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After watching "Reckoning," it all seemed inevitable... yet the very end still took me by complete surprise.

What was with RHD holding back so much information after 18 days of searching for Lucero's killer? Dewey was absolutely right. We knew at least one of the guys got money with their ATM cards. Why withhold those photos from the rest of the department? Was it all about one man looking for glory at the expense of capturing a cop killer?

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In the end, Lydia and Ruben were the only pair where things worked out. Ruben finally got some well deserved attention from the department while Lydia got her best friend back.  

Russell was wonderful with Christopher and I think on some level he's always had a sweet spot for Lydia. Whether they are partners, friends, or more than friends... I like the two of them together. Lydia looked more comfortable with Russell than we've seen her with anyone in a very long time.

Ben continued to scramble to hide all of his sins. When he called in for Chris' car to be towed, I wondered how he could be so stupid. It's hard to tell what Ben was thinking. Every bad decision just seems to lead to another series of poor choices.

I knew Sammy would put the pieces together eventually. He used to be a detective for goodness sake. I think the only reason it took him so long was that he didn't want to believe that his own partner would do that to him.

It felt like Ben and Sammy's partnership was over long before we got to this point. Ben continues to fall with every season. He was once an idealist rookie. Now he's stepping over the line to being a dirty cop and justifying it every step of the way.

Sammy has become his polar opposite. Although he stumbles, he strives to reevaluate himself and be the best cop he can. I loved his last scene as he tried to explain that to little Nate.

Cooper's last 18 days had been pure hell. The aftermath of being abducted and forced to watch his partner killed only made him more desperate to make it back out on the street. Unfortunately he was far from ready for that, despite his protestations in this Southland quote

For the last two and a half weeks I've had these book smart, street stupid, bss experts telling me how I'm suppose to feel before I go back on the streets. | permalink

When his old training officer questioned why he and Lucero gave up their weapons it was like pouring salt in an open wound. When his ex told him she no longer wanted to have a child with him, it was as though she took away the one bit of hope he'd been holding on to.

Cooper completely losing it and beating on the neighbors who taunted him seemed an inevitable conclusion to everything that he'd been through. Yet when the cops who arrived at the scene shot him, I was completely shocked. Perhaps that too was inevitable but I never saw it coming.

TNT has yet to pick up Southland for a sixth season and I fervently hope that it does. Although I'll be downright depressed if this unique look at the inner workings of the officers of the LAPD doesn't return, I can't be disappointed in this finale. It was a truly excellent hour of TV.


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I am sad to see the writers have killed off most of the cast. This show was once the only good cop show on television. I bragged at work that the tv show
"Southland" writers had gotten it write and the characters were worth seeing week after week. I suffering that falls upon the cop "Cooper" and the last scene with him means he will not be able to come back. The behavior of the character means he would end up in prison or a padded cell. No way could a person,"guy with the generator" take that kind of beating and survive.No way could "Cooper" come back full duty. I am sad to have seen the best characters get written out"killed off" or turn corrupt. My wife said it best, The writers proved that they don't "like cops." I think I can professionally say that I have been a San Francisco Police officer for 28 years. I am about to retire and I am sadden by the writing and the loss of what started out as the best cop show in a really long time.


Jax, I know they said BSS in the episode. The original quote in the review said BS, they have since corrected it. MISNCAD


I do hope there is a season 6. This finale is not really a good ending story.


Let me exress my appreciation for this show, which is like none other. I will be sorry if it is not renewed, but it doesn't look hopeful. Thanks again for seasons of great viewing.


@MISNCAD Re-watch the episode if you got it on PVR. He does say BSS.


Perfect ending to the best police drama in recent memory. All current story lines were completed and the season long officer Cooper's depression was rectified on his terms. Suicide by cop. Hail and farewell to the finest police drama in recent memory. You will be missed. Thanks for the ride!


Loved the episode; if that is the end of the series, I will be heartbroken. One small correction...the BS experts...that is actually BSS, Behavioral Science Services. They handle counseling and therapy for officers and civilians who have experienced a traumatic incident. In Cooper's case, he would have been ordered to go.


I was so sorry for Cooper, spiralling like that and being kicked in the nuts every step of the way. Did anyone else think that the sexual assaults on his partner last week hit him harder - that for a gay man, seeing his partner effectively raped while he was unable to help - was hitting him in emotional places and not just regular police partner places? I was actually shocked at the ending. I so hope we lose lose Mr Cudlitz or the series. It is the strongest police series on the TV at the moment.


If Michael Cudlitz isn't nominated for an Emmy they suck worse than I thought they did. I knew all season something was going to happen to Cooper, but when it did this old woman cried like a baby. Isn't that supposed to win awards? Making a character so real that people care that much what happens? I sure hope this show comes back, but I have to say, if Coop died, I don't think it would be the same. He really was the heart of the show-a decent man trying to do good. God, how sappy is this. Anyway-if you're looking, anybody, thanks for a great show. Mr. Cudlitz especially.


Cooper is the heart and the integrity of the show. So goes Coop, so goes the show......Southland has been a gift to all its viewers....we all know what a gem we have to behold....too bad more folks don't watch.

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