Scott Parks Cast as Silas on The Vampire Diaries

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Viewers of The Vampire Diaries have already met Silas, the ancient witch who is up to no good on the latter half of Season 4.

But CW sources now confirm we'll soon meet the actor behind Silas, as Scott Parks has been cast in this key role.


The little-known star most recently appeared on Homeland as a CIA agent, but his face won't actually show up often over the next few weeks. Look for Silas to continue to take on various faces and forms as we move ahead to the May 16 finale.

The Vampire Diaries returns with a new episode on April 18. Take a look at the Mystic Falls prom now!

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David and sabrina 2014

This original might be up to cause trouble and was pretty insane to take down Klaus when we thought he was the oldest and most powerful vampire of them all. When will the show get better again? ;P


Is it just me or is the pattern of introducing a new villian via taking form of other actors becoming really stale by now?
Kathrine as Elena
Klaus as Alaric and then Tyler
Now Silas as Shane and Caroline Seriously will Santa be introduced as Stefan and the easterbunny will appear as Damon.


I really hope this guys photo is incredibly misleading and he looks better in real life. That he has some talent to boot to because this is definitely NOT what i imagined Silas to look like.
Makes me wish that it was James Marsters or some talented black actor instead.


He better be a hell of an actor ... because I really can't see how this is supposed to work as long as he looks as boring and staid as shown in the picture!


He looks ghey and fat!!! why is a fucking 4 getting hired at a network where all the guys are a fucking 10? Even Matt Davis and Dan Scott are more hotter! justsaying


oh god...not at all what i imagined...


How do you know this is the Scott Parks cast? His name is Raymond Scott Parks.. I really hope this is wrong, this is not at all who I or most imagined as Silas.... If it is, way to disappoint us TVD =/


goo choice!


i thought he would look a little more evil or menacing !

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