Person of Interest Review: The Storm is Here

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This was a rather cold and dark episode of Person of Interest, for the most part devoid of any big one-liners or jokes and instead focusing on the more serious side of making mistakes and making amends. We also learned about the potential downfall of the Machine.

It's been a while since Fusco has received central focus. He's been around, popping in to help out here and there, occasionally facing off with his past HR buddies, but his past finally caught up to him.

Reese Has 24 Hours

It was great to finally see his first descent towards the darkness starting off small and coming from a real place. Fusco was down, dealing with his family problems and the one cop who was there for him called in a favor before it all snowballed into an out of control scenario where Fusco was killing, lying and stealing. And yet, through it all, you could still see that he wasn't enjoying the path, he was just too far gone to find his way out.

Yet we've seen - ever since Reese first "recruited" him - that Fusco's been working hard to be the good guy and to redeem himself for past mistakes.

Except it wasn't Reese or Finch that came to save him again. Instead it forced Carter, the cop dedicated to abiding by the law and never really crossing her moral line, to make a major decision for both Fusco and her character.

I was glad that she struggled with the choice because it stuck true to her character, but at the same time allowed her to see beyond the black and white of good and bad. It was such a brilliant moment when Carter and Bear walked out of the police office leaving a trail of dirty footprints behind.

I don't think Fusco is in the complete clear, but it's great to see that he does have people who care. This is a guy you just want to root for.

On the flip side, "In Extremis" allowed Reese and Finch to deal with a person of interest caught in a dirty web of deceit and betrayal. The doctor, who had failed at his family where he succeeded in his work, was a tragic tale in the sense that he wanted to make up for his mistakes and face the person who murdered him. And yet Reese wasn't able to save him.

What a wonderful shot of Reese standing in the archway, picking up the fallen glass from the dead doctor. Even the dark and faded colors in addition to the snow added to the mood of the hour.

While the case itself wasn't the most exciting or heavily focused on Reese or Finch, it did provide some great repercussions.

This was the third person behind Szymanski and Beecher to meet their demise instead of being rescued.

Something is clearly wrong with the machine, which was made especially evident in the closing moments of the episode.

I'm really intrigued as to what this problem with the machine will mean for Reese and Finch's work as well as what the virus will change for this super powered computer.

The storm is definitely here.

This was an enjoyable setup for what seems to be a major final two episodes, delving into character, a case of the week and the larger stories that have been interwoven throughout Person of Interest Season 2.


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@Amanda I don't know if Carter and Reese have romantic tension, not to me anyways. There is a flirtiness and fun banter that they have. Unlike others I won't tell you you're imagining something just because you have a different perspective, and I'm sorry that others say as much. I have noticed the distance between Carter and John since the prison break. I don't like it either because they have such a fun relationship to me. I like seeing them interact. But there has been an overall distance between the cops and the vigilantes and I kinda hate it. It's like two different shows sometimes with Fusco and Carter in one part and Finch and Reese in another.I know I'm in the minority but Carter and Fusco are just and integral and intriguing to me as the boys. I have that there is a reason for that, but I miss those interactions. I'm typically indifferent with ships. I wouldn't hate Carter and Reese if done right. Just like I don't mind Zoe and John as long as it's subtle.


Pretty good episode. Not your usual top notch episode, but obviously they are building for the final 2 episodes. But anyone who has the show taped, I need your help. This is probably crazy, as I have no clue how he could be alive.. but I think I saw Cal Beecher. In one of the last scenes where they are digging up where the body is supposed to be. About 10 seconds before they look into the whole, Fusco and Stills are talking, I swear you can see Cal walk around behind them. But in a POI way, of letting you see a glimpse of him but never actually fully seeing him. I thought I was crazy at first, but when Carter put the folder on Cal on Fusco's desk, I think somethings up.


Reese and Carter are not hooking up. They are like family. Reese and Zoey are a quiet couple. I love Reese and Zoey together but they don't over do it. The writers leave it to the viewers to wonder about them. I enjoyed that the show was on Fusco this week. I feel he is a guy that got in over his head and is trying to be a good guy for his son. He wants out but he will be labeled as a bad cop and he doesn't want to be remembered that way by his son. I loved it when Carter walked out with Baer and his muddy paw prints. I see Root will be back next week along with badass girl that I can't think of her name right now. I think POI will have a great season finally!


Oh no, NO romantic hook ups. I agree with the other postings go watch Grey Anatomy for your love fixes. My favorite scene is Bears muddy paws with Carter....


I think the reason the writers haven't had Carter and Reese talk since Dead Reckoning is two-fold: the stories haven't needed/allowed it, they (the writers) are sending a message loud and clear -- WE ARE NOT A ROMANTIC SHOW! This is character/story arc driven. Want romance? Watch Grey's! No, no, no clichés on PoI of the male and female leads hooking up. Want that? Watch Castle, or Bones (where apparently everyone is hooked up). There was (thankfully!) no evidence of romantic tension anywhere in the phone conversation of Reese and Carter. Anyone who thinks there is, is imagining it.


this show is not about political correctness, it is about redemption, it has been so since the pilot.
people are the sum of their acts, not just the sum of their mistakes. in this episode, fusco went to hell and back. he is not yet aware that carter judges him on all his acts, not just his past mistakes. for a second in oyster bay, i feared despair would get the better of him… bear : jij bent mijn held ! and if you really want to hitch the "poorly socialized guard dog", zoe is way more fun.


The overt political correctness of this show is ridiculous, with the writers white-washing the person of interests' actions by defending them by having them give excuses for their behavior all the time, but trying to make it sound as though they're not. For example, in this episode, even though the doctor's daughter mentioned that he'd cheated on her mother, Finch said he was a "good man." So, what is a person called who hasn't cheated on thier spouse, then?


Oh for the love of god... HELL no. The male lead and female lead of a tv show do not always need to be banging each other, goddamn it.


Nooo! Please, no couples! Please! This is not Grey's Anatomy, for a reason.


Good review it was great to see Fusco have an episode focused on him because for most of the second season he didn't have much to do. I also would like to know people's opinion about Reese and Carter what is going on here? I notice, nobody is talking about the fact Reese and Carter have not met face to face since the whole Donnelly/Stanton episode. Isn't that odd? I also think in tonight's episode there is some romantic tension between Carter and Reese. Just the way Carter and Reese talk to each other. I hope the writers make them a couple.

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