Revenge Review: The Masque of the Red Death

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It may be Easter everywhere else in the world, but it's Halloween in the Hamptons. Murder and mayhem were behind the masks on tonight's Revenge, as was a bit of madness, particularly for Nolan and Charlotte.

It's always fun to see Victoria go just a little crazy - and with the help of the "Masquerade," Emily and the Revenge-ines were able to make that happen.

Emily and a Masked Man

"Masquerade" advanced the Revenge story line 6 weeks from where we left off in "Victory." In that 6 weeks, Jack has helped Conrad come within 4 points of his opponent, Aiden has been a company man, Daniel has been wearing a tin-foil hat, and Emily has hopefully been doing something to further her plans.

All of that has been happening while Nolan went A Beautiful Mind on us and started using the windows in his office as writing surfaces in order to decipher Falcon's identity and find Padma. Poor Nolan is looking haggard. Exhausted. Even skinnier than he was before which means really, really skinny. 

And it was all for naught.

R.I.P. Padma Lahari. We knew you not really well at all. Maybe you were a mole, maybe you weren't. We'll never know since Trask killed you. 

Aiden and Emily, in an effort to help Nolan, decided to make a play at the Initiative. Aiden invested their money in a way that he knew would draw them out of hiding and it worked. While Trask was giving Daniel a lecture about how the Initiative isn't petty enough to send him two bullets and a picture in an unmarked envelope, Aiden was sneaking into the back seat of Trask's car.

I have to admit, at this point, I was kind of excited that Aiden was face to face with Trask. It felt like what I have to imagine momentum feels like. If only momentum had come without Padma's dead body and with her very much still living one instead.

Oh well. At least Trask is dead now, too. But not before he could put Daniel on Aiden's tail by saying there was more to Aiden than meets the eye. Now Emily will have to run interference with Daniel to keep him from learning Aiden's identity. She'll have to employ any means necessary, a tactic that leaves Aiden more than a little unhappy.

In fact, the fact that she and Daniel are apparently on again, since he so conveniently leaked a photo of the two of them to the infamous "Page Six," Aiden is downright disgusted that this is how she has to play the Take Down the Graysons Game.

I can't say that I blame him, honestly. The idea that the woman he loves may have to sleep with another man in order to get the information and proximity she needs in order to take down his parents is a tough pill to swallow. But he'll swallow it. And he'll be sure to let Emily know he doesn't like it.

It's clear that all of this is starting to wear on Dear Old Ems. 

Losing Amanda, and Jack since he doesn't think he can trust her now, nearly losing Aiden after he learned his sister was dead, and watching Nolan lose Padma? Everything is starting to take its toll.

At what point does the collateral damage surrounding her Revengenda become too great? When she's lost absolutely everyone in her life who matters because their losses from simply being involved were too great to bear, will the fact that the Graysons are destroyed be worth it?

So many questions for Emily to grapple with and maybe it's just me, but I see them bubbling under the surface. They're in her head affecting every decision she makes on her journey. She tried to keep people out so this wouldn't happen, but she knows she can't work like that. She can't live like that. People need people and Ems needs her people.

Victoria, on the other hand, is the master of keeping people at arm's length. Even her husband when they were happily married and not just putting on a show for the voting public.

Watching Emily wiggle into her mind and heart with the notes and flowers was reminiscent of Revenge season 1. The flashbacks to Victoria's teenage years and the time surrounding her pregnancy and when she gave her firstborn son up for adoption made Victoria appear sympathetic. It was no doubt a difficult decision which has haunted her since the day she left the baby at the church.

It's clever of Emily to fake being pregnant in order to find out just what happened to Victoria's baby. Or at least I hope she's faking it.

Other notable moments from tonight:

  • Jack and Nolan teaming up to plant questions in the audience at Conrad's Q&A. Nolan's eyes twinkled when he learned what Jack had in mind for Conrad! 
  • Jack and Ashley teaming up to tank Conrad's election. I didn't see this coming, but I like it. As long as there's no teaming up taking place between the sheets.
  • Charlotte throws a mean punch.
What were your thoughts about "Masquerade"? Are you surprised that Padma is dead and appears to have been honest the whole time? Be sure to check out the Revenge quotes page and watch for the "Masquerade" Round Table! Let's chat about the masked madness in the comments!


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I think they r out of ideas each episode has become more lame than the one before it


I want to believe that somehow, Padma isn't really dead but only appeared to be so. Maye a secret plan of the initiative?? Please tell me she isn't dead! I adored her and Nolan!!! He was totally and completely in love with her and she completely returned his affections.
I will probably stop watching revenge If they continue incessantly killing off important characters. Even though I was not the fondest of Amanda, she didn't deserve death. Jack and Karl didn't deserve up lose a wife/mother. Please padma still be living!!!


i'd hate the idea of Aiden being victoria's son.she's pretty much connected to everyone these days... besides i can't imagine emily being thrilled about being in love with victoria's son! (for real this time) HOWEVER i can't deny the very obvious hint at it - emily saying that daniel can't find out who aiden's father is! ...because it might be victoria's mum's boyfriend!


I trust Ashley and I didnt like Jack and his Revenge (i dont think he can do it) but now.. those 2 together.. I love it!!
Ashley may be fake (but I always liked her) - but she hates the Graysons (who likes them? ) and she feels sorry for Jack - she got a heart..
Excited to see whats going to happen!!!


Nolan isn't gay, he's bisexual. In season one he says he's " three on the kinsey scale", which means he likes guys and girls pretty much equally. can't shed any light on the police though, that got me too.


Ok... love this show.. have watched from the beginning! That being said, I am lost on a few details. Where/why/when did the police get involved in the Trask/Padma/her father killings? And, why would they suspect Nolan? Also, wouldn't Aiden, who is supposed to be a trained killer, know NOT to leave any evidence behind? I have watched this episode three times and I still cannot figure out how Nolan could be so in love with Padma when he is gay? Was that a ploy with Tyler?? kinda gross if it was. One last thing.. ABC.. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU...FOUR WEEKS? C'MON!!!!!!


In fact.... I believe Padma is the hacker!


Its so great to see Jack grew some cojones! He suddenly looks so handsome! The Declan & Charlotte scene was just so totally irrelevent - it seemed as if the writers needed to give them something to do. I think Charlotte was a far more interesting character last season, now she is like an ornament in the Grayson household. Emily looked stunning in that dress... wow! It was sad to see Nolan such a wreck, I miss his wity dry sense of humor - he brings such a human side to this character. I don't think Padma is dead becuase they froze on the body too long, in this way where you know it's not the last time you will see that person... I am loving the Conrad-Daniel-Victoria sparring matches. I think Victoria's storyline was quite moving, you see she has had such a dark past to become the women she is. She is a very layered villain, impossible to hate because she does possess such depth.


I hope Emily is pregnant and its Daniel's. I hate Aiden and hope that Ems ends up with Daniel; Aiden either dates Ashey or dies x


Thank heavens for TV Fanatic! I wouldn't know half of what is going on in this show if it weren't for reading the review. A few observations of my own. I was glad to see Trask go, but we all know that in this show, death is never the final answer. The Initiative will have other ways to screw with our team. Also, do not, I repeat, do not trust Ashley. She is just as likely to capitalize on her new-found knowledge by making a better arrangement with the Graysons.

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