and Tamara, it was fun to see that they had squelched her magic. What will that mean for our evil queen?

Other moments worth mentioning…

  • Neal telling Henry, "Oh, hell no. I taught her that," when he realized Henry was trying to warn Emma. Very funny.
  • Emma telling Henry to duck so they wouldn't be spotted. As though the yellow VW bug is somehow stealthy.
  • Operation Cobra has become Operation Praying Mantis. Only Henry could come up with that.
  • Did Snow really ask who would steal the magic beans? Duh. Who do you think?

So what the heck is Greg/Owen's mission? If Regina's magic is on the fritz, will Henry remember her evil plan? And is Snow naive enough to give Regina yet another second chance?  Only a couple of episodes left in Once Upon a Time season 2 to find out.


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Snow missed her opportunity to rid the world of evil, even if it would have been a heavy burden to bear...the good would certainly have outweighed the bad, but alas, now the moment has passed and there's just no telling what's in store. It's like on "The Following," and there's seldom a second opportunity to make things right, especially when the devil is centered in your cross hairs and you fail to pull the trigger. There is NO hope for Regina. Her mother ruined her and it's too late for someone who cannot face the truth, or simply refuses to do so. The problem is she "thinks" she's doing the right thing for all the right reasons...but she is wrong, wrong wrong!


Well, this episode takes care of my thinking about Regina. I've had my doubts that a character can be beyond redemption, and thought that Regina could eventually manage to keep from being thoroughly evil for more than a couple of minutes at a time. I've even felt sorry for her that the good folks keep treating her like a pariah even after she's done something good. But oh, well. In non-fairy tale terms she may only be severely mentally ill - psychopath? sociopath? - but it still comes down to, she can't be dealt with rationally. That said, I'm not keen on the totally evil character because their treachery is predictable. Generally I think you'd want a new Big Bad from time to time, and I don't know how this will play over more seasons. The good part is, none the good characters is black or white. Love that.


This was a great episode, and it made me realize why I hate Regina so much: she NEVER takes responsibility for anything! Nothing that she does is her fault. She stood in front of a score of corpses - innocent people she ordered murdered - and STILL she couldn't understand why Snow White (at that moment) would think she was unrepentently evil. No real life person could be as stupid as Regina one moment and then brilliant the next. Regina often shows great insight into others, when the script calls for it, so that she can use that insight to cause them pain. That part of the story is getting kinda ridiculous. Are we really supposed to believe that Regina believes Henry is going to forgive her for killing his entire REAL family, just so she doesn't have to face being alone? No one could be that short-sighted... and stupid.


What do you mean Hook doesn't have much of a heart? He's spent 300 years trying to avenge the death of the woman he loved - does that not sound like a man with no heart? On the contrary, I think he has the biggest heart, it's just buried so deep inside and hasn't been used in a loooong time. Just food for thought :)


I too am confused about Malficient, but maybe Emma just killed the dragon shape so she can never take that again...I don't know, hell, maybe only Phillip or Aurora can actually kill her (seriously, that is really going to be the thing that makes Emma be totally on board with going to the Enchanted Forest when she learns they need help). I am going to keep this theory until it is totally disproven...Hook = Sawyer in these writers minds. He makes bad decisions, gets used a lot (though, I think he would consider himself and Emma even now), and has a reason for what he is doing that we can all understand (heck, Sawyer was chasing down the real Sawyer and thinks he managed to kill him)


Good episode.
Operation Praying Mantis was the cutest! I want more Emma/Henry stake outs!!!
The flashback was ok. But it really makes Regina's case all the more complicated. I mean...for some time i thought Regina's endgame was redemption. But we've seen in flashbacks and now in the present that Snow gave her many second chances and showed forgiveness and understanding and yet Regina couldn't see beyond her ways. I don't know what could possibly happen to help Regina change...Henry doesn't seem to be enough.
Still hate Greg and Tamara. I just have this feeling that their mission will be as stupid as their taser.


Was a great episode but I was very confused I thought Emma killed Malificent at the end of the 1st season to get the potion that Rumple hid inside her. So that confused me. I loved the Regina/Snow flashbacks, when the tear feel from Regina's face when Snow was telling the horse story you could see that little climmer of good she once had. "Oh hell no I taught her that," what funny I had to rewind a few times cause it made me chuckle. I LOVE the previews, I love that for once I was right, where Bay went after he went in the portal.


I thought Emma killed Malificent.


Good episode. By the end of it it seems like Owen and Tamara are after more than his dad and if that's true then I'm interested in what there after. Hook really can't trust anyone I feel sorry for him. I wonder what's going to happen now that Regina doesn't have magic. Can't wait for the next episode it looks really good.


I love this episode. My favorite parts was Snow and Regina flashback scenes. I also liked operation praying mantis. It actually made me miss season 1 when it was Emma and Henry vs. Regina and Gold. I was getting happy that we might see Maleficient or her dragon again but they prove me wrong. I cannot wait until Emma save Regina next episode.

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